Players list / Chulip

Chulip avatar


[color=purple] Call me Bowie or Chu2~👾 [/color]


Cosplayer from the UK~👾

Bandori merchandise collector~👾

[color=turquoise] Big Chu2 Kinnie ~👾 [/color]


[color=purple] Best girls: [/color]

1. [color=magenta] Ako Udagawa [/color]

2. [color=lightyellow] Tsugumi Hazawa [/color]

3. [color=yellow] Masuki Satou [/color]

4. [color=violet] Eve Wakamiya [/color]

5. [color=turquoise] Chiyu Tamade [/color]

[color=turquoise] RAISE A SUILEN [/color] and [color=red] Afterglow [/color] stan!


[color=purple] Dream Cards: [/color]

  • [color=lightyellow] Christmas V2 Tsugumi Hazawa [/color]
  • [color=magenta] Dreamfest V1 Ako Udagawa [/color]
  • [color=lightyellow] Next grade Tsugumi Hazawa [/color]
  • [color=magenta] Violet eternity Ako Udagawa [/color]

[color=magenta] DREAMFEST V2 AKO CAME HOME [/color]

3 accounts: