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Heya! I'm a writer for fun and a HUGE Poppin' Party and RAISE A SUILEN fan! (But every character and band holds a special place in my heart!) A Rhythm Game enthusiast and I also play a lot of other Gacha games (which you can find 'some' IDs below!).

Lists are so much better to look at than paragraphs, so here's a list of things about me!
  • Male, 17 and in education (Wha-? I'm 18 in 2 months..!)
  • 174cm with Black hair and Brown eyes. (A perfect Ren/Akira/Joker build)
  • Wears glasses for long distances. (Again, perfect for Ren)
  • Avid gamer (and that's putting it lightly...)
  • Striving for PoPiPa 100% AP! (Do it for the girls!)
  • Will eventually 100% Garupa (124/126)
  • Likes watching Anime (though I haven't been watching ANYTHING recently... until Oregairu S3)
  • Video Game Music fanatic (Helps for my creative mind too!)
  • Inept at finding the right words to use (Believe me, I'm trying to fix this.)
  • Inept at holding a real-time conversation (unless I'm comfortable with you and the fact that you're here means I'm fine)
I guess those last two points can be combined to 'I'm shy.' Really, really shy. Sometimes. Because...
  • Wildly energetic at other times (Again, when I'm comfortable)
  • Loves to add a touch of 'Kaiton Flair' (Everyone is unique and I love expressing myself!)
what on earth is 'kaiton flair', me?
  • Can like anything! (Why? Read the quote below!)

"If it's not fun, why bother?" - Reggie Fils-Aimé, 2017.

Yeah, I'm having fun. Are you?

If you say no, you better be doing everything in your power to change that.

"In the name of BanG Dream! (BanG Dream!)"


Writing Updates:

  • Planning and writing RAS ES Chapter 1 (Priority over my holiday..? Maybe?)
  • Brainstorming other RAS Events (RAS at the beach, anyone?)
  • OC Band 'Rumenise' characters (Compiling all info)
Does this count as 'writing'? I'm counting it as writing.
  • Do I make a Band Story for my OC Band? (The answer is yes, maybe)

Other Gacha Accounts:

  • Fire Emblem Heroes: ID: 3828103650 (Active but less)
  • Brave Frontier GB: ID: 1498345430 (Active)
  • BF GB Alt: ID: 4294398497 (Active)
  • Azur Lane EN: ID: 201766643, Server:Sandy (Slightly inactive)
  • AL EN (Washington Account): ID: Coming soon... soon.
  • DBZ Dokkan Battle GB: ID: 2177060365 (Borderline inactive)

2 accounts: