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Lost in D4DJ.

#1 Girl is Chiyu! #2 Girl is Reona! #3 Girl is Mashiro!

Favourite band is RAISE A SUILEN!


"Just break, just burn, just blaze, change the world!"

Current Music Love: A lot

Too much varied to list.
and D4DJ.

Garupa Special Line Compilations (EN):

'Rising Stars' BanG Dream! Fanbands:

  • 'Rumenise' Master Document
  • 'Origin' Master Document
  • 'Avian' Master Document
  • 'Fragment -将来-' / 'Hibiscus 5' Master Document (Pending)
  • '有毒なREND' / 'ROYAL♦︎PARTY' Master Document (Super Pending)
  • Rising Stars Main Document (This is so much more than I anticipated...)

Other Works:

Other Gacha Accounts:

  • D4DJ Groovy Mix: ID: yYQZXjLU (Active)
  • Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight: Re LIVE (Global): ID: 7715216950 (Inactive)
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: ID: 3828103650 (Inactive)
  • Dragon Ball Legends: ID: 6361456378 (Inactive)
  • Genshin Impact (Europe Server): UID: 701466669 (Active)

2 accounts: