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Hi, I'm Emilly, my pronoun is she/her. I'm a anime fan since 2014, but Bandori is the second game I actually played. I'm not exactly the type of person who likes to play games, I have a few interests here and there, like Danganronpa and FGO, but my pc is not good to play :( Recently I found out that I've got a very weak spot for rhythm games, which made me go back to the idol hell of Love Live, and made the mistake of downloading Project Sekai.

I got interested on Bandori during Pasupare Halloween event because my friend showed me THAT Aya card. It was love at first sight!!! but I started playing right after the event ended, which made me bored since Aya wasn't in any event after that and I wasn't able to get her on the gacha. I participated on "Wholehearted Song for me" event, however, I lost my account around the Afterglow Christmas event... Only got another one during "Cycling Seasons, Fresh Skies".

Since I'm an adult, I don't feel comfortable befriending with minors. It's not like I won't reply something you say or like what you post, I'll be gentle and nice (mostly), but I do not want to be friends with you. I do not want to get involved with minors, I'm not responsible for minors. I do not agree with most of minors behaviour online either, so please understand that.

Also, as an adult, I advise you to not make friendship with adults lightly, not everyone is good, so please, be careful on internet, kids!

Favorite Band:

Pasupare - Roselia - Harohapi > RAS >>>>>>>> Morfonica >>>>>>>>>> Popipa - Afterglow.

To be honest, my favorite band changes from Pasupare to Roselia to Harohapi all the time so I can't really say my 1st place is Pasupare because is not really like that. When it comes to the discography the line-up is: Roselia > RAS > Pasupare > HHW > Morfonica.

Favorite Girls (from each band):

Pasupa - Aya, Hina, Eve.

Roselia - Ako, Sayo, Rinko, Yukina.

Harohapi - Kanon, Kokoro, Kaoru, Misaki.

RAS - Reona, Chiyu, Rokka.

Popipa - Arisa.

Afterglow - Moca, Himari, Ran.

Morfonica - Tsukushi, Mashiro.

Roselia and Harohapi are the only bands I like all the girls, but I'm not a big fan of Hagumi or Lisa. Basically: Aya, Hina, Eve, Arisa, Roselia, Harohapi, Reona, Himari, Moca, Tsukushi, Chiyu and Mashiro are my babies (in this exact order).

"I Want It All" account is where I put all the cards I want.

Cards missing to complete the sets (only the limited sets I like tho...):

Image Image Image Image Image Image image

3 accounts: