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October 10, 2018 00:01:49 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori Cosplay Contest Entry

I wanted to participate in this contest since I just recently had my first cosplay made. It doesn’t really have all the small details of the outfit but I really love it and I’m proud of it. I had it handmade tailored so it was specially made for my size. I asked my mom to do the make up for me and she was the one who suggested the idea of me trying out cosplay. It was really fun when I wore it to cosmania around 2 weeks ago and it was fun meeting Bandori fans from the Philippines.


My cosplay is the Detective Kokoro outfit from the Happy Phantom Thief & The Luxury Cruise and I chose this outfit since this event was the one I enjoyed playing through the most and it’s the first event with a Kokoro 4 star card. I got this card and it’s one of my favorites so it’s really memorable to me. Kokoro is my best girl so I wanted to be able to wear one of her outfits but even though it had many details on it, I’m glad that the outfit turned out great and wonderful. Image #CosParty 2018