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June 29, 2023 21:16:02 +0000 (UTC)

    Hello Banpa users! It's 1/2 of the managers, Moyu! Coming back from the grave to give some...

Hello Banpa users! It's 1/2 of the managers, Moyu! Coming back from the grave to give some updates that have been happening with a very impromptu post (please excuse any errors I am writing this on the spot ;;)

First of all, with the new stream revealing the band myGO will be in the game in Fall this year, we have added the new girls into the character list! Currently they're using some placeholder images so we hope everyone will look forward to when they're in the game where we'll have some chibis and icons to use for the site ^_^

I would also like to take some time to talk about the state of the site as is. First matter regarding this is I would like to thank the staff here for working hard to update what used to be a very outdated chibi list. It was a lot of hard work on their part and I was unable to help with it as I was busy in university with exams at the time so any thanks should be directed to them for adding so, so many chibis.

While we could add the chibis, one thing we have been unable to add for a long while is the live2d costumes. We know the costume list is really, really outdated. But unfortunately, the team as we are right now cannot add new live2d costumes. "Why is this?" might be a question some might have. The main reason is that we just do not know how to do this as it isn't as simple as finding the live2d files and uploading them. We have tried asking around our current staff for help and haven't been able to actually find out how to do it and are assuming a certain programme would have to be used to handle the files. If we do eventually find out a way to add the many live2d costumes missing from our list here, I am sure me and the others in the team will try our hardest to update the costumes to the best of our ability. I do hope we can get there some day but please understand we can not do much about it right now...

The last thing on the general topic of site maintaining that I want to talk about is that I want to assure everyone that we are currently trying our best to maintain and update what we can on our database. This includes potentially uploading newer 1koma and 4koma, updating older cards, gacha, etc. to their official worldwide server names (as many currently use fan translations) as well as server availability, and updating card stats when needed. Again, I would appreciate understanding from others as we are a small-ish team and it will take time for some of these to be dealt with due to staff availability. There are also things we would like to add/need to change such as giving myGO on our characters list a header of their band and altering 5 star cards levels but these cannot solely be done by our main staff team. There's a lot for us to do and a lot we need to ask others in order for things to be done so I would appreciate if everyone could keep this in mind when seeing things may not be correct. And if there is something you think should be corrected, feel free to message me or drop a disqus message below this post.

Following on from that, I feel some users might have questions for me or the staff team in general. For me personally, the easiest way for me to see these is through messages to myself or dropping a comment below this post so please feel free to do so. We also have our feedback form itself but I do not have access to see any submitted responses and have to ask the form's maker for me to see them, so please keep that in mind.

If anyone has taken the time to read all of this, thank you for reading it. I have really wanted to write something for a while but personal life and studies have been a bigger priority for me. I would also like to say that we are currently planning a summer-themed website event! Following our Christmas event, this one will be the second one fully planned by our current management and staff team in place so please look forward to it when it happens ^_^

That's all from me. See everyone around here some other time ^_^