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June 30, 2018 10:03:03 +0000 (UTC)


literally 50+ people agreed w/ me saying when the world is going to end

May 10, 2018 00:11:55 +0000 (UTC)


ok here's my unpopular opinion thats not actually that unpopular here but is widely unpopular in other social platforms (/cough/ twitter and fb)

hagumi kitazawa and hoshizora rin are different people

June 20, 2018 05:57:57 +0000 (UTC)


The card artists always do an exceptional job with facial expressions and I feel like this new set esp captures each girl's personality so well?? They're all smiling in the trained art but with so much individuality

All. this. uncontained emotion. AYA YOU'RE KILLING ME STOPPP. Look at the slant of her eyebrows this girl cries at the drop of a hat and never tries to hide it and you can tell

The face of someone who's trained herself to force down her feelings. Combine that with how she's kinda defensively shrinking in on herself and guys I am in p a i n

More of a classic :D face but idk in the context of everyone else crying/being super worked up it puts emphasis on Hina's carefree optimism?

There's a reason Samurai Eve is my fav card in the game rn I'm weak for that bold determined look. Eve is fearless and strong-willed and more than just another nice girl

That wide geeky unassuming smile? It's so Maya? I can just hear her doing a little "huhehe" while in tears, her voice catching and can you tell I like to stab myself in the chest

So. Eyebrows are good things to possess and I am glad they exist

(ALSO I just noticed the attributes lmao, four of them may have the power of smiles (wrong band?) but Eve . . . Eve has transcended that realm and rules over them all)
June 27, 2018 22:24:14 +0000 (UTC)


HIKARU NARA FULL VERSION IS MY REASON TO LIVE I LOVE IT SO MUCH I LOVE AIMI’S VOICE also I soloed Rinko’s 4 star I’m sorry and I hope everyone who scouts for her get some her. I’ve soloed three different Rinrin 4 star’s in my Bandori life I love her

June 29, 2018 09:29:46 +0000 (UTC)


I think only Arisa and Saya but is not...

June 28, 2018 02:10:07 +0000 (UTC)


Everyone is talking about the full version of romeo and its great but the full version of hikaru nara was great! Like Kasumi's voice was perfect for it and it gave me chills just listening to it!!

June 20, 2018 02:57:46 +0000 (UTC)


chisato is a religion, glad we got this cleared up

June 30, 2018 10:03:26 +0000 (UTC)



May 31, 2018 20:58:35 +0000 (UTC)


PSA: Read the event stories while the event is active or you will not receive the rewards for them.

I found this on reddit and confirmed with my own backlog from the last handful of events.

I may just start skipping through them during the event and actually watching them later.

June 30, 2018 05:49:07 +0000 (UTC)


A few hours left until event ends and I'm already regretting not grinding to at least top 150 before now.

...Can I make it?

Edit 01: My chances are looking very grim from other people's posts. Fueee

Edit 02: I passed my minor goal of Top 200 but with 30 Min left, I guess I have to settle for this.

Edit 03: #184 ;) (Now I know what to expect if I want to get into #100 next time lol)

June 29, 2018 08:38:28 +0000 (UTC)


me @ baby kasumin


of course hagu too but guys kasumi. small & adorable

June 20, 2018 09:24:14 +0000 (UTC)


rate up is such a lie so take this image of the gacha slapping me and my bad luck

b a

its sayo at least but still