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April 12, 2021 22:07:22 +0000 (UTC)

but seriously, which one do you guys think is more advantageous? the 4  ticket one or the 4 ...

but seriously, which one do you guys think is more advantageous? the 4* ticket one or the 4* guaranteed gacha?

February 17, 2021 14:17:27 +0000 (UTC)

ATTENTION all Haikyuu! fans the winner for best boy is .........  Runner ups: Nishinoya and...

ATTENTION all Haikyuu! fans the winner for best boy is ......... (Runner ups: Nishinoya and Tsukishima)

April 12, 2021 20:06:48 +0000 (UTC)

    I personally like Rinko’s untrained card from the Neo Fantasy: Evolutionary Gacha a lot more...

I personally like Rinko’s untrained card from the Neo Fantasy: Evolutionary Gacha a lot more than the trained, it literally looks more “trained” and so elegant, and the lighting is a very nice touch too, who else agrees?

February 14, 2021 18:32:20 +0000 (UTC)


miamiatzo’s 30 Day Bandori Challenge!

Day 12: Your favourite event

Idk there are too many good events . . . I’m just gonna pick a recent EN one I liked a lot and haven’t talked about

Do I have a thing for NY events? Maybe? The ridiculousness of everyone’s dreams becoming reality gave me serotonin bc it was such a silly way of saying hey look you gotta work for your actual dreams but in the meantime nice things can happen . . . and Arisa doing the confetti thing was so heckin funny. The sheer awkwardness . . . Ayasa-chan is a legend

Shoutout to Prelude Replay, the RinAri event, Haneoka stuco (the TsuguHina dynamic? amazing), Roselia vs waterpark, the Girl’s Code event, the one where Arisa destroys watermelons, Umbrella for THE RAIN FALLING FROM MY EYES . . . I could go on but we’d be here all day

Day 13: Your favourite stage outfit

This has been my fav forever, I was so excited when 3D PoPiPa got the Double Rainbow costumes bc I thought Roselia was getting the Neo-Aspect ones but it never happened aslkfsjld

January 27, 2021 03:11:11 +0000 (UTC)

    Day 1: Favorite Poppin'Party song

  Technically, I already answered this... But I have more...

Day 1: Favorite Poppin'Party song

Technically, I already answered this... But I have more than one favorite, so instead of choosing Summer Skies & Sun! Sun! Seven! or Jumpin'...

I pick Poppin' Shuffle! Mostly because that episode in the third season was too cute. Also, the song got stuck in my head after FCing its hard mode on the game 😂

Day 2: Favorite Afterglow song

Hey-day Capriccio. Hands down. End post. 🤟

Day 3: Favorite Pastel*Palettes song

Okay, as much as I love listening to Unite~ A to Z! (NOT PLAYING IT, lemme be clear)- Kyu~Mai Flower has immediately become an earworm for me, so I have to pick it as my fave.

Day 4: Favorite Roselia song

Uhhh..... As much as BLACK SHOUT is always in my head, I'll pick Passionate Starmine instead.

Day 5: Favorite Hello! Happy World song

Hm.... I don't always listen to their songs, but when I do, I like playing I need you the most.

Day 6: Favorite RAISE A SUILEN song

Like I mentioned before, I love so many of their songs! And I brought up the ones people listen to the most, so I'll choose Sacred world as my fave this time :)

Day 7: Favorite Morfonica song

N/A :(

Day 8: Favorite Poppin'Party cover

So hard to choose! Ahhh, if not Kimi Ja Nakya Dame Mitai, then Nocturnal Kids. (Or only my railgun, oooor Cherry Bomb-).

Day 9: Favorite Afterglow cover

Tentai Kansoku! Ran's and Kasumi's vocals mixed into that song fit so well together. If not that, then Redo.

Day 10: Favorite Pastel*Palettes cover

Okay, so as much as their cover made me love Happy Synthesizer, I'm gonna have to choose Mechanical Clown. Maeshima did a wonderful job singing it.

Day 11: Favorite Roselia cover

If we went by the number of times I spam it in-game, then Charles. Or A Cruel Angel's Thesis. It's so hard to pick....

Day 12: Favorite Hello! Happy World cover

Romeo. :D

Day 13: Favorite RAISE A SUILEN cover

For now, I'm gonna go with Gekidou.

