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Just a normal girl that is also a compulsive gacha puller...

Still no more 4 star in sight T_T

Tae is best girl! ...But all the girls are amazing!

English is not my first language, but I'm doing my best (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶

Dream card:


Saving for

Summer set

Maybe a few pulls on June brides depending on the girls

Any Tae 4*

Rerun of Hikawa twins Christmas. I'm still salty about the fact that I spent 15k and got no 4* (I mean no 4*, not even regular ones)

Biggest achievements (full combo) per level

As a thumb player

Level 28: Bring it on!

Level 27: Setsuna Trip

Level 26: Miiro

Now let's full combo even more songs!

Notable edits (I guess lol):




Favourite cards from my 3 best girls for each type:

img img img img

img img img img

img img img img

Still waiting for the sanbaka to understand that Michelle is Misaki...

I still have some hope

Always open to talk about anything^ω^

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