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November 12, 2018 03:23:46 +0000 (UTC)


Usually I don't make activities on here, but I just wanted to talk about the Roselia CharaExpo Live for a second before I go to sleep.

Despite Roselia's Mini Live at CharaExpo being announced to only feature 4 members, Rinko's new VA Kanon Shizaki appeared for the last few songs!

I personally didn't have a great view of Non-chan, but it was still crazy to see her actually here alongside the rest of the band. The crowd was in an uproar over the event too as they began Tamashii no Refrain (which bopped, btw), and I am so happy I got to experience that!

I could scream for hours about how well Aiai performed and how much interaction the girls did with the rest of the crowd, but I'll save that conversation for another time. I'm just so glad that they came to the US to give us an amazing live.

Thank you Roselia!


November 08, 2018 16:57:05 +0000 (UTC)


hey fam so i just finished watching the en event, where sayo was whippin that work in the kitchen w/ the og gingerbread snapper cooking by the book flex master, aka my child tsugumi

and, it was a cool event! but also. that instrumental

loke really fam can we talk abot it or nah. it plays when u access the event results page but it also kept playing during the event story chapters. i couldnt even focus on the story whenever it was playing bc i kept trying to drum along to it. its so good ?!?!

the measures are so fast too idk how many bpm but like dang. i think its in measures of two except for when it breaks away from that but!!! its so cool bc the second measure has the snare on two and four like normal, but the first measure has a snare on two and then a weird snare that sounds like its on a 16th note, so theres this neat little pause before u hear it

idk what im actually talking about im just so excited for some reason!!! i resally want to learn how to play this beat ooo its soooo catchy and fun , this sort of music is the sort of thing that i just want to play all day! tha nk u whoever composed this intstrumental it gives me so much joy

August 14, 2018 01:11:27 +0000 (UTC)

“u already know who it is fam. its me, frickin krazy ka$h money kanon baby killa from the east side....

“u already know who it is fam. its me, frickin krazy ka$h money kanon baby killa from the east side. i know u see me lookin hella fine rn, but u still over there sippin on that grape flavored hatorade. so heres the thing. y’all aint ever finna get as fly as me and thats just a fact of life. u try so hard but fall so short and im tryin not to laugh at u

look. this outfit cost me 70k and i didnt even dent my bank account to get it. it was designed by kanye west. but this man was so blessed by my beauty that he had his long lost brothers come and help design it too, kanye east, kanye north, and kanye south. so this joint runs in all cardinal directions to ensure that i flex on every single one u crusty haters.

u cant step to me w/ ur dusty store-bought fashion. u cant ever get on my level fam. u try to copy my hair and end up looking like a ms paint cyan version of me.

at the end of the day ur man is gonna come to me and be like ‘hey ur cute’ and imma be like ‘fuee’ and then guess what girl, he get instantly took from u. and theres nothing u can do but be blinded my radiance. aight im done, ur dismissed lmao”

November 04, 2018 21:48:04 +0000 (UTC)


hey fam, idk how many of y'all are into fire emblem heroes?? i know theres nija and pba_kompaku but anymore of y'all? bc fam like. as things currently stand i am a bald man,, i screamed and ripped out all of my dreadlocks after this happened


awakening was the first fe game i ever played and beat, there were moments that made me want to cry and i spent countless hours reading every single support ,, hoOOo man what an experience. so i wanted to make an feh account where i only summon / use awakening characters and this happens on my 2nd reroll !!!! nowi is one of my favorites too fam shes like a precious babby dragon daughter i justttt, SHE LOOKS SO CUTE AS A WITCH RRRRGH im so happy fam. i had to share this. plus i noticed playing other games is helping save stars in bandori for the next dreamfes, so im super happy about that too man, im a very happy boi generally speaking but right now its through the roof fam. i feel so heckin sparkly u wouldnt believe it

August 10, 2018 13:00:13 +0000 (UTC)

My mood when i play a song that's so HARD yet it's so LIT at the same time

My mood when i play a song that's so HARD yet it's so LIT at the same time

November 11, 2018 15:38:36 +0000 (UTC)

Oof Kaoru look great in that outfit Yes I found a resemble that goes with Kaoru somehow 🤔

Oof Kaoru look great in that outfit

Yes I found a resemble that goes with Kaoru somehow 🤔

November 11, 2018 17:15:04 +0000 (UTC)

Bandori Buddie Show Featuring Ran Hina and Moca Ran< OUT OF THE...

Bandori Buddie Show Featuring Ran Hina and


Ran< OUT OF THE WAY!!!!Sir Can i------

Moca<Have all your doritos

Ran<Noo!!Can i ---

Hina>Skip School Tomorow!!

Ran>NOOO!! Can I---

Hina&Moca>Retake The Test!!!

Ran>That's what i was gonna say

October 27, 2018 04:15:42 +0000 (UTC)


today has been such a good day for me, and it is strange, because i rarely have them. I made a new friend, i went to see venom i won’t scream about that here because children are nearby and jp? decided i needed more things to scream about today. just a genuine solo yolo in a rerun box, right? with me jokingly going “this will be 250 stars wasted” but then i closed my eyes, and it loaded an unusually long time... and i was greeted with yellow glowsticks, which en taught me to mean “dupes, dupes, and of course, even more dupes!”


hagu was very wrong, because for those of you who can’t read katakana, that says “happy halloween special–!” and guess what card has that gacha line?


my favorite kokoro 4*, and an honest dream card, in the game. i wouldn’t even had posted this if it weren’t for the fact that this is a limited card of all things on top of an rare occurrence already and on top of bandori’s horrifying “rate up” rate

i’m sorry for the long post, but i’m honestly Shook. today has been such a wonderful day, and i hope you guys all had wonderful days too ( ◠‿◠ ) thank you for your support, as always!