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May 07, 2024 13:52:16 +0000 (UTC)



Hi! I'm Luna and today I come here to talk to you as one of BanPa's managers!

When I joined we had a well oiled staff machine but over time, life got in the way and people had to leave, which makes pulling the site together a bit hard as I'm sure some of you have noticed.

Our current team is wonderful and we're doing our very best every day to make sure our website is up and updated but there are sadly some things that even I and our other manager Nija cannot do without higher assistance like fixing the card sorter or things that involve coding.

What we can do, with your help, is bring back Live2Ds. As many of you have noticed, it hasn't been updated in a long time and no one in our current team knows how to do it. So, if you know how to work with live2d models, .bytes and .json files and want to help our team and website, please do send me a message!

(While I’m not an expert (and that’s why we’re asking for help), I don’t think we’re looking for a rigger per se? When opening the folder belonging to the model I find several .bytes and .json files So I don’t think we actually need someone to physically rig them, more like. find and add the files we need properly! But if you think you can help, hit me up and we can chat!)

It's a huge task, I'm not gonna lie, it hasn't been updated in around 2 years which means we have 2 years worth of cards to upload, but we'd like to get back to what we used to be!

June 29, 2023 21:16:02 +0000 (UTC)

    Hello Banpa users! It's 1/2 of the managers, Moyu! Coming back from the grave to give some...

Hello Banpa users! It's 1/2 of the managers, Moyu! Coming back from the grave to give some updates that have been happening with a very impromptu post (please excuse any errors I am writing this on the spot ;;)

First of all, with the new stream revealing the band myGO will be in the game in Fall this year, we have added the new girls into the character list! Currently they're using some placeholder images so we hope everyone will look forward to when they're in the game where we'll have some chibis and icons to use for the site ^_^

I would also like to take some time to talk about the state of the site as is. First matter regarding this is I would like to thank the staff here for working hard to update what used to be a very outdated chibi list. It was a lot of hard work on their part and I was unable to help with it as I was busy in university with exams at the time so any thanks should be directed to them for adding so, so many chibis.

While we could add the chibis, one thing we have been unable to add for a long while is the live2d costumes. We know the costume list is really, really outdated. But unfortunately, the team as we are right now cannot add new live2d costumes. "Why is this?" might be a question some might have. The main reason is that we just do not know how to do this as it isn't as simple as finding the live2d files and uploading them. We have tried asking around our current staff for help and haven't been able to actually find out how to do it and are assuming a certain programme would have to be used to handle the files. If we do eventually find out a way to add the many live2d costumes missing from our list here, I am sure me and the others in the team will try our hardest to update the costumes to the best of our ability. I do hope we can get there some day but please understand we can not do much about it right now...

The last thing on the general topic of site maintaining that I want to talk about is that I want to assure everyone that we are currently trying our best to maintain and update what we can on our database. This includes potentially uploading newer 1koma and 4koma, updating older cards, gacha, etc. to their official worldwide server names (as many currently use fan translations) as well as server availability, and updating card stats when needed. Again, I would appreciate understanding from others as we are a small-ish team and it will take time for some of these to be dealt with due to staff availability. There are also things we would like to add/need to change such as giving myGO on our characters list a header of their band and altering 5 star cards levels but these cannot solely be done by our main staff team. There's a lot for us to do and a lot we need to ask others in order for things to be done so I would appreciate if everyone could keep this in mind when seeing things may not be correct. And if there is something you think should be corrected, feel free to message me or drop a disqus message below this post.

Following on from that, I feel some users might have questions for me or the staff team in general. For me personally, the easiest way for me to see these is through messages to myself or dropping a comment below this post so please feel free to do so. We also have our feedback form itself but I do not have access to see any submitted responses and have to ask the form's maker for me to see them, so please keep that in mind.

If anyone has taken the time to read all of this, thank you for reading it. I have really wanted to write something for a while but personal life and studies have been a bigger priority for me. I would also like to say that we are currently planning a summer-themed website event! Following our Christmas event, this one will be the second one fully planned by our current management and staff team in place so please look forward to it when it happens ^_^

That's all from me. See everyone around here some other time ^_^

August 07, 2023 19:25:53 +0000 (UTC)



Community Event Announcement: Packing Our Bags!

Hello BandoriPartiers! It's the last month of summer and what better time than now is there to pack a suitcase for a vacation?

This summer event will be a special event spanning both our website and Twitter with two different ways to participate!

Will you help your favourite Bandori girl be summer ready by packing a suitcase for them?

Or will you help our mascot, Kanae, decorate her own suitcase with fun stickers? The choice is yours!

Submissions are due by [utcdate=2023-09-01T19:00:00][/utcdate] which is in [countdown=2023-09-01T19:00:00][/countdown]

How Do I Participate?

As this event will be open for entries both on our website and Twitter, make sure you read which tag to add depending on where you post your entry as they are different to each other!

To enter on our website, you must make a new activity post with either and image showing the holiday suitcase you have packer or a design for a sticker that you have made. Be as creative as you want with your entries! It's entirely up to you whether you want to pack conventional items or more fun ones for the girls! Will the stickers you design be based on real countries or different things within the world of Bandori? The choice is up to you! If you're unsure whether something will be allowed or have other questions, leave a comment under this post and we will reply ASAP!

  • For posts that contain a packed suitcase, use the tag, #Packing Our Bags Suitcase 🧳
  • For posts that contain a sticker design, use the tag, #Packing Our Bags Sticker ☀️

To enter using Twitter, entering is the same as you would do on the website but using Twitter posts!

  • For Twitter entries that contain a packed suitcase, use the tag #PackingOurBagsSuitcase
  • For Twitter entries that contain a sticker design, use the tag, #PackingOurBagsSticker

Example Entries A suitcase for Kokoro!


A sticker for Kanae's suitcase!


Additional Info and Rules

  • Make sure your submissions are appropriate and follow our website's post guidelines (This also applies to Twitter entries which must also be appropriate.)
  • You can enter both a suitcase and a sticker in the same post as long as you use the event tags as needed
  • Objects for suitcase entries can either be drawn or use images from online. If you do the latter, make sure to link back to the creators of any items if they are from small businesses or the like! (an example of this can be found in the post for a previous Bandori Party event!)
  • One entry for each category will be permitted for every entrant
  • If you make the same entry post on both and Twitter, your entry will only be counted once

Prizes and Judging

All participants on the website will receive a special badge for entering! The badge will include the art included at the top of this post which was drawn by Ahirukukiii on Twitter!

There will be prizes for both categories of entries (suitcases and stickers) and a judging panel will be used to choose a winning entry for both! We will be judging based on creativity for both categories.

The winning participant in each category will have a chance to receive a physical merch prize (or a digital prize if preferred)! Examples of physical merch are shown below: image

Along with this, we have stretch goals for both categories. If we get a total of 10 entries (separate for each category), a randomly selected participant in each category will have the chance to win a digital prize! This can be a graphic edit or a special commission from one of our community artists!

For an extra special stretch goal, 30 participants (separate for each category) will give a randomly selected participant in each category a chance to win a physical prize (or digital prize if preferred)!

To sum it up, there is a chance for a maximum of 6 possible winners in this summer event!

We hope everyone will have fun with this event and we look forward to seeing sticker designs and suitcase packs for their favourite girls!

April 30, 2017 02:59:23 +0000 (UTC)



banner by natsushi

Bandori.Party is Live!

Hurray! It's the start of a new website by and for our lovely rhythm-game lovers community!

To start - we would like to thank a few groups: the wonderful staff team (particularly Deby) for making this website and giveaway possible; community artists, who provided us with additional prizes; and finally, our patrons, who provide us with the funds to run these giveaways and websites.

Speaking of patrons - they allow us to run our websites ad-free and enjoyable for everyone. Servers are expensive, and patrons are what funds these projects. Without them, we would not be able to hold these giveaways (but then again, the website itself wouldn't be there). And while being a patron isn't required to enter the giveaway, it does multiply your chances by 3, so please consider supporting us!

Support Bandori Party on Patreon!

Now, here comes the fun part - the giveaway! We have decided to giveaway some official merchandise from Japan, as well as some wonderful artworks by community artists in celebration of the launch! Entering is simple - simply click on the following link!

Click here to join the giveaway!

