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今まで本当にありがとうござい!! これからも永遠に応援んしてます!! いつもRoseliaは11人... 新しいRoseliaは楽しみしています! この時間、永遠に忘れないわ


ゆっきーさんがんばれwww これからもよろしく~

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こんにちわ〜 (´꒳`)

My name is Hunter, and I am best known on Twitter as @oc3xn. I decided to join the community here because I wanted to be more involved in the BanG Dream! community. I constantly play BanG Dream!, and you may have even seen me grind in Multi-Lives. So, if you would like to add me, feel free to let me know who you are on my wall and shoot me a request. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) I am also the leader of the 'BanG Dream! Worldwide Server' Amino. We have tons of event information and we are currently working on guides for event types, grinding, team building, and more. We also have event chatrooms, a chatroom to share your ID, as well as a chatroom to organize your own Multi-Live room with other members. If you are interested, please feel free to follow this link!

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to being here!

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Appreciation post for the fact that there's two pairs of sisters in Bandori and one of them DOESN'T have the super-perfect unrealistic extremely harmonious relationship that's very common among idol-sisters and has some actual friction and I love it!

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I always thought "Close to me" from Passionate Starmine was "You've lost your way" so I'm pretty shocked. You could say... I lost my way. insert drumroll from Ako

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Arisa Ishigaya>Tae Hanazono



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Yo~ I’m Berry and I’m in berry love with bandori!! I also love LLSIF berry much and my EN there is berrysome so if chu want my ID just ask :3 My best girl is definitely Lisa and I’m saving for her 4* on EN!! I’ve soloed only once on EN and got detective Kokoro ;3 Also love Hina, Sayo, Himari, Kanon and Tsugu and I’m saving for the day Tsugu finally gets her 2nd 4* My instagram is @berryartt and I draw anime in general but I’m starting to draw more bandori :3

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I'm a little curious and I want to know what are your 2 tops of each band, here are my favorites


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hagumi kitazawa>hina hikawa


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wow i can't believe kaoru is frodo from lord of the rings

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someone: hey, is there something on your mind?

me: nah, nothing much..

my mind: sayo had an inferiority complex over hina for a fucking while, which led her to basically stop playing the guitar for enjoyment, but rather for skill, so that she wouldn't lose to hina on the guitar. because of that, sayo's sound became less and less sayo-like, and she relied on accuracy more than anything to make her music sound good. however, after joining roselia, hina seems to notice that she can hear sayo in sayo's sound, rather than the sound of someone who's playing from a textbook, as though she had become a little kinder. but in the 21st event story, sayo herself seems to realize her sound has become boring, and that she's only been trying to become more skilled, and begins to get in a slump. after seeing hina come to give her an umbrella in the rain, sayo asks herself why hina still comes to her side no matter how many times she pushes her away, and realizes that despite that, she still blames her for everything. and begins to cry and say sorry, and she finally realizes she should talk to hina honestly. the hikawa sisters finally come to like each other again, and i have to say that i think that sayo is truly a good girl and is blessed to have such a good younger sister and band pals an-

me: ..nothing at all :)

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I did the best girl sorter and it still hurts my heart that they aren't all like #1 and #2 lol. I have 3 best girls and 22 second best girls. covers up all the numbers

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Hi I'm Livid and I didn't get Detective Kokoro and I'm still sad.

BUT OH WELLLL time to save again!

(loving the activities, well done mods!)