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November 29, 2020 23:27:11 +0000 (UTC)


SayoHina relationship is extremeley overrated and is not Even that great

Change My mind

November 28, 2020 15:20:08 +0000 (UTC)

I've now spent 30k stars and I got my second copy of Rinko, where the fuck is Yukina :'  i'm gonna...

I've now spent 30k stars and I got my second copy of Rinko, where the fuck is Yukina :') i'm gonna cry

idek if i wanna do one last pull..... it's just gonna disappoint me anyway

Update: I grinded more stars. Did two more 10 pulls. didn't get anything. 35k stars and i didn't get yukina, fuck this Update 2: i soloed. got rainbow lights. got my third copy of some Tae 4 star. gacha is cruel and im gonna cry some more Update3: i soloed again. got another 4 star in a row. it was tomoe. This game is mocking me

November 27, 2020 07:41:38 +0000 (UTC)

EDIT: The game actually screwed up my rank LOL. I got rank 104 instead of 106.

Holy shit, it’s...

EDIT: The game actually screwed up my rank LOL. I got rank 104 instead of 106.

Holy shit, it’s finally over! What a torture…

Now that the event is over, I can finally rest. Before that, I want to do a reflection on my experiences on "Blooming in ZERO" since it was the most anticipated event of this year.

First of all, let me just let it out: “FUUUUUCK!!” Sorry about that. I haven’t felt so defeated and mentally destroyed in a long time. I normally don’t care how I place in Bandori, but this event was special to me because I love Re:Zero and I generally only really try hard on Roselia-related events, so it made it extra important that I get top 100 in this event. However, I failed. There are no excuses for me. Objectively, I wasn’t good enough to get top 100 and it is what it is.

Even though this was the most expensive top 1,000 title (600 small boost drinks, 35 boost drinks, 1 Yukina birthday drink I bought, and god knows how many stars I spent) I earned, I learned what I need to do better next time. I’ll definitely use this event as a lesson to not be so arrogant and think that the top 100 title is free when I was super ahead earlier in the event. Whatever the next event I decide to tier in, I’ll definitely learn from my failures today and become better for future events.

Thanks for reading my post and sorry it was longer than I intended it to be. Congratulations to everyone who achieved their goals for this event! You’ve earned it.

November 28, 2020 13:40:05 +0000 (UTC)

 Same boat with OppaiEmperor and oreopan 

I failed the lastest jp event "NO LIMIT". I ended up in...

(Same boat with OppaiEmperor and oreopan)

I failed the lastest jp event "NO LIMIT". I ended up in 1007th place. 50min before the event ended I was at 1050th and I make around 9000pts per multi live play, It wasn't enough. I didn't keep my eye on my placement until it's too late and became a "False hope". Data: ~865th > ~1051th from 6:10pm to 8:07pm and event ends on 9:00pm (jp time), it go by that fast. 1000th place is about 2.3Million pts and that seems to be the case for both jp and international server.

November 21, 2020 05:56:58 +0000 (UTC)


hey y'all beans how u doin. u know, i told myself when i came back that i would be good. well-behaved. not starting problems or anything feel me/ being a good boi

and im doing that. i will continue to do it.

i promise. im being a good boi and will keep being one. i really will but

for a moment can we just- can we talk-






u old razzle dazzle strawberry poptart headass. miniature collector's edition leprechaun mad cause u cant find ur penny of gold headass. get stuck in between the couch cushions headass. just like a RAT jumping around the corner looking for a FOOD headass. fake and small af got a whole ladder and a half hiding behind ur dj set headass.

im legally barred from throwing hands w/ u via the height-based code of honor, but my 5 yr old nephew will slide u and ur whole family into next year and u still wont be taller

ol rugratz looking, timmy turner looking, perfect travel-size looking, smurf looking, TROLLZ soundtrack produced by Justin Timberlake looking, must be this tall to ride looking, can i see ur ID ma'am looking, capri sun kiwi blast flavor pouch looking, contra 3d the return of michael myers looking, chao from sonic the hedgehog looking, cupid shuffle on a wednesday afternoon looking, super smash brothers ULTIMATE looking, animal crossing pre-new leaf looking,

if i catch u sliding into my gacha pulls then it's on SIGHT. dont come for me

like i said yáll im gonna be good i promise i really will be. love u chu

edit: no im not done yet. philosophical antithesis of jack and the beanstalk looking, grain of sand stuck in my sandal looking, sunflower seed looking, "ITS HAMTARO TIME" looking, headass. that is all. thank u