Once again, you don't need to be a patron to enter, but it does multiply your chances by 3, so please consider supporting us! And for those who don't want to become a patron, it's OK! There are other ways to support us - some of which also multiplies your chances~



  • Only ONE entry per person (+ extra points if any). We will check and remove all entries from cheaters!
  • You can multiply your chances to win by 2 if you follow @BandoriParty on Twitter
  • You can multiply your chances to win by 4 if you tweet about the launch (only using the tweet template provided when you enter the giveaway)
  • You can multiply your chances by 3 if you support us on Patreon <3
  • Follow + Tweet multiplies by 5
  • Follow + Patreon multiplies by 4
  • Tweet + Patreon multiplies by 6
  • Follow + Tweet + Patreon multiplies by 7
  • 5 different winners will be picked randomly (the randomizer will take into account multipliers)
  • Winners will be contacted by email, so make sure you use a valid email address!
  • Winners will be picked in a certain order and will be able to pick their favorite prize in that order. For example, if you're 2nd, and the 1st winner picked a custom drawing, you can pick any prize except that particular custom drawing.
  • The prizes are physical items, so we will need your mailing address. However, the drawings will be digital and sent to you personally!

Click here to enter the giveaway!

June 12, 2022 19:47:16 +0000 (UTC)

   To all Bandori.Party members:

This is a very special and important update as to the current...

To all Bandori.Party members:

This is a very special and important update as to the current status of Bandori.Party. As things are shifting around, I find it very valuable to be upfront and honest about what has been going on behind the scenes, and to get everyone involved into making us better. This post is going to be long, but it is coming from the bottom of my heart and I encourage every member, whether active, inactive or previous member to read this.

Before we get into the deep stuff, here’s a quick introduction to the new managers of the site:


“Hiya I'm Moyu! Some people might have seen me around the site in the past as a regular user and as a mod in the last year. However, I'm happy to say I'm one of the new managers for Bandori.Party! I hope to be a reliable figure here but also to maintain the more casual disposition I have showed from before joining the staff team. I look forward to trying to help this site and helping anyone that needs it!”


“Hiya! I’m nyx and I’ve been a staff member of Bandori.Party since 2020. I’m happy to finally take part in reuniting the members of Bandori.Party and I hope to get to know everyone in our community! I’m excited to see what changes and new things unfold for us.“

Now, into the news:

Bandori.Party has gone a long time without any real force of proper management, guidance, or any sort of functions other than what felt like automation. After the previous manager stepped down, there was no one really to take on the weight of carrying such a project, as it seemed like Bandori.Party had somewhat developed a reputation for having no real strong backbone.

However, after months of basically silence, we’re finally able to come back with a promise of change and refreshment to the Bandori.Party community.

Bandori.Party has finally found two new managers- Moyu and I have been working together and working very hard to revive Bandori.Party to the community it once was and also as a new, refreshing start. Being left with basically straws to grasp, it was very hard to gain our footing as we had to learn a lot of different aspects to the website as well as put together a basically entire new staff team by ourselves, which, to be fair and honest, hasn’t really been working out. This is why we figured it’d be best to announce ourselves and come forward with promises of change to instill your hope and your trust in the community.

Things that are going to be coming this following week:

  • A feedback form to better understand the current state of what we all feel towards the site, what problems need to address, what needs to come back, etc, as well as reflection on the previous and current state of the community.

  • A questionnaire with questions regarding you, so that we can get to know you and the community as a whole better and provide you with content and events that you would like to see and enjoy.

  • A new, updated staff application form that is easy to navigate and read that will inform you of the positions available and seem more approachable.

As a personal anecdote, I have been a staff member of Bandori.Party since 2020 and have seen a lot of problems arise. At the time, I did not have the skills or the time available to commit to such a project. I have recently found myself more motivated and excited and am eager to take on this role. During my first years of college, I have decided to switch to a communications major, which has educated me more than I could ever offer- and naturally I decided to help be one of the managers for Bandori.Party. I have a lot of experience and a lot of hope for the future of Bandori.Party. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please comment below or feel free to message me personally via the site, twitter or discord.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and thank you for your continued support of Bandori.Party.


June 05, 2022 06:02:51 +0000 (UTC)

   Attention all Bandori.Party members!

Hello! It’s that time of year again where Bandori.Party...

Attention all Bandori.Party members!

Hello! It’s that time of year again where Bandori.Party is recruiting new staff members! We are recently having a complete overhaul of positions, staff, and management positions and are looking for people to fill all positions!

When viewing the application, please make sure you read everything carefully and to be honest! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a message here or on discord and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We are looking to liven things up and make things more exciting on Bandori.Party!

