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"Saya, Tae, Arisa and Rimi really does make 'STAR'. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE?!" Kaiton, 24th May 2019

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Status: Searching for all RAS moments in S2.

Current Team: Pure PoPiPa, Lead:


Band Rankings:

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Bank Rankings (in terms of overall music):


Character Rankings (in Band):






(But I love them all!)
Remind me to change this according to the tier list, me.

Bandori 30d Summary

(!!! = Recently updated)

  • Favourite Band: Poppin'Party
  • Favourite PoPiPa Char.: Saya Yamabuki
  • Favourite PoPiPa Song: On Your New Journey
- Favourite PoPiPa Cover: Daydream café
  • Favourite Afterglow Char.: Tsugumi Hazawa
  • Favourite Afterglow Song: COMIC PANIC!!!
  • Favourite PasuPare Char.: Hina Hikawa
  • Favourite PasuPare Song: Wonderland Girl
  • Favourite Roselia Char.: Rinko Shirokane
  • Favourite Roselia Song: Safe and Sound (May be replaced with FIRE BIRD)
  • Favourite HaroHapi Char.: Kokoro Tsurumaki
  • Favourite HaroHapi Song: Happiness! Happy Magical♪ (May be replaced with Egao・Sing・A・Song)
  • Favourite Other Song: EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!'
  • Favourite Cover: Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan
  • Favourite Original: On Your New Journey (Tae's Acoustic Ver.)
  • Favourite Origin Story: Poppin'Party
  • Favourite Limited Gacha: Too much
  • Favourite Event: Backstage Pass
  • Favourite Area Convo.: Michelle Statue Lv.5(?) Convo. (Yukina X Lisa)
  • Favourite Costume Set: PoPiPa's DreamFes Set
  • Favourite Chibi: Tae's 3★ 'Boasting Talent' Costume Chibi
  • Most Relatable Char.: Hina Hikawa
  • Favourite Beatmap + Diff.: Happy Synthesiser: EXPERT
  • Favourite Main Vocals: Kokoro/Miku (but Yukina/Aiai is about to retake her spot)
  • Favourite Overall Vocals: All of them.
  • Favourite Popular Ship: I do not ship...
  • Favourite Rarepair: ...except you and your best girl.
  • Favourite 2☆: Rinko's 'Blue-Rose Maid' Event Card
  • Favourite 3☆: Moca's 'Haneoka's Seven Mysteries' and Himari's 'A Special Place' (Untrained Art)
  • Favourite 4☆: Chisato's 'Flowing Light' (Untrained Art)
  • Dream Cover: "Thrill, Risk, Heartless" by LiSA: RAISE A SUILEN Cover !!!

Main Scouting Target:

Garupa Goals: (★ = Priority/5)

  • Build 4☆ Pure PoPiPa (Target: Earnest Rimi, Sub Target: Earnest Saya) Pretty much complete!
  • Build 4☆ Powerful Afterglow (Missing Tsugumi, Ran, Tomoe and Moca) ★
  • Build 4☆ Pure PasuPare (Missing Eve, Aya, Maya and Hina) ★
  • Build 4☆ Cool Roselia (Missing Sayo, Ako and Lisa) ★★★
  • Build 4☆ Happy HaroHapi (Missing Hagumi, Misaki and Kaoru) ★
  • FC all EXPERT songs (107/115) ★★★★
- FC all 26s (Time Lapse, BRAVE JEWEL) ★★★★★
  • FC all SPECIAL songs (0/0) ✓?
  • AP Wonderland Girl EASY, NORMAL, HARD, EXPERT ★
  • Acquire a Top 100 Title ★
  • Acquire Saya's 'Poppin' Colors!' 2☆ ★★★★★ (Reality: ★)
  • Acquire a 4☆ of every character (Missing Moca, Tomoe, Aya, Maya, Eve, Sayo, Lisa, Ako, Hagumi and Misaki) ★
  • Obtain a full costume set for every band (PoPiPa: Gift of Song, PasuPare: Wonderful World) ★★★

Other Gacha Accounts:

  • Fire Emblem Heroes: ID:3828103650 (Active)
  • Brave Frontier GB (Inactive)
  • Azur Lane EN: ID:201766643, Server:Sandy (Active)
  • AL EN (Washington Account): ID: Coming soon... soon.
  • DBZ Dokkan Battle GB: ID:2177060365 (Active?)

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