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September 08, 2018 21:59:46 +0000 (UTC)


Okay, so I see a lot of unpopular opinion memes on the internet, decided to put mine in...

  • Chisato belongs to Aya, not Kaoru.
  • Roselia needs to cover Daze from Kagepro. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • A Kaoru that acted like a princess rather than a prince would be pure heaven.
  • The first-years need to go on a school trip.
  • In a few events or so (in EN) we'll get a smiling Misaki. Pure bliss.
  • PoPiPa needs to cover Kagerou Daze from Kagepro. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Where the heck is our Enstars x Bandori collab???
  • There must be an event where Bandori, LLSIF, and Enstars all coexist.
  • Ako > Rinko
  • The fanbase needs to stop shipping Kasumi x Arisa.
  • There needs to be some kind of Kagerou themed event. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Lisa is better than everyone else in Roselia.
  • It's a sin to hate Moca.
    • If Moca haters are found: RED ALERT, CODE RED, ALL SYSTEMS BREACHED!
  • PasuPare's band story > every other band's story (besides Afterglow, of course.)
  • There must be an interaction where Moca raids Saaya's bread store.
  • Can HaroHapi cover the duet songs in Free! already? PLEASE?
  • We need to get Kasumi and Mashiro from Enstars to sing Kagerou. NO EXCEPTIONS.

That's it. The fanbase will kill me.

September 10, 2018 10:06:29 +0000 (UTC)


since the new afterglow gacha broke the 'vocalist/bassist 4 stars' pattern, I predict that the harohapi gacha for the angst event will have kokoro (obviously) and misaki as the 4 stars. also, I think there's a chance that misaki will be out of the michelle suit in her trained card...

(I know craftegg will probably prove me wrong and make me look like a fool, but I CAN DREAM, OKAY,,,)

September 10, 2018 16:32:53 +0000 (UTC)


the bushido dad dynasty has claimed a mighty victory on this day!!! to honor his daughters maya and chisato, bushido dad worked tirelessly to lay siege to this event. many were slain, many others were viciously milly rocked upon. in total few were spared.

thank u to everyone who supported by sending me sparkle sparkle shuwa fuwa glitter magic. idk if i would’ve made it if not for u guys. shoutout to fluorine too bc she cheered for me thru her in-game profile comment like?? that joint was extra sweet oml

im feeling some kind of tired after this so im gonna take it easy for a while, no more hard and expert for me lmao! at one point i had to go super bushido dad 3, it was crazy y’all

but the battle has been won. for my daughters maya and chisato .... bushido dad has done a tru fatherly deed

August 28, 2018 08:54:53 +0000 (UTC)


Last week, I had a strange dream.

It was the first day of my class and I was in grade 11 (16 years old) at that time. I sat at teacher's desk so I had a sweeping view of the classroom. Everybody was seeking a partner to sit at the same desk with. I knew all of them because we were at the same class last year. A thousand thoughts were running in my mind at the same time. I was sitting here because I wanted to sit alone.

Suddenly, Kokoro appeared in the centre of the classroom and she looked so embarrassed. No one wanted to sit with a stupid, shameless and thoughtless person like her. I ran towards her, took her hand and told her sit with me. We sat and watched video on her smartphone together.

"Kokoro" in my dream is another "Kokoro". Her last name is not "Tsurumaki" and she had also known how others see her. My "Kokoro" was happy, not because of the power of money, but because of her kind heart.

Image Picture of Kokoro and me who have blue violet hair.

That was a nostalgic dream.

When I were in first grade, I usually told something funny to make my partner smile. That maked me very happy.

Nowadays, that rarely happens.

But my good heart still beats. I can feel happy by my heart and a kind heart will make me very happy.

August 28, 2018 11:07:50 +0000 (UTC)



Yes. We are very excited to announce that the golden ticket to dating your favorite Bandori girl will be coming to you in the form of a real, playable Bandori dating simulator featuring 6 of our favorite characters – Kaoru, Hina, Tomoe, Sayo, Tae and Arisa. You may have heard about us on Tumblr.

Introduction: This game is partly inspired by Ouran. For those who didn’t know, a host club is a group that girls pay to hang out with, have tea with, etc. Our 6 featured girls will belong to 2 host clubs, one for each school. Haneoka’s is led by Kaoru, while Hanasakigawa’s is led by Tae. Your first encounters with the girls in our dating sim will be a coffee/tea date, but what happens next will be up to your choices! You may end up with your best girl, you may be left single, sad and a virgin, or you may be surprised by your ending! Choose wisely! This game will be PG-13 for some swearing, there will not be s/ex scenes as many Bandori players are minors and that includes us mods.

Gameplay: The gameplay format will be similar to classic favorites such as Dream Daddy and Doki Doki Literature Club (minus the hot dads and the nightmare fuel). In a nutshell, it will be a choose-your-own-adventure kind of gameplay in which you click buttons with various options and see where they take you. Unfortunately, all three of us working on the project lack experience in coding and it will take us some time to learn how this is programmed. This is also why we are recruiting volunteers to help us make our idea a reality, more on that later.

What the game will look like: Sprites will be taken from Bandori’s 2D character models, cutscenes and backgrounds will be drawn by us and/or volunteers. Boy I hope they’ll look good.

Current Progress: We have most of the major ideas down on how the plot will go and what the game will look like to players upon official release.

Volunteer Recruitment: Most if not all of us are still in high school and it will be very difficult for us to balance schoolwork and the production of this game if we’re on our own. Also, as I have mentioned, we have very little coding experience so a few volunteers with coding experience will be necessary if we want this dating sim to come out as soon as possible. Also as the game will feature quite a bit of original art and a ton of plot writing, we are also recruiting people who’re interested in helping us draw things and write dialogues etc. It would mean a lot to us if anyone volunteered to help us make our dreams (and yours!) reality.

( volunteer signup form here!

Please do tell us if the link doesn’t work!

Last but not least thank you so much for reading all this. As we really want to make this dating sim a real thing, please signal boost this post! The next person who’s interested could be one of your followers! Arigathanks gozaimuch! Please ask us any questions through our tumblr askbox or down in the comments! We'll be posting most of our updates on tumblr so stay tuned (

Update: you can now choose to beta on our volunteer application form! basically we'll give you access to our google doc and you can edit what doesn't seem right and add your own ideas

September 09, 2018 10:39:36 +0000 (UTC)


hi my names san i also go by cocomikun! i like to draw both tradi and digi, here are some of my works ^_^ feel free to look thru my sns for more info and more of my art!

September 02, 2018 21:41:45 +0000 (UTC)


Not Gonna Happen

So uhhhh... this challenge is really popular, and because I need Rimi And Himari to come to me.