Please view this application for more details.

For some positions, the application will ask you to talk to a staff member and to join the Circles discord. This isn't necessary, just click "A member of the staff team asked me to fill this form".

Applications will be open from 6/5 and closing for final review on 6/24, and results will be available along with staff introductions at a later date.

Thank you for continuing to support Bandori.Party!

January 01, 2023 18:47:52 +0000 (UTC)


DokiDokiDecoration Winter 2022

Hello again everyone! Happy New Year! Our wintery room decorating event has ended and Kanae managed to decorate our headquarters with all the decorations you have all submitted that were possible to add!


In addition to all the decorations, there was also a submission of fanart of Kasumi decorating the room with festive lights!

Thank you to all participants! You can see all the submissions from the event's hashtag and a list of all participants and their corresponding entries can be found at the end of the post! As promised, all eligible participants will receive a badge for participating! Make sure to check out your badge list on your profiles to see it~

For this event, one lucky person was chosen at random via roulette and will receive a digital prize of their choice!

This event's raffle winner is Kasei_! Please check your message box for further contact!

Although only one person could win the prize, the staff team has loved every entry we got and we plan to hold more events with opportunities to receive prizes in the future~!

Once again a big thank you to all participants! Let's all look forward to this year! ❄️

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this event a success! We loved your entries!

All participants

With a total of 10 participating entries by 8 participants, we are proud to announce that there will be 1 winner!

And the winner is...


Selected randomly, one chance per user

See entry

winning entry image

Congratulations to our winner!

They will be able to pick their prize between:

  • 1 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party art commission
  • 1 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party graphic edit commission

Subject to availability

Support our giveaways!

Support us on Patreon

These special events are made possible thanks to the support of our warm-hearted donators. If you wish to support Bandori Party for both our future special events and to cover the cost of our expensive servers in which our site run, please consider donating on Patreon.


  • I won and I didn't hear from you?
  • I didn't win and I'm sad ;_;
    • The staff and the community loved your entry so your efforts didn't go to waste at all 💖 Please join our next special event!
  • How can I thank you for your amazing work organizing these special events?
    • We always appreciate sweet comments below, and if you want to push it a little further, we have a Patreon open for donations ❤️
  • More questions?

All participants

Can_I_join_Hello_Happy_World, Eat_Soup, RGB, Can_I_join_Hello_Happy_World, Rouleau, DaFryGuy, blissmallow, Kasei_, Rouleau

August 19, 2018 19:11:18 +0000 (UTC)


hey everyone! i'm not sure if this has been done before, but i thought i'd post a quick tutorial on Markdown, which is a neat way to quickly style your posts (and it works on bandpa!)

Bold Text

To bold text, use double asterisks:

**This text will be bolded**

Italicized Text

To italicize text, use single asterisks:

*This text will be italicized*

Strikethrough Text

To strikethrough text, use double tildes:

~~This text will be strikethroughed... is that a word?~~


To create headers, use octothorpes (more commonly known as pound symbols or hashtags 😉)

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
##### Heading 5

Make sure to put a space before your text!


To create a list, just use asterisks or hyphens

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
- item 1
- item 2
- item 3


To hyperlink text, use the following syntax:

normal text normal text [this text will be clickable](


To add an image, use the following syntax:



Of course there's much more you can do, but here are the basics. :) If you really like Markdown and would love to use it to take notes for class or whatever, I'd highly recommend downloading a Markdown editor like Typora!

happy bandpa-ing!

December 04, 2022 11:51:53 +0000 (UTC)



Community Event Announcement: DokiDoki Decoration! ~ Winter 2022

Hello BandoriPartiers! It's been a long year full of changes but we have finally reached December! This is a time for some well needed relaxation but also some winter festivities!


Thank you to Nija for the office drawing!

I say that but it seems Bandori Party's management and staff have been particularly busy recently and not had the time to think of getting any decorations for our headquarters this season! Luckily, our wonderful mascot Kanae is able to decorate this place for us! But it seems she also doesn't have many spare decorations for us to use...

It seems like we may need our community to help Kanae deck out our place for winter! Let's create some decorations to use in the headquarters!

Submissions are due by [utcdate=2022-12-25T00:00:00][/utcdate] which is in [countdown=2022-12-25T00:00:00][/countdown]

How can I participate?

