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June 25, 2022 19:16:18 +0000 (UTC)


As I promised last week

Here are the results about which collab is the "best"

I was able to gather 30 answers! Thanks to everyone that participated :)

Best untrained cards: Persona


With 11 votes (36,7%), Persona was voted to have the best untrained cards! The Persona untrained cards are just that special. Even if it was the first collab years ago, people still consider the art to be gorgeous and I agreee!

Best trained cards: Tokyo Revengers


With 9 votes (30%), Tokyo Revengers was voted to have the best trained cards! Those cards look soooo cool!! The lightning is great and those broken glass effects on the 4* are amazing.

Best songs: Zombieland

With 10 votes (33,3%), Zombieland was voted to have the best songs! Zombieland songs were already bangers before being covered so that’s no surprise. Both of the songs are in my favourites and I don’t mind playing them on repeat, especially the second opening.

Best "other" stuff: Zombieland


With 17 votes (56,7%), Zombieland was voted to have the best « other » stuff! I mean, do I really have to remind everyone how cool those stickers were?

Best character ressemblance: Re:zero


With 9 votes (30%), Re:zero was voted to have the best character ressemblance! This one surprised me, but it is well deserved. A lot was worked on on Roselia’s members to make them match the characters. The unique outfits of Re:zero characters also helped a lot to intensify the make over.

Best vibe: Doremi

With 10 votes (33,3%), Doremi was voted to have the best vibe! I remember that collab to just be happiness and smiles. It was so light and joyful, definitely enjoyable.

Most band-matching: Doremi

With 12 votes (40%), Doremi was voted to fit a band the most! I don’t think I have to explain much here… The vibe described above matched Hello Happy so much, as if they were made for that!

Overall favourites: Zombieland and Persona

With 10 votes each (33,3%), Zombieland and Persona were voted as the overall favourite collabs! Well deserved for both of them! All collabs were honestly really nice and enjoyable, but those two were able to leave a greater impression on players. I think they were both fun collabs with franchises that are really fun to collab with.

Monica Collab

I asked in the survey if anyone had ideas and I got a lot of answers!! I don’t want to make that post too long either, so I’ll make another one later with the ideas you guys gave me and a few of mine as well because, why not?

You guys have so many good ideas thank you so much

Anyways, that was it! If you want any other informations I did not mention, feel free to ask me and I’ll give it to you :)