Name Ako Udagawa
宇田川 あこ
Band Band Roselia
School Haneoka Girls' Junior High School
3 - B
School year Junior Third
Color #fa5ab4
CV Sakuragawa Megu
CV (Japanese) 桜川 めぐ
Birthday July 3
Height 148 cm
Liked food Potato chips, jelly beans
Disliked food Eggs, peppers
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Cancer
Instrument Drums
Hobbies Finding the next cool trends
Ako has chuunibyou tendencies, which Shirokane Rinko supposes results from her playing online games. She often wonders how she can be a "cooler" drummer, and sometimes feels inadequate compared to her other band mates. She admires Minato Yukina, is the best friend of Shirokane Rinko, and the little sister of Udagawa Tomoe. She looks up to her sister, and started playing drums because she wanted to be as cool as her sister. She always is researching ways to be cooler, and started using weird words as a side-effect.
Cards ★★★ Ako Udagawa - Cool - For Big Sis Lisa! ★★★★ Ako Udagawa - Cool - The Grand Magic Princess's Awakening ★★ Ako Udagawa - Happy - Noble・Rose ★★★ Ako Udagawa - Cool - Winning Streak ★★★ Ako Udagawa - Power - Careful Spin
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