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3rd Season, could you please not?


Current Music Love: PSYQUI

Last time I fell in love with an artist this completely was with RAS. That good.

Garupa New Line Compilations (EN):


Writing Updates:

  • Writing RAS ES Chapter 1 (Advent of 3rd Season.)
  • Planning a seasonal RAS event (I wanna do one.)
  • OC Band 'Rumenise' (Added 'Songs'!)
  • Rumenise Band Story 1 (Um... Totally not writing Ch. 8...)

Other Gacha Accounts:

  • Pokémon Masters: ID: 9134-6264-3911-2996 (Inactive)
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: ID: 3828103650 (Active)
  • Brave Frontier GB: ID: 1498345430 (Inactive)
  • BF GB Alt: ID: 4294398497 (Inactive)
  • Azur Lane EN: ID: 201766643, Server:Sandy (Inactive)
  • DBZ Dokkan Battle GB: ID: 2177060365 (Inactive)

[countdown=2020-02-28T08:00:00][/countdown] until Kaoru's Birthday (EN).

3 accounts: