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Formerly Cookie-Mist

Drop some asks or messages in my CuriousCat!

If I could, I would set my fave band to none since HHW, Morfonica and RAS are all my faves

[color=#5f4576]JaY[/color] // [color=#fe00b6]MoYu[/color] // [color=#00fe67]Momoyukiis[/color] * She/Her or They/Them

*BanPa's One & Only Re:vale Stan*

i guess im also banpamong us server's pet bunny cough cough


psst go follow these people they're some of the best people I've spoken to! Kaiton, SayMrrp, Akaoi, Rose-Hina, kaede_, dreamgivingidol, lii_kun, kujotaros, Neko-Noodle, Kasei


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