Ran Mitake

Name Ran Mitake
美竹 蘭
Band Band Afterglow
School Haneoka Girls' High School
1 - A
School year First
Color #e50028
CV Sakura Ayane
CV (Japanese) 佐倉 綾音
Birthday April 10
Height 157 cm
Liked food Dark chocolate sweets
Disliked food Peas
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Aries
Instrument Guitar & Vocals
Hobbies None
Ran is only child of the masters of a flower arrangement school that goes back over 100 years. She's strong-willed and hates to lose, but she also has a side of her that hates being alone. She's the type of person to treasure her childhood friends and family more than anyone else. She has no particular interests.
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