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January 12, 2023 16:22:31 +0000 (UTC)


because everyone is deciding to post their opinions and i enjoy reading them, i'm gonna put in my own 2 cents

while i DID feel like bandori needed to add something new soon to keep fans engaged, all this was not it,,, like i just meant putting mygo in the game or something,,, we didn't need all this

i like the 3dmvs, in the sense that i like that they're there. i'm not one for 3dmvs or mvs in general while playing beatmaps mostly because they make me lose focus and also because i love seeing the pretty four star art more than i like seeing the girlies play instruments

mastery can be,,, interesting, though i wonder what that's going to do to the michelle sticker exchange. personally it feels too convoluted and too much like a cash grab. the thing i like best about bandori is how easy it can be to get enough stars for scouting, and then how f2p players can be easily on par with players who decide to spend money on the game. mastery kinda ruins that, and so does the new premium pass system, which i absolutely despise 0/10

i like character rank because i like seeing my little numbers go up, makes me happy that i can max out ran and people know that i love her. honestly wouldn't be opposed to fully taking pjsekai's special daily live that boosts the heck out of that and gives you really good rewards for the day, as well as their cute team/duo rankings, but i digress

the thing that pisses me off the most is probably the u.i. change, because i don't think it needed to happen, and then the cramped as heck new profile cards that appear in lives and have a disgusting mix between 3D live, 2D live, and card art with the tiny little thing in the corner showing your band leader yeah no i wasn't itching for that much more to put on my card,,, please put it back the way it was. the art style change is fine, but a bit upsetting in that they're trying to make bandori like every other rhythm game and they didn't need to do that i think we were all chilling.

i think people are valid in relating it to pjsekai just with the kind of changes that are being made, but its true that a lot of other rhythm games have those things, which tbh makes me dislike it more. i'm not a fan necessarily of pjsekai, i play it but i find it disgustingly difficult to level up and ascend your cards, plus i hate that i can't even see any of the pretty art in the lives. i love bang dream, and i very much don't want to let her go. luckily i don't play on the jpn server, so i assume most if not all of these implementations won't be coming to endori anytime soon. anyways this update is so wild to me,,, they're like 'happy 6 years we're uprooting everything you've worked towards,,,' which is wild. i'm interested to know how people are responding tho. congrats if this is what you were looking for bandori to be tho