Tae Hanazono

Name (romaji) Tae Hanazono
Name (Japanese) 花園 たえ
Cards 11 cards
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Fans 385 fans
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Band Poppin' Party
School Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
School Year First
CV Otsuka Sae
CV (Japanese) 大塚紗英
Birthday December 04
Liked food Hamburgers, Sweet Red-Bean Soup, Food
Disliked food None
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Sagittarius
Instrument Guitar
Description She started playing the guitar in elementary school, and is very skilled at it. As a huge lover of music, she started working part-time at a live house upon entering high school. Her favorite item is her blue guitar that she bought using money that she saved. A natural airhead who lives at her own pace, she sometimes surprises the people around her with her unexpected moves. She lives with her parents and 20 rabbits.
Source BanGDreaming Tumblr
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