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[ day twenty-six of okusawamiikun's 30 day challenge || m̶y̶ ̶r̶e̶l̶i̶g̶i̶o̶n̶ favorite rarepair || ...sorry in advance for the long post ]

i was going to take this time to gush about multiple rarepairs of mine and help open your eyes, but i'll do that in another post. for now i just want to talk about the ship at hand: tomosaaya. (also the full, colored drawing will be posted hopefully this weekend i forgot i had something sketched a;sklda)

so. tomosaaya, huh? "but pern.. tomohima is a better ship!" i hear you crying. or "but pern, tomoe and saaya barely interact!" i hear you say in confusion. well. i know. i know that tomoe and himari have a nice relationship, but this isn't the post where i'm gonna go in depth as to why i prefer them as friends. and yes, i know tomoe and saaya don't interact that much. actually, i'm quite robbed of my much deserved tomosaaya content. however, let me take you back to june 2017: the wedding event had just been released and i, of course, knew nothing of bandori because i had not read any translations. but before me i see some cute redhead bursting in on the wedding of my best girl and i also see that they have had a 1koma together. so, what else am i supposed to do but ship them?

tomosaaya is CRIMINALLY underappreciated as a ship and honestly, i don't quite get why it isn't more popular. tomoe and saaya have something so special and refreshing to me that always makes me smile. they have a sense of domesticity and calmness that in a game with such loud and vibrant personalities, it's hard to find. both mom friends of their band, they understand each other and give off such a warm and welcoming vibe to one another. while they don't interact much, their interactions always give me a sense of family and makes me smile. things like them talking about what drum related things to get, and similar convos, make me giggle just because of the sense of family they give off. but more importantly than that, they are extremely compatible. take tomoe, a girl who doesn't want others to worry about her and wants to support everyone and just remain that "cool onee-chan" through and through. she doesn't quite get how to rely on others and finds validation in people depending on her. then you have saaya, someone who often finds herself helping others and being a good friend. even though she is the "mom friend", she is quite laid-back and often let's her band mates do what they want because she knows in the end it will turn out alright (even if she does worry a little the whole way through). tomoe doesn't know how to rely on someone, yet with the help of someone like saaya she can. saaya often ends up helping people without much reason to (i.e in the nurse tomoe event), and tomoe needs someone like that in her life. someone who she can learn to slowly depend on and not worry so much about seeming cool. saaya also needs someone like tomoe, a partner she knows she can depend on and have a good time with. someone who understands the way she is and doesn't need to worry with. they have so much in common that no matter what they'll have something to relate to and understand and that's so precious.

sure, i have a tendency to ship my best girls together. but.. tomosaaya is something i've shipped since the beginning and isn't something i plan on ever stopping til the day i die. so.. tdlr: ship tomosaaya please i beg you i'm lonely

February 26, 2019 20:11:50 +0000 (UTC)

Day 30/30: Cover you want to see PLEASE give me a cover of Soushou Innocence craftegg. PLEASE...

Day 30/30: Cover you want to see

PLEASE give me a cover of Soushou Innocence craftegg. PLEASE i want it so bad. it's epic rock afterglow would be perfect for it pl

the song in question

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aaaaa fam my drums rly bout to get yeeted into my house in almost two weeks 😤 ive been practicing super hard y'all!! im out here trying to make my sparkly pastel daughters proud u know what i mean. i still dont have enough glitter when i practice pastel songs tho. idk how maya does it but i will bring honor to them as any ... uh?? father who brings honor i guess?? should do for his daughters yah lets go with thaT IM SO EXCITED KDLHDFG D R U M S!!!

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Oops I lied! I gachad for Kaoru, got the White Day Himari and a bunch of 4 stars and wasted all my...

Oops I lied! I gachad for Kaoru, got the White Day Himari and a bunch of 4 stars and wasted all my stars. Read through all of my member stories and low and behold the girl came!



February 28, 2019 22:30:05 +0000 (UTC)


happy birthday kaoru you complete fucking lesbian i would kill and die for you