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May 04, 2018 04:08:21 +0000 (UTC)


1 like = 1% less of a chance of me getting another Arisa 4 star





October 12, 2018 13:11:55 +0000 (UTC)


things we never talk about (but now should since it's autumn rain event aka determination symphony's debut on en bandori): the fact that the english word fleeting is literally in the song


lyrics credit: it's a good song click here to read its lyrics

October 12, 2018 20:37:39 +0000 (UTC)


y’all,, the unbrella for the autumn rain event story made me cry my eyes out where ARE MY TISSUES gOD i love the hikawa twins sm you guys have no idea

May 28, 2018 22:13:32 +0000 (UTC)

Alright so normally I don't do this kinda thing but I need some motivation! I'm trying to save as many gems as possible because I am on a hunt for all of Sayo's costumes/cards on EN! (which includes her DreamFest card which will be H E L L)

1 like = 250 gems saved! (and strength to prevent soloing bc i'm so bad at that)

the hunt will begin with the SayoHina tanabata gacha >:)

edit: i'm at 13,000 gems now! Tanabata Sayo will be out after this event and i've never been so ready AND terrified for something in my life

October 13, 2018 14:18:07 +0000 (UTC)


ive had this account for a while but ive just? never posted or introduced myself here we go hi!! im static! (she/they) i just trained my first 4* card and when i fc'd ready steady go on normal after trying for like a month i cried