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Guide for making a Bandori Original Character (frequently abbravated: OC)

If you know how to draw her. It's a pleasure. Otherwise. any avatar creator that allows full body will work.
WHAT is she called? try thinking up a name that would befit the bandori world.
this one is a hard-y. You will have to imagine your character's voice and listen to Seiyuus then determine which one has the closest sound pattern like her. Once found. paste the Seiyuu's name. (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT. because if your character has a high pitched voice, DON'T take a low pitched actress)
Was she a member of any of the official bands? (Popipa/Aftagro/pasupare/Roseria/Harohapi) or she is a member of her own band? mention the band's name.
Which instrument is she playing? Or she's a Vocalist?
How old is she?
Birthday and Zodiac: When was she born? Month and day are enough. and accordingly post her zodiac.
How tall is she? official information is in Centimeters However I am aware some of you measure in Inches and feet. so here's the calculation. (every foot: 30.48 CM, every inch: 2.54 cm. multiply feet by 30.48 and add the inches multiplied by 2.54. this is the height in centimeters. abbreviated cm). PLEASE BE REASONABLE WHEN YOU ARE SETTING HER HEIGHT. a typical tall girl in japan wouldn't pass 172cm. (5'10") If she's a rare case. DO NOT bypass 194cm (6'5") and in the same manner DO NOT overshorten the girl. unless extreme case.
Describe her appearance, Her hairstyle. hair color. eye color. anything unique about her WITHOUT referring to outfits.
Describe her three outfits, Summer Casual, Winter Casual, and Onstage outfit. Try to be as detailed as possible.
Which Instrument she uses? According to the wikia all instruments are real. so work accordingly.
Remember Age? this is a mid-high school world. so mention which school she studies in. Haneoka or Hanasakigawa. which class is she. and if possible. exact class. (A-C, 1-3)
Which kind of girl is she? describe her personality. Details!!!
Favourite food:
Which food really loves? and would eat all day, every day?
Least Favourite food:
Which food she hates? and would despise if offered?
Which stuff she likes to do? One fav thing is enough.
How is she relevant to the bandori world? why is she an Original character and not yet another girl in the bandori world? DETAILS PLEASE!
Typical Quotes:
State five quotes your character would typically say.
and finish!
Oh! And I'll be pleased to see any OCs of you guys. ^_^