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July 22, 2018 10:02:38 +0000 (UTC)


My boyfriend watched me play bandori the last months and now he has a new phone and started playing himself! I explained everything he had to know and from there he just explored the game himself. He only scouted once (with 2500 stars) and sadly got just one 3*, the white beginnings Chisato. Btw, Chisato is his favorite character right now and his favorite band is Pastel*Palettes! I really didn't expect that, I thought he would be more into Afterglow or HaroHapi, and when I asked him he just said "Chisato is cool and the whole band has really nice costumes. They dress so good!" He loves the frills and man I love him haha

July 12, 2018 01:01:36 +0000 (UTC)


so apparently HHW has a rap song, “Sekai Nobbinobi Treasure”, and i was very nervous to hear it. i love this group but i’m a massive hip hop fan and i got scared that this was going to be the cringiest thing to ever hit rap. but yo kokoro can S P I T what the friggidy frick man she has bars for the next century

and HHW has the best ad-libs out of all the groups. i need more of this. i need another hip hop HHW song with hagumi and kaoru doing the ad-libs for kokoro like

“Hello, happy flock (ay), beatin down yo block (ay), mess with us you gon be sobbin boy yo teeth get knocked (ay)

hit PoPiPa with the heat (SKRR SKRR), A-Glow can get it like YEET (POP POP), put the L in Roselia fellas i’m tellin ya hello happy cant be beat (BRRRA)”

like that but in japanese please. im getting too deep into this game and i need help

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こんにちは、私はヘルシエイクのメンバーです。 ヘルシエイク、は女の子の地獄のパーティーのグループです。。どうぞ入ってください、誰でも参加できます。接頭辞の名前としてヘルシエイクを追加するだけです、ありがとう。。。

June 22, 2018 14:25:09 +0000 (UTC)


I love how R is unmistakably a Roselia-style song but with a jazzy vibe and Broadway-esque staccato chords and pauses in the instrumental that make my musical theatre fangirl heart sing. Break the mold guys yesss

//edit: bless the full version for having more solos in which all of them sound heavenly and for not ending with just an instrumental coda

July 22, 2018 03:23:17 +0000 (UTC)


Idk I've been here a while but never really felt like writing an introduction until now, but here we go!

Favorite Bands: Roselia > Afterglow > Poppin' Party > Hello, Happy World! > Pastel*Palettes

Favorite from Each Band: Lisa > Tomoe > O-Tae > Kaoru > Maya

Not much to say about me. I'm a really shy person until you get to know me and then I'm a little bit crazy lol. I'm certainly not a social butterfly but the small group of friends I have I keeps close to me. I really enjoy reading and writing. I love animals and would die for any of them.

I first got into rhythm games starting with Love Live almost two years ago I think. My friend who had shown me Love Live thought I might be interested in this new bang anime thing called Bang Dream so in I think March 2017 I watched maybe 2 episodes i wanna say? I don't remember the reason but I never watched anymore until 2018 came along and then I gave it another shot and I absolutely loved it. I heard about the release of EN Girls Bang Party but was a little hesitant to try it for some reason [which made me miss the first events :,( ] but I ended up really enjoying the game a ton.

I used to be in a lot of fandoms but I've slowly left a lot like Danganronpa and the Persona Series but I still love them a ton! And I also play Overwatch (even if ya'll haters say its dying). I still play Love Live from time to time so add me if you feel like it on EN: ID 508796774

Anyway if you made it this far and actually read this all thank you! I don't plan on leaving this fandom anytime soon, especially with seasons 2 and 3 of the anime coming up!

July 25, 2018 21:18:05 +0000 (UTC)


Everyone's freaking out over R and I'm here like... "I still want Mou Ichido Luminous to come out already"

July 26, 2018 13:34:50 +0000 (UTC)


Suggestion: A tag for Shipping. It's very common so I feel a tag would be appropriate.

July 21, 2018 01:47:36 +0000 (UTC)

Unfortunately my ita bag won't come in time, so have a photo of my Rinrin shrine! It has some other...

Unfortunately my ita bag won't come in time, so have a photo of my Rinrin shrine! It has some other bandori merch as well!! I don't have much room to store all my merch so some of it isn't seen very well... This includes a YukiLisaSayo clear file and a Rimi fan