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Hey there my name is Eli. I’m a huge fan of idols and I was always a fan of them since I was young so that's why I also play rhythm games like SIF, deresute, and bandori, listen to their songs, and collect merch. I also have an interest in Danganronpa and bought all of their games so far.

I would want to meet more people who share the same interests as me so feel free to message me. I am mostly active on Discord(feel free to ask for user info from me) so you can contact me here or you can dm me on Twitter

I'm a bit new to Bang Dream so I might not know that much stuff about the game so please bear with me.

My best girls are Kokoro who is an absolute angel in my eyes and I love her since I love how she wants to make everyone smile and she's always cheerful, Aya, Misaki/Michelle, and Kanon.

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I like all the girls as well and I don't hate any of them. My favorite bands are Hello, Happy World! and Pastel Palettes. Feel free to add me on EN or JP I'd gladly accept any friend requests.

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