October 06, 2018 12:04:20 +0000 (UTC)


i realise i never see posts about raise a suilen on banpa and i want more people to know about and appreciate them so here's a (hopefully short) introductory post!


so what is raise a suilen? raise a suilen (RAS) is a 3D girls band comprising of raychell (centre) on vocals and bass, kohara riko (extreme right) on guitar, kurachi reo (extreme left) on keyboard, natsume (middle left) on the drums and tsumugi risa (middle right) as their dj! you may know them as their interim name the third, which was given as they were the third band to perform live!

the third was created to back ran, aya and kokoro's seiyuus during the garupa live in tokyo event in january this year as the bands' seiyuus are unable to play their respective instruments. since then, they've had their 1st and 2nd lives and were the opening act for popipa and roselia's 5th lives. it was in their 2nd live that tsumutsumu joined them and they were given their official name raise a suilen


in their lives, they usually cover the songs of the three non-performing bands! their keyboardist reo-chan also does vocals for songs like egao no orchestra and shuwa shuwa she's super cute (sorry i'm biased!) they also had saechi and amita (tae and aya's seiyuus) as guests at their lives!!! mikku (kokoro's seiyuu) will also be appearing as a guest in their performance on day 1 of the 6th live! but RAS also has original songs, and you can watch them on youtube they're so damn good! they recently uploaded 'unstoppable' on the bandori channel and like. it's so high energy i lost my shit.

here're some links to watch RAS: riot, unstoppable, their cover of that is how i roll! ft saechi & the third backing amita

thank you for reading this post! all five members of RAS will be at charaexpo usa so if you're going please don't forget to send them some love too! and a very important p.s. please watch unstoppable reo-chan literally does a KICK i screamed!!!!


November 19, 2020 17:28:55 +0000 (UTC)


Ok I wasn’t gonna put this here but YOU KNOW WHAT WE HAVE NO SHAME HERE so . . . have a shitty version of Happiness! Happy Magical from a while ago, recorded on a phone and edited in GarageBand by someone who knows absolutely nothing about mixing and also doesn’t know how to sing for that matter. This does not have me bashing on the piano which is why I deemed it unworthy of posting but WHATEVER

April 08, 2019 01:10:36 +0000 (UTC)


I seriously thought I could escape bandori but I was wrong. After about 3 months of not playing the game (I had to delete it because I was running out of space on my old phone and I played my other games more), I have re-downloaded it on my new phone. Alas, I missed the circling fivestar event but I'm just in time for PoPiPa S2! I'm excited! Honestly I thought I'd be ok without bandori because none of the characters truly stuck out to me as much as the characters from my other favorite franchises do (enstars, hypmic & imas namely), but the reason I decided to start playing again was because of ep 11 of the 2nd season (I'm late to the party, sorry!). I won't go into details but I just love Poppin' Party so much... Wish me luck! This will officially be my... erm.... 4th separate time playing the game 😂

November 09, 2020 04:04:14 +0000 (UTC)


NOOO I JUST MISSED THIS ENTIRE HHW COLLAB i feel so sad aaaaaa D: i thought there was one more day for me to play and grab the event 3*s.... what the shit this is dumb

November 02, 2020 06:45:52 +0000 (UTC)

 i don't know why i'm making this post so late XD 

Well i scouted for Senko Or Kitsune Hagumi,...

(i don't know why i'm making this post so late XD)

Well i scouted for Senko Or Kitsune Hagumi, and this Game reminded me that My luck ls trash. I have always said that, i prefer to not get nothing at all than getting the opposite card to the one i wanted seriously

Translate of the meme would be something like: And now what do i do with this shit?

(I think the card is pretty but damn, this is like a reminder that i didn't get the Hagumi card i wanted, and actually that was the last card i needed to finally have a full 4★ of My Best girls, so yeah...)