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Someone who p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ plays Garupa too much.

If you find me on Multi-Live, you better hit me with that

Bandori 30d Summary

  • Favourite Band: Poppin'Party
  • Favourite PoPiPa Char.: Saya Yamabuki
  • Favourite PoPiPa Song: On Your New Journey
  • Favourite Afterglow Char.: Tsugumi Hazawa
  • Favourite Afterglow Song: COMIC PANIC!!!
  • Favourite PasuPare Char.: Hina Hikawa
  • Favourite PasuPare Song: Wonderland Girl
  • Favourite Roselia Char.: Lisa Imai
  • Favourite Roselia Song: Sunkissed Rhodonite, Safe and Sound, R (One of the three)
  • Favourite HaroHapi Char.: Kokoro Tsurumaki
  • Favourite HaroHapi Song: Happiness! Happy Magical♪
  • Favourite Other Song: A DECLARATION OF ×××, EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!'
  • Favourite Cover: Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan
  • Favourite Original: On Your New Journey (Tae's Acoustic Ver.)
  • Favourite Origin Story: Poppin'Party
  • Favourite Limited Gacha: whop, hello change
  • Favourite Event: Um...
  • Favourite Area Convo.: Big um...
  • Favourite Costume Set: Not 'um'
  • Favourite Chibi: And um...
  • Most Relatable Char.: Ooh, boy, this is a long one.
  • Favourite Beatmap + Diff.: NO SLIDERS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-!

Currently saving for:Tae Hanazono - Forced to Join Ako Udagawa - Number 1 Fan

Garupa Goals: (★ = Priority)

  • Build 4☆ Pure PoPiPa (Missing Rimi + Tae) ★
  • Build 4☆ Powerful Afterglow (Missing Tsugumi, Ran, Tomoe and Moca)
  • Build 4☆ Pure PasuPare (Missing Eve, Aya, Maya and Hina)
  • Build 4☆ Cool Roselia (Missing Sayo, Ako and Lisa) ★
  • Build 4☆ Happy HaroHapi (Missing Hagumi, Misaki, Kokoro and Kaoru)
  • Reach Rank 30 with HaroHapi ★
  • FC all EASY songs (5/105)
  • FC all EXPERT songs (90/105)
  • Acquire 1 Top 100 Title
  • Accumulate 10 Million Rank EXP ★
  • MAKE FRIENDS ★★★★★

Anyone else planning for teams that make sense? I sure am.

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