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i'm Gamma, that one 19 y/o girl with a RAS tattoo!

profile pic is an adorable chu2 i commissioned from the amazing makoanns!!!

i do em edits! transparents, vectors, typesetting, cleaning & all that other fun stuff~

my twitter's Mocarenas (casual)

my tumblr's Mocarena (almost strictly only actual content i've made)

moca & maya share top 1 character for me, chu2 following close behind!

Fav Band: Hello, Happy World!

2nd Fav Band: RAISE A SUILEN

Fav Members:

Poppin'Party: Arisa, Otae (i can't pick man)

Afterglow: Moca

Pastel*Palettes: Maya

Roselia: Ako

Hello, Happy World!: Misaki


Kin Awards CHU2 someone voted me for kindori awards and i dont even know who i didnt sign up for them but i won the chu2 award so i'll wear it with pride

2 accounts: