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Welp, I'm jumping on the "making OCs" bandwagon


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I think Yukina is the least interesting character, which is really weird, considering the fact I like other "cold shoulder" characters in anime. Heck, even outside of the anime world, and into the OMG! BUGHEAD world, there are cold-hearted "bitchy" characters I like. Maybe it's just she doesn't appeal to me as much, as some of the cold-hearted characters have REASON as to why they're like that (e.g Cheryl losing her brother, or Yuri being the main provider for his family since 12) or I find her unrelatable in comparison to everyone else (y'all might think Hina is unrelatable, but I find her understandable) and to know she's THE most popular girl on BanPa, I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend Yukina fans.

May 16, 2018 12:56:33 +0000 (UTC)


If anyone says that they hate any of the girls my mind goes straight to the "Harry's Car Place: I Don't Trust Like That" meme

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My result

May 15, 2018 18:46:32 +0000 (UTC)


i made a fanband!

i hope you all like them (although i dont have a name for them yet)


first is mimi! she's the vocalist of my band! she loves cute things, especially animals. shes super energetic, however, she gets tired of things extremely easily, except for her hairstyle which she has worn since she's been in 3rd grade. everything shes tried has gotten boring for her after around half a year. she decided to form a band because music has always been special for her!


next is seiko! shes a former neet, and dropped out of highschool because of this. mimi is the one who forced her to go outside for once, because mimi was worried about her health. she's a talented guitarist, and that's pretty much all she would do in her room all day. she hates dresses, because she feels very uncomfortable in them, however she does love shorts (and will wear a skirt on occasion). shes very shy, and never really talks unless she absolutely has too. she's mimi's best friend, ever since childhood.


this is miwa! she's the bass. she's played bass since childhood, and has been in a total of 3 bands, including this one. she adores fashion! she got a part time job so she could buy all the clothes she wants. she also changes her hairstyle constantly because she gets very bored with each hairstyle. she joined the band after mimi saw her in the schools courtyard playing her bass.


and now for kurumi. shes the serious one of the group, and also writes the lyrics for the songs. she isnt too big when it comes to fashion, or doing her hair, so she just leaves it down. she loves foxes, and goes as far as wearing fox ears every single day to school, and goes so far as calling them real.


and finally we have nomiki! shes the youngest of the group (still in middle school even!). however, this doesnt hold her back! she loves the drums, and is naturally talented at them. she always refers to herself as a god, and if someone tries to prove her wrong she responds by fighting them personally.

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all i’ve been doing at school since live2d came out on the site is filtering for best girl and choosing every single different pose

May 17, 2018 13:34:58 +0000 (UTC)


Don’t forget to participate on the Social Media Campaign!

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Finally finished my profile! It took me all day, kept on getting distracted, but I did it!

Ah, accomplishment feels great.

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unpopular opinions trend? yeet

  • i really dont like moca, and im not sure why. in theory, i would like her. her relationship with ran, and also with lisa, are really amazing and i appreciate them, but as a character she is not at all my cup of tea. her voice bothers me, her personality, idk. i really just dont like her.
  • hey-day capriccio is afterglow’s only good song, not counting covers.
  • other than “a cruel angels thesis” and “no game” most of roselia’s covers are honestly overhyped
  • pasupare’s songs are SO GOOD!! shuwa shuwa dreamin, pasupare revolution, tenka toitsu a to z, and hanamaru andante are some of my favorites but honestly all of their songs are so good!!!!! including covers!!!
  • i honestly ship kaokoko more than kaochisa these days
  • hhw is really tiring and i dont really like any of their songs or covers much? and the characters make me feel overwhelmed? normally i tend to like more plain/realistic characters like sayo, hina, and tae anyway. i just dont get the hype idk
  • kasumi has my second favorite voice out of the vocalists, second to yukina. idk i really like it?
  • passionate starmine is the best roselia song
  • popipa is super underrated and the five members are really good characters
  • maya is looked over and it sucks please give her love
  • pasupare has the best story out of all the bands and honestly the best characters too!! and their music!!! pasupare is best
  • i love the tanabata set its the best set so far
  • i dont understand how you can love one hikawa and hate the other. initially hina was my best girl and i didnt like sayo but after reading into their story more i love them both so much and theyre both important and loveable and in the wrong in the situation djangienfisnfjdjwn
  • ayahina!! please love them!!!

okay i have to be done ouch

May 18, 2018 01:32:07 +0000 (UTC)


decided to jump on the bandwagon and did the bandori sorter! also thought it'd be fun to do the average place of each band so heres that (in best to worst order):

  • pasupare: 9.8
  • afterglow: 11.4
  • harohapi: 13
  • popipa: 14.4
  • roselia: 15.2
May 09, 2018 12:57:57 +0000 (UTC)


Hey like Im not good to express myself because my english suck , I tried my best to minimalize it and illustrate it by editing ! I started to play Bandori the 20 March 2017 but I eventually gave up because I was very busy and restarted to play 2 month ago and it's so much fun !