Kanon Matsubara

Name (Romaji) Kanon Matsubara
Name (Japanese) 松原 花音
Cards 15 cards
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Fans 861 fans
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Costumes 27 costumes
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Band Hello, Happy World!
School Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy (2 - A)
School Year Second
CV Toyota Moe
CV (Japanese) 豊田 萌絵
Birthday May 11
Height 156 cm
Liked food Delicious snacks, cake, coffee, tea
Disliked food Mushrooms
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Taurus
Instrument Drums
Hobbies Watching jellyfish, cafe-hopping
Kanon is very clumsy, quick to tears, and has a bad sense of direction. She's a bit of a pushover and very shy. Since she's a pushover, it's easy for her to get involved in others' affairs. She likes sweets and cute things, and is a bit reserved. She enjoys seeing jellyfish and going to cafes.
Source BanGDreaming Tumblr
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