Day 14: Favorite Morfonica cover

N/A. :(

Day 15: Fave collab song

If not the Garupa X Miku collab that brought us Nocturnal Kids, then the Railgun T! collab that let us have only my railgun.

Day 16: Fave event song

I'm gonna call it now and skip to ENdori's future timeline where EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!' is available for us to play~

Day 17: Song that reminds me of my favorite girl

For this specific day, I'll pick Kasumi as my favorite-

A song that really fits her is TWINKLE STAR by Rocket Punch for more reasons than just the title. It's a louder type of song (as if that's an issue for her), but also really sweet and playful, which is also like her. I dunno, just listening to it would explain it better than I could.

Day 18: Song that I wanna see live

ANY OF THEM!!! But uggggh, to pick just one?? Ah..... Maybe Breakin' My Heart, Keep On Movin' ooooor any of either PoPiPa or RAS' songs tbh.

Day 19: The song that I first got my full combo on

I have NO IDEA, not gonna lie. Also, I'm confused by this one. Like, all full combo for each difficulty of the song?? If so, then probably Yes! BanG Dream.

Day 20: A song that makes me smile

Happy Happy Party!

Day 21: The song with the best MV

EASY! If not, EXPOSE 'Burn-out!!!' then, Luminous Once More or BRAVE JEWEL.

Day 22: Song with the best high note

Charles would be my first pick. Otherwise, FIRE BIRD or mind of Prominence. I really enjoy the bridge of B.O.F and its high note as well. Saya's high notes in KIZUNA MUSIC too-

Day 23: The song with the best instrument solo

Since I was late with this, I'm giving a top 5 for this. In no particular order, here we go:

1. Hey-day Capriccio (Those guitars, drums, bass, just everything 😘)

2. SURVIVOR Never Give Up! (Literally never heard this song until yesterday, but they went ham on the instrumentation here and I love it 🥰)

3. What's the POPIPIA!? (I mean, just listen to it. Everyone was going hard for this song 🤩)

4. Neo-Aspect (As much as I don't listen to this song, - the event flashbacks are strong - it's very powerful. Though, that's normal for Roselia 🥀 The drums are what sticks out most imo.)

5. JUST THE WAY I AM (Took me a while to pick because I'm too biased on RAS, but the intro grabbed me immediately. The heavy industrial sound of the drums, bass and guitar is... 😍)

Day 24: A song that represents how you're feeling now

Not to be edgy, but Invincible Fighter.

Day 25: The best cover of a Vocaloid song

It has to be Charles. No matter how overrated it is, it is too perfect to ignore. Sorry Mechanical Clown and Nocturnal Kids...

Day 26: The best cover of an anime song

Only my railgun or A Cruel Angel's Thesis. Shout out to *Kimi Ja Nakya Dame Mitai as well!

Day 27: The song with the best lyrics

As someone who doesn't pay attention to lyrics that much (and can't understand Japanese lol), I'll just pick the song I know has a sweet meaning, which is KIZUNA MUSIC♩.

Day 28: The song with the best album cover

Lemme be honest with y'all, I thought this was gonna be hard to choose from. Actually, it isn't. I'm choosing R or Ringing Bloom for the aesthetics they're serving.



Personally, my taste means I'm partial to covers like Jumpin' or Sasanaqua, but I'm picking out of all the original song covers we've seen so far.

Day 29: The most meaningful song for you

Probably Tokimeki Experience since it was the anime itself that got me into the franchise. I only found out about the game through the comments of those streaming sites. I liked it a lot from first listen and the first season was such a heartwarming ride. That opening is my favorite out of each of Bandori's seasons.

Day 30: Your fave song ever

Ahh.... At this point, it might be JUST THE WAY I AM by RAISE A SUILEN. There's just something powerful about Raychell singing "SHUT UP~~~" and the industrial sound I talked about earlier. And any song that has CHU² going ham, is just... 😍

This concludes my 30 day song challenge. Thank you for reading! ♡

April 12, 2021 14:45:14 +0000 (UTC)

okay, my last try on the monica sakura gacha and i at least finally got a 4 

unfortunately isn't...

okay, my last try on the monica sakura gacha and i at least finally got a 4*

unfortunately isn't either touko or shiro, sigh