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Welcome! I make anime edits and just random posts in general. Im a picky eater and aj trader sometimes. I can also be very annoying so sorry about that 😅. I hope we can be friends! Heres a little bit more about me!


  • Teachers spying on me... Plz stop its making me anxious..
  • Aftermatches (most of the time theyre annoying)
  • Tsunderes (iTs NoT lIke I lIke you BaKa🙄)
  • Traps (anime boy/girl trap) -tUrn iT in RegArdlEss iF yoUr dOne eVen iF yOu WaNt to fInish The wOrk i sHalL giVe yOu a bAd grade and end your whole career
  • Being defined by a single letter (grades)
  • Gacha life/club/verse
  • my dog
  • Lolis


  • Hot anime men
  • My 10 anime crushes!
  • Love live
  • Given (anime)
  • Anime figures!
  • Persona 5!
  • Editing
  • Kyary pamyu pamyu



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