March 20, 2019 17:46:59 +0000 (UTC)


You know you've improved at the game when the sliders of MOONPRIDE and Don't Say Lazy don't even require effort anymore. Ey, progress!!

(And still, I have yet to not one-miss ONENESS and Gokai... DAMN YOU BADLY PLACED FLICKS)

March 20, 2019 19:30:31 +0000 (UTC)


Remember when we the Sparkling Momentary Bridge Gacha was released and we all were screaming over this Kasumeme and how well it was drawn?


Yeah, I do too and I'm still screaming over it to this day.


March 20, 2019 19:42:06 +0000 (UTC)


Thank you to everybody that sent me birthday messages!! I really appreciated it. I love you guys!! 😭💕

I saw astro live last night. That was probably the best concert i've ever been to!! They sounded so perfect and every performance was amazing ahh. Me and sanha (one of the astro boys) interacted so many times!! ;;w;; i kept making hearts at him and he'd make hearts back. He also smiled and waved at me so many times ugh my uwus were at maximum levels sdhnhfds. The ppl in my section kept staring at me bc me and him were just going at it with our hearts sfhnjfds. He was so swEET TO ME ;-; when the show was over i made another heart at him and he??? Waved and smiled at me so bright??? HE'S BABY

rocky and moonbin also made hearts at me 😭💕 i think rocky saw me hyping him up and got all happy sfhnjgds :((( minhyuk (rocky's real name) rights! I had a really good birthday uwu

Also: stan astro! They're so sweet to their fans and have incredible music


March 20, 2019 20:39:37 +0000 (UTC)


(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ EX goals completed on the first day!

Considering I don't plan on ranking in an event until Winter Sky Marché, I really wanted this Afterglow EX title to use until then (bc best band) so I'm really happy I managed to get it so soon! I'm definitely taking it easy for the rest of the event, I feel like it's well deserved. Good luck to everyone ranking and getting the goal master titles!


March 20, 2019 20:40:09 +0000 (UTC)

well my top 3 didn’t change at all

but now i feel terribly sorry for kasumi and tae because now...

well my top 3 didn’t change at all

but now i feel terribly sorry for kasumi and tae because now hagumi and eve are in their place and i’m starting to prefer harohapi over popipa (so that means harohapi is becoming my second favorite band) and aaaaa

why am i complaining about it

i love 25 girls no matter what

yeah everyone is in first place 😼 let’s put it like this 😼

March 20, 2019 20:55:49 +0000 (UTC)

Happy Birthday to my 2nd best girls Hina and Sayo!...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HIKAWA TWINS!!!!! ... Happy Birthday to my 2nd best girls Hina and Sayo! Man, they were always up and down my list when I first got into Bandori. I went from disliking Sayo and liking Hina, to disliking Hina and liking Sayo, and for a while now they have been tied as my second best girls. They remind me a lot of the relationship I have with my younger brother, even though we aren’t twins. I’m definitely more like Sayo and my brother is LITERALLY HINA NO JOKE— we don’t get along often but we always have those moments just like Hina and Sayo. In the end, thank you for being such great girls and for being a great inspiration for me to play guitar. I even named my guitars after you guys! I hope you guys have such a great day and I love you both very much! Stay boppin!!!

March 20, 2019 22:08:38 +0000 (UTC)

Putting this out here because I won't work on it otherwise.

I've had a fan RAS Event in the works for about 2-3 days now (and by 'in the works', I mean the idea came up while trying to sleep and I went 'that's cool' to some thoughts.). It would come with RAS' Band Story 1 because they aren't in the game obvs. The premise of the story is that one day, while walking to band rehearsals, Rokka bumps into the whole PoPiPa group who tell her about a CiRCLE event that they're going to perform at next month (or something) and give her a flyer about it. Rokka agrees to come watch and leaves in high spirits. At band rehearsals, Rokka messes up or does better than usual or something. Anyway, Chiyu(CHU²) notices and asks her what's happened to her. The flyer drops from her bag or guitar case. Reona(PAREO) picks it up and gives it to Chiyu. Chiyu scans the flyer and is just about to dismiss it before she notices one band. Roselia. To prove that her music is superior to theirs, Chiyu decides on the spot that they'll perform there as well (It says on the flyer 'Bands Welcome' or something along the lines of an open invitation). That's the prologue. My only roadblock currently to making the story is that I DON'T KNOW THE RAS CHAR. WELL ENOUGH TO MAKE INTERACTIONS but that's not gonna change for a while so I'll just have to make do.

Some of the Card images have been loosely thought of (Chiyu, Reona and Rokka) and the main thing I've thought about for the costume is for everyone to wear headphones similar to Chiyu's around the neck that have neon highlights of the character's colour. They could have the RAS logo on the speakers glowing too.

This is heavily WiP especially since I'd have to think of what happens in the story (also it's the first fan event I've thought of). I'm not even likely to have this finished by the end of the month but I'll try my best to work on it whenever I have the time. I will post about this again once everything is finished. Any ideas is also greatly appreciated!

Look forward to the final product!

Oh, it's most likely to be a Cool Event (if that even matters to anyone) with 4★ Chiyu and Rei + 3★ Reona as the Gacha Cards. No prizes for guessing who the Event Cards are.
March 21, 2019 00:53:05 +0000 (UTC)

holy shit i did it!!! :0000

the note goals were a pain in the butt tbh D:

holy shit i did it!!! :0000

the note goals were a pain in the butt tbh D:

March 17, 2019 03:33:49 +0000 (UTC)


poppin ag patel roselia hhw ani


happy second anniversary to the jp server ! here's to another year of bang dreamin'