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[color=#5f4576]JaY[/color] // [color=#fe00b6]MoYu[/color] // [color=#00fe67]Momoyukiis[/color] * They/Them * 18

One of Banpa's managers! The biggest Re:vale lover on BanPa (probably) and liker of mobage. Also a very busy university student.

image Bandori Related Stuff

  • ENdori player since April 2018
  • Collector of Kaorus
  • Harohapi and Morfonica make me happy!
  • Ranked #24 for Shadows of Days Past Remain
  • Did I mention I like Kaoru °L°

image Other Interests

  • IDOLiSH7 (Re:vale are my biggest loves I love them so much they are married + Sougo is the great boy)
  • Ensemble Stars (HimeTatsuMayo supremacy, Alkakurei the best)
  • from ARGONAVIS (Guess who dragged me into this Koharu and Ryou are the best!)
  • D4DJ (Nagisa and Muni are my small girls that deserve a lot! Also Rondo and Merm4id are amazing)
  • Technoroid (Funky robots doing funky things! Night is cool and Lim is baby)
  • A bit of D&D (courtesy of a friend)
  • OC making
  • Cutesy things
  • Nintendo stuff

image Currently Playing...

  • Bandori (EN) - 276330
  • Idolish7 (JP) - 891411894
  • D4DJ (JP) - XoFNd6oS
  • Enstars Music (JP) - pdmjcip4
  • Technoroid - QPFJnn2M
  • the huge backlog of games i have


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updated 25 December 2022

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