To enter, you must make a new activity before the submission deadline of December 25th. Make sure to use the hashtag '#DokiDokiDecoration Winter 2022' on your activity and to include an image of your decoration for our headquarters! It can be a decoration based on a band, a character, an event, or it can just be a general wintery decoration. The decoration does not need to be specifically based on Christmas so please feel free to make all sorts of decorations for any winter festivity you want!

We would love to add your decorations into the office space so if possible, make sure your image is a transparent .png so we can place it into the headquarters afterwards! Any ornaments specifically made for a Christmas tree will be put onto an image of a separate tree. We will still gladly take entries which aren't transparent!

Additional Info and Rules

  • Make sure your submission (both the image and any text you put in your post) is appropriate and follows regular posting guidelines
  • While we expect most entries to be digital art, you are free to share images of handmade physical decorations as well
  • You may use already existing templates online for decorations
  • Do not use others' fanart in your creations e.g. copy-pasting someone else's fanart onto christmas bunting, using someone's fanart as a poster decoration! Any entries that do not follow this rule will have to be deleted
  • While we will allow participants to make multiple entries, multiple entries by one person will not be considered in the random winner picks
  • Each participant gets one entry into the prize draw


All participants will receive a badge for participating in this event!

One randomly selected participant will be able to receive a digital prize of their liking! This may include an art commission or an edit done by one of our lovely community artists or graphic designers!

If you can wow us this winter season and we reach a total of 10 participants, a second randomly chosen person will also win a digital prize!

If we receive an avalanche of decorations from 20 participants, a third randomly chosen winner will win a physical merch prize! (Digital prize is optional if preferred!) Examples of winnable merch is shown below! image

The most important thing of all is to have fun with designing your wintery decorations! We can't wait to see everyone's creations and to decorate the headquarters! Happy Winter!

December 13, 2022 18:27:15 +0000 (UTC)


We're about half way through the submission period for BanPa's wintery community event, DokiDoki Decoration ~ Winter 2022 ❄️!

Want to know how to participate? Click here to check the original announcement post with the rules!

Submissions close on the 25th of December so make sure to get any submissions in before then!


May 10, 2018 00:41:44 +0000 (UTC)


So, let's not beat around the bush: there's been a lot of unpopular opinion posts.

Like a lot.

And to be real, there's a lot that have breached the line of just general hate rather than a reasonable opinion.

Because of that, this has sprouted a lot of negativity and discourse. That's not great.

So instead of asking y'all to stop and starting even more negative discussion, why don't we start making appreciation posts? It doesn't have to be just about your best girl. Talk about your best girls, your favourite band, your favourite songs, the event stories you liked, the beautiful and talented seiyuus-- anything you really truly love and appreciate about Bandori!

A lot of these unpopular opinion posts have spread a lot of negativity, and I think the only way to beat that negativity is to spread positivity!

I know some have already started doing some of those, so why don't we continue that~?


  • My best girl is Himari Uehara! I'm sure I've stated this a million times and the people who know are probably like, "Yes, Trashy, we know. You love Himari. We get it." But Himari has helped me a lot in the year GBP has been around. Around the time of Bandori's release, I had a falling out with a friend, and it was extremely devastating as it happened the morning after my birthday. I was crying the whole day and I had lots of trust issues with my other friends. Himari's bright and bubbly personality made me smile through that, reminding me that everything was going to be okay. I also relate to Himari in a lot ways, from being easily teased by some very close friends to wanting to do everything for my friends but being paralysed at the heat of the moment and not knowing what to do. Himari, as fictional as she may be, was my shining beacon in the last year and she has motivated me to keep going and to keep doing my best. Hey, hey, hoh~!

  • My two favourite songs ever are actually Poppin' Party songs: Star Beat! Hoshi no Kodou and Light Delight. Star Beat is actually the song that had me interested in the Bandori franchise, and it's what led me to meet many great people and become a moderator on this site! I love it, and do plan to cover it one day~ Light Delight is a song that spoke to me, reading the English translation of it, and I understood and felt all the emotion in it. Poppin' Party's songs are honestly very good, and are always so nice and relaxing to listen to.

  • The number of characters in Bandori was a bit overwhelming at first, but it's honestly really nice to see such different and unusual personalities! Each character is so unique and special, and their development in the last year has been truly amazing. The writing that goes into this game is brilliant, and I love it.

What are some things you guys love about Bandori~?