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Hello there~


  • She/her
  • INFJ (not the same as Mashiro-chan anymore but I'm still kinning her XD)
  • Loves playing piano (for 10 yrs) and violin♪ (for 8 yrs)
  • Endori player since 2020 Re:Zero collab
  • Came here from Bestdori!
  • Massive [color=#33AAFF]Morfonica[/color] Image and [color=#6677CC]Mashiro-chan [/color]fan~ Image with a link

Loves Morfonica for characters, songs, stories & basically everything♡

 fly with the night - Morfonica

  ·˚ ༘༉ 3:04 ━━━━━━❍── 4:01 ༊*·˚

        ↻ ◁ II ▷ ↺

      𝚅𝙾𝙻𝚄𝙼𝙴: ▁▃▅▆▉


[countdown=2024-02-19T00:00:00][/countdown] [color=#6677CC]to Mashiro-chan's birthday~[/color]

My band preferences:

Fav character from each band! Image

Fav bands in terms of music taste:

Image Image Image

Fav bands in terms of character dynamic:

Image Image Image

Gacha goals:

  1. 4☆ Mashiro-chan "Special Birthday"
  • Save at least 60 Star gacha tickets + 10000 stars ✓ Image

  1. 4☆ Mashiro-chan Kirafes "The Blue Sky's Sea" (I guess this will become a 5☆ (⁠´⁠⊙⁠ω⁠⊙⁠`⁠)⁠!)
  • Pray that the gacha gods give me luck in the first few pulls - need to save stars
  • Results: (in 90 pulls) Got KF Tomoe & Lim Maya but no Mashi-chan ;-; Image

  1. Limited summer Morfonica from "Summer Sunny Basket" event
  • Pull as much as possible until I get both 4☆s
  • Use 100 star stickers if not complete by 200 pulls ✓
  • Results: Got Lim Nanamin & other 4☆s INCLUDING BS2 MASHIRO-CHAN in gacha, exchanged for Lim Mashiro-chan with stickers ^-^ Image

  1. Possibly Tensura collab Morfonica?
  • Hope to save 50000 stars by collab, use 100 star stickers if not complete by 200 pulls Image

  1. Sometime in the future… 4☆ Mashiro-chan "Precious Birthday"
  • Like ahh she's too cutee I need- (starts saving up star gacha tickets again) Image

Current total stars: 58428Image


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