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I guess I'm kinda your avarage player. or maybe not? huhehe


Hi! sorry for that thing. ^^;
I'm Realsayo. pleasure to meetcha! I'm a tech enthusiast and a rhythm lover. read on to know more stuff 'bout me~ ♪

She/her|29 yrs old|Israel originally.

I am a huge otaku! yay !

I guess Also I am the oldest second oldest member here at 29 uwu Feel free to fuee, Hakanai, and to consult stuff about after-school things~! ^_^
Avatar by Hapikaru. ♡ ♪
Random stuff about me:

  • I am married
  • I have a daughter
  • I am a cosplayer somewhat. but I am shy about it
  • I know japanese. but really crappy at reading Kanji. //sLAPPED
  • Lively and kind like Lisa
  • Prefer the natural appearance like Sayo
  • Got a singing capability like Yukina (sans that X factor thingy!)
  • Social awkward
  • Tech lover
  • Otako! (did I say it already!? ovo)
  • Highly emotional
  • Has OCD, and anxiety attacks from time to time.
  • Android lover. has an iPhone XS though. XD
  • RPG, Rhythm, Puzzles and racing lover.
  • GAMER!

That's me in a nutshell. ^_~

I do want to join the staff as part of translations. or moderations. I've been after TOO MANY salty and toxic communities and I just want to treasure this one. I love it so much here! Unfortunately I was rejected. but that just means that probably I wasn't fit for it. I'll do my best though!

Besties of Banpa~: Allicat, Amarena, Bushidad (aka Ilovebandorigirls) and Aoi.
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ALL MY FOLLOWERS! you deserve the love of friendship!

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