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  Fan Letters For My Valentine

      Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this...

Fan Letters For My Valentine

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this event a success! We loved your entries!

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3rd Mitsuki.Amasawa

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Morfonica version

alt text


alt text


7:58-9:36 is her


alt text



oyu and amanesu also have a lot of content together on hibiki style- they're under the same company! they're quite good friends despite their pretty big age difference

alt text


alt text



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There were a whole 54 responses! It was so fun to read what you all had to say! I learned something very important from this experience

Some of you guys suck at taking surveys

How is that even a thing? If this were graded well then it wouldn’t be a survey anymore BUT YOU WOULD ALL FAIL. Maybe not all of you, but AT LEAST A FEW OF YOU. Anyway, let’s just jump into it!

Question 1: Name

  • This isn’t even a real question, but some of you still messed it up. I understand if you didn’t want to put your name, but some of you were just straight up confused, Like you weren’t sure what your name was? 1000 IQ move right there

How old are you?

  • A majority of people were 13-17 (66%), followed by 18-29 (20%)
  • Next was <12, with 14%, and no one was 30+

(sorry if my age ranges are wack, I don’t know anything about demographics and stuff)

What’s your favorite bandori girl color?

  • This one also caused some confusion, but that was probably my fault for wording the question so strangely. I meant to ask what your favorite bandori girl hex code thingy was, but most of you seemed to get it, more or less

  • The most popular colors were Eve and Hina

  • In general, people really liked the blues and pasupare (because pastels are cute!)

  • Lisa and Himari were also pretty popular

What’s your favorite food?

yummy yum my favorite question
  • Some people didn’t have one, since it changes often
  • Chocolate, sushi, ramen, ice cream, and potato foods were the most popular
  • I didn’t get many weird ones, but the weirdest I got were Жеребятина, salted plums, sour cream flavored crickets, and toothpaste, all of which I would definitely try! (except the toothpaste one)
  • I had not one but 2 people say they liked to eat souls…
  • Big respect to the person who spammed tacos

If you had your own card in bandori, what would it look like?

  • Again, people were confuzzled. It was supposed to be if you were in bandori and had a card, what would it look like?
  • A few people were like “lol idk” or “tHiS iS wEiRd”, but that seems like a you problem
  • There were a variety of answers! It was nice to see everyone’s different ideas
  • Many people wanted bright, vibrant, colorful cards!
  • There were also a lot of gamer of weeb-themed cards lol
  • So many people wanted to be in a card with their best girl and honestlythat’slikerealllycuteomg

Your best girl steps on you, wyd

  • Surprisingly, most of you saw this as a good thing? Almost everyone said that they would thank her
  • Some people just said “ouch”. Reasonable reaction
  • There were a couple of you who said “wake up”, which is probably the most accurate

What’s a good thing to do during quarantine?

  • Play bandori, sleep, listen to music, read something, writing something, binge an anime, exercise (lmao), destroy your eyesight, practice 40 hours a day, commit tax fraud, and pray to babanbo, but those are all givens
  • Try new things! Some of you are trying a new instrument or hobby, like cooking!
  • But the most popular answer of all was… PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS
but like...I’m broke ;;

Click option one

This is kinda a joke from the first survey apocalypse lol
  • Shockingly enough, more than half of you actually chose option one (57.7%)! Congratulations on being good, law-abiding citizens

  • A bunch of people just put “no”, smh. If you’re going to break the rules at least make it interesting

  • Some people put “option 1” in the other box, which isn’t much better than “no”. Don’t break the law and then hide behind it, that’s boring

  • All of the other answers are gr8. Good job, you passed the test. Have a cookie.

Anime/TV Show recommendations

  • The most popular were Revue Starlight, Madoka Magica, Love Live!, Danganronpa, Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, Blend S, BNHA, Given, Enstars, Demon Slayer, Persona 5 the animation, Dororo, and (of course) Bandori, all of which are really good!

  • Some not-as-voted-but-are-still-very-good include Violet Evergarden, The Promised Neverland, Little Witch Academia, Beastars, Princess Tutu, Tsurune, Houseki no Kuni, Kakegurui, Jojo, Saiki K, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Bakemonogatari, Attack on Titan, Anohana, K-On, Durarara, Nichijou, Bofuri, Dr. Stone, Princess Principal, Black Jack, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Mob Psycho 100, Erased, FullMetal Alchemist, Junjou Romantica, Stars Align, Another, Daiya no Ace, Ookiku Furikabutte, Saint Seiya, Tomorrow’s Joe, Clannad, POP TEAM EPIC, Konosuba, Youjo Senki, Kiznaiver, Food Wars, and Pretty Cure

  • For non-anime: The Good Place, cooking shows, Studio C, Miraculous Ladybug, Cory in the House (just kidding, that’s an anime),

What’s your strangest/Funniest bandori experience?

  • Most of the answers included someone’s multilive name, the characters in a room (4 kaorus, 1 chisato), spamming stamps, or playing a really hard song
  • “didn’t know I could auto band items so i would sit there...tapping them all” SAME
  • Someone fell asleep mid-song without dying :0
  • A moment of silence to the person who lost their account 4 times

Tell me a joke :)

  • Me, my life, my gpa, your mom, this survey, rate-up, gacha luck, the baby shark collab, and “i’m not funny” are all disqualified, go home (I guess I had that coming, though)

  • If you put anything else you get a pass, even if it was just “potato potato potato”

  • Bonus points if your joke was bandori related, some of which include “What do you get when you cross RAS with an art tool? Masuki tape”, “What is Moca’s favorite food? Mitake Pan”, “What did Hina say to Sayo before leaving? Sayo-nara”, “Kasumeme Toyota”, and… that’s all of the bandori puns I got.

  • someone wrote “what the hell is the option 1 question” :) funniest thing I got

That’s all for now, bye bye!

  • several people put “hakanai” or “fleeting”. Humanity has come so far

  • someone pasted the lyrics to nico x nico hyper smile power and bloody stream

  • “Heaven! Or Heaven? Which do you like?”

  • “Share this response for luck in future gachas” sorry I had to

Thank you for reading this! Sorry if I was a bit angery-sounding for some of it lmao

March 28, 2020 16:08:19 +0000 (UTC)


Picked Swimsuit Arisa with my ticket instead~ What a nice...


Picked Swimsuit Arisa with my ticket instead~ What a nice bonus :D

Edit: Forgot to mention that I have a full 4 star Pastel Pallets team now! And I just need Tae for Popipa now too! So I guess I’ll hope for her when I roll for RAS XD