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Hello random person who visits my profile, I've been on bandori party since 2019 but didn't start posting things until september 2021. I usually post edits, drawings, the bandori merch I have, my lucky pulls in the games I play, my attempts at tiering on HHW! events. Anyway, here are some facts about me:

  • Mi idioma principal es el español.
  • I understand English but I am very bad at writing it.
  • I have been playing bandori almost since the english version was released.
  • I play BanG Dream!, Love Live All Stars, Genshin Impact, D4DJ and Shadowverse.
  • I love everything in bandori except the fact that after 5 years Michelle is still in Misaki's cards.
  • My username is based on my two favourite Danganronpa characters.

  • My ranking of the bands: Hello Happy World > Roselia > Afterglow > Poppin'Party > Morfonica > Pastel Palettes = RAS
  • My ranking of the girls:


5 años y medio esperando una carta trained de Misaki

5 años esperando un evento de verano de Hello, Happy World!

Y comienzo a pensar que nunca van a llegar T_T

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