October 31, 2020 16:42:04 +0000 (UTC)


well uh! first ever post on here! so hi! my name's cac, i go by they/them pronouns! i also make art sometimes lol. i started using this website cause it looks pretty cool and it's really helpful tbh! i'll probably will be sharing my pulls from gachas, my scores on some songs and what not! hope to see some nice people on here!

October 31, 2020 16:53:20 +0000 (UTC)


I've been meaning to sing Ryuuseiu for a while, but it's lonely on your own, so I forced asked Rouleau to sing it with me and now I finally managed to finish it good gOD that took longer than it should have

here it is!!

I'm not used anymore to mixing duets hhh ... I usually just ... sing alone ... sobs

thank u friend for being a wonderful Yuuto to my Ren!!!!!

October 31, 2020 17:18:51 +0000 (UTC)

also here's a thing I did the lines of a while ago and only finished yesterday and that's why the...

also here's a thing I did the lines of a while ago and only finished yesterday and that's why the colours suck it's cause I am aRTBLOCKED so this isn't gonna get any better. just take it.

piano Nayuta supremacy Ren wasn't even supposed to be here he just kinda showed up

October 31, 2020 17:53:13 +0000 (UTC)

Happy Halloween everybody! If any of you guys decide to go trick or treating I hope you guys stay...

Happy Halloween everybody! If any of you guys decide to go trick or treating I hope you guys stay safe. Have a good day! Also, the new Hagumi card is amazing- LIKE- AAHH I love Hagumi so muchhh!

October 31, 2020 18:39:48 +0000 (UTC)


Since I've never posted on here besides my Halloween post I figured I should introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Ivy! I use she/they pronouns. My top 5 favorite Bandori characters are:

  1. Sayo Hikawa
  2. Arisa Ichigaya
  3. Hagumi Kitazawa
  4. LAYER
  5. Yukina Minato

2 favorite songs by every band: POPIPA: B.O.F, Summer Skies and SUN! SUN! SEVEN! Roselia: Re:Birth day, Passionate Starmine Afterglow: Rumbling Memory, Brand New Days - Same as Always Hello Happy World!: High Five ∞ Adventure, We Can ☆ Hooray Hooray! PastelPalettes: Luminous Once More, Kyu-Maiflower Morfonica: Bloom Bloom (I can't wait for the full version AAHH!), Prelude to Gold RAISE A SUILEN: A DECLARATION OF ×××, DRIVE US CRAZY

2 favorite covers from every band: POPIPA: Life will Change, Music Hour Roselia: This Game, Miiro Afterglow: Redo, Imagination Hello Happy World!: 1,2, Fanclub, Koi wa Chaos no Shimobe Nari Pastel*Palettes: Stay Alive, MOON PRIDE Morfonica: Nevereverland, Melissa RAISE A SUILEN: BRING IT ON!, 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou

All the bands ranked RAISE A SUILEN Roselia Poppin'Party Afterglow Morfonica Pastel*Palettes Hello Happy World!

Bandori has helped me out of a really dark time in my life, I think Bandori for that. And I thank you for reading this. Have a good day!

October 31, 2020 18:53:26 +0000 (UTC)

Why nobody is talking about the fact that Rokka's milkshake  the one she has on her Halloween's...

Why nobody is talking about the fact that Rokka's milkshake (the one she has on her Halloween's trained card) is on the new RAS' illustration? So Rokka is there too and gave the milkshake to the other RAS' members! 💚

October 31, 2020 19:13:24 +0000 (UTC)

  Yesterday I wrote    Everlasting  ...

Yesterday I wrote Everlasting but I didn’t have time to post a drawing, so here we go.

Now, allow me to give some anecdotes about it, with a background music related to the story (contains lots of spoilers about the story):

  • an obvious one, “4” is a number related to death in Asian culture, that’s why Ren jokes about waiting 44 years (and also, this drawing is 444x444 pixels)
  • I forgot to mention that Nayuta travelled to get a remedy to the curse (while Ren stayed in Japan)
  • Ren wears a yukata in autumn, but the outfit on the drawing in for dead people, he wears it as a pajama
  • dark humor with Ren trying to die (being in an ocean, burning, eating a fubu which is a poisoned fish if it’s not cut well, going to the stars - because NanaHOSHI - eating red spider lilies’ bulbs…)
  • about red spider lilies (lycoris radiata), they’re related to death because they’re flowers of Higan, other shore of Sanzu river afterlife in the Buddhist religion
  • the elixir in this story is literally the Hourai elixir in Touhou Project. Drink 1 drop to never age, drink 2 drops to never get ill, drink 3 drops to never die. It’s located in a bamboo forest just like Eientei, a place where Kaguya Houraisan and Eirin Yagokoro (creator of this elixir) live
  • Kenta couldn’t bear the fact Nayuta and Ren are immortal. He took this secret to his grave – didn’t take a long time, that’s the cause of Wataru’s hatred towards Nayuta.

And that’s all! Thank you if you have read this text and that strange story. See you next time for cuter stuff and happy HalloRen ! … you get it ?

October 31, 2020 19:48:44 +0000 (UTC)

  Happy Halloween, nya!! and happy birthday 3rd best love live girl, Rin!! 🧡🧡

go eat candy today...

Happy Halloween, nya!! and happy birthday 3rd best love live girl, Rin!! 🧡🧡

go eat candy today guys IT'S YOUR TIME

October 31, 2020 20:01:20 +0000 (UTC)


Ciao a tutti! We have reached the end of this month full of commitments, I hope that thanks to these days dedicated to your own fanband, you have enjoyed the TIERGEIST in all their "ghostly" splendor. I would say that we can start with their entry on the scene (I specify only that each of them has taken their own youkai to which their nicknames are inspired).

Bandtober : Day 31 (Halloween Gacha)


Starting from Ayaka we can say that, as already mentioned in the past, her character (if we want to say so) is inspired by the Tanuki. So I got carried away and I wanted to use a long version of Qipao because it gives her a more mature aura, without considering that the fan is an almost necessary accessory to hide her "ambiguous" nature.


Then we have her cousin Honami who, crafty as she is, could only have Kitsune as a spirit. I made it more like a warrior fox, a Shinovi maybe with a katana (without wire of course, otherwise she couldn't carry it around) while in the distance you can hear Eve's Bushido! yelling at her. Honami has this "pissed-off" air because she feels very tense and perceives other people's curious looks, but in the end she enjoys herself and lets the matter go.


Lucia really gave the best of herself with this crow costume, or rather from Tengu, wanting to unleash all her glory and skill in creating. She has this predatory air that patiently waits for the next victim, a petite girl who shows her captivating potential, so much so that she has even drawn that charismatic mole under her left eye.


What could I say about Mirai? As far as her divine animal is the Inugami, mainly she behaves like a dog, also for this reason she often quarrels with Oriko for their character which in many cases reflects the fact that there is no harmony between dog and cat. Her dress is quite simple I would say, indeed we could say almost nil, but I wanted to emphasize the thing that poses as a canid (in this case from the "ball" factor).


And we conclude with the diva Oriko and her coveted Nekomata form. This very nervous kitten was created with the thought that she wanted to attract the attention of others, especially in her social, by giving her this mixed version of Qipao with a Kimono (I suck at describing sometimes, I'm aware of it, so I apologize) with a pair of paws and claws ready to be used.

Thank you all for following us up to here, it was a nice experiment that gave me the right push to dedicate a lot more time to my girls, given the period I was going through. I hope to be more active soon and that the general situation in the world can improve a little; and with this wish I greet you with affection and wish you all a good continuation. Saluti!