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No no i cannot...

Hello! Boxie!
  • Let it “Clover club” the beautiful love!
  • People say im rude online... buts thats somewhere else.. But ill do my best to be nice!

Fictional charcter Crushes

  • 1st Ren Amayima (Persona 5)
  • 2nd Roy (Fire emblem the binding blade)
  • 3rd Demon (Tapsonic Top)
  • 4th Kagamine Len (Vocaloid) <—- Catching up!
  • 5th Luca (Dragalia lost)
I have others not telling them thought 9 more to be exact

  • Im a little childish for an 11 Year old...
  • i have a 6 Year old child comedy...
  • Getting P5R stealbook!

Dont be scared the coronovirus is around! Itll all end up fine! Just stay safe and wash your hands whenever you go out and when you return!

Eventually.... Forgive me for saying this...

  • Whats ‘mature’?
  • P-persona 5?! Shh!

“Stop doing that... or get me the happy pack...”

Im so cruel >.<

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