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★Chloé | 20 | French woman | Bisexual | She/her | INFP-T l Student (geology studies) | Bang Dream’s player since 3rd February 2020☆

About me:

  • I like to draw, even if I copy a lot (like the Rui’s card that I’ve published years ago) I try to draw by my own.

  • I watch anime, not a lot but I still do. Actually my favs are Houseki no Kuni, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight and Hisone to Masotan. Go watch them if you didn’t !

  • I thing I am the most addicted person to fruit. I eat so maaaaany of them since I’m a child. I also love Carbonara, pasta with mushroom sauce and raw salmon

  • I can’t tolerate tomatoes, sparkling drink and cheesecake.

  • I play also others videos games! Not only rhythm game, but also things like Ace Attorney (I’m a huge fan), Animal Crossing, Pokémon, some MMORPG and others games here and there.

  • I love music! But only listening :( I’m into K-POP (stanning SKZ, Twice, IZ*ONE, GWSN, aespa, ITZY, NewJeans, everglow, YUKIKA), Lofi and 2010s pop songs (purely nostalgia here).

  • Morfonica girls are insane. I love them so much. Even if I put Rui as my best girl, please considered that every girls of morfonica are number 1 in my heart !

  • I’m collecting the Bang Dream x Sega figure of the vocalist. I have 5/5! Aya came home :D

  • I’m waiting for an English version of Uma Musume. Please Cygames I’m begging you :(

  • I also play Project Sekai. My top 3 is Mafuyu, Nene and Kanade

  • For Uma Musume, my top 3 is Oguri Cap, Meisho Doto and Mejiro McQueen

  • And I finally came back to D4DJ! Top 3 is Saki, Tsubaki and Rei

Fav girls of each groups

  • Poppin’PartyImage: Rimi and Arisa
  • AfterglowImage : Tsugumi
  • Pastel*PalettesImage : Maya
  • RoseliaImage : Lisa and Rinko
  • HHWImage : Kanon and Misaki
  • MorfonicaImage : Everyone !!
  • RASImage : LOCK

Fav group

Morfonica > Pastel*Palettes > HHW > Roselia = RAS > Poppin’Party > Afterglow

Best rank

Image TOP 105 Image TOP 22

I save 1000☆ for :


English is not my first language. I’m still learning it. So if there is few mistakes, I’m sorry :(

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