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June 30, 2020 21:34:05 +0000 (UTC)


Mae // Ria // Ichirou // Kaede // Hayato // band story

so when the site first started up, I made a fanband named Rockugo. to this date, I still haven't really done anything with them. right now I really feel like working with a fanband again though, so the next logical step would be to ... make an entirely new one ...

uhm. uh. well. well ... their name is Sirenity (pronounced like siren + serenity, although it's a play on both siren and silence, works better in Japanese lol) and their music is like. Saint Snow from Love Live, mostly? DROPOUT is def a song they'd be singing. tbh they became a thing because I wanted an argnv fanband, but they ended up mixed gender anyway, so it really could go in either verse (well, in my head they're the same one anyway lol).

here's the vocalist for now with a few infos whoops


Hiiragi Mae (柊 真愛) / 18 (high school 3rd yr) / she/her

It's not a matter of becoming the best. Our only goal is for everyone in the world to hear our music so that they're gonna know that we already are.

despite what she looks like, she's not actually an edgier version of Kasumi lol (I just thought the Ibuki hairstyle was cool). Mae is from a ridiculously rich and powerful family that focuses primarily on the real estate business, but also has ties to politics, and has pretty much grown up in a world completely centred around her. because she's been showered in praise and responsibility her whole life, she's developed a strange sort of hypocritical personality where she doubles down on the parts of her life that suit her and outright rejects the ones that don't, such as having to take over the family business eventually rather than being allowed to do what she actually wants. her rebellious attitude even got her stuck in junior high for a year, which is why she's a year older than the other third years.

Mae is extremely rude. she refers to herself as ore and others as omae, doesn't use polite speech at all, threatens people that try to oppose her, and is all around just hell to get along with. she unironically believes herself to be a prodigy and the best vocalist in the world and expects the band members to keep up with her and abide her every whim even if it's asking ludicrous things of them. surprisingly though, the members don't really mind it; they're all fine with being challenged and becoming, as one of them put it, "the best support for the best vocalist". she cares about them in her own weird way, and they appreciate her too. one would think that a band with this kind of driving force of a vocalist would be fighting a lot, but they're actually all really good friends ...

her soft spot is her cousin Ria, the guitarist of Sirenity who started the band alongside the bassist, Ichirou. she's pretty much the only one Mae is remotely nice to and will absolutely throw hands for. the main reason why she joined the band in the first place, rather than continuing to sing alone due to nobody being able to match her, was because she was concerned about Ria not being able to handle it if she's not there ... but all the band members happen to be top class and they all clicked very quickly, so she ended up staying.

also, she actually is a super amazing vocalist, mostly because music's the only real hobby she has and she's been pouring her everything into it from a young age. her parents don't approve (they see it as a fine hobby, but one that she needs to quit it after high school), which means she does it even harder out of spite.

anyway that's Mae she's a bastard but she's my bastard. I'm also gonna put the keyboardist in the comments since he's a repurposed OC from an original story (it all started with him actually) but I haven't drawn him in the band yet so no proper post for him

August 14, 2020 02:03:59 +0000 (UTC)

the one who can use  this  in the worst possible way is the...

the one who can use this in the worst possible way is the one who made it, of course

July 30, 2020 17:41:45 +0000 (UTC)


Yeah imma just try to ignore the fact that I saw someone retweet Banpa's twitter post about the new Afterglow 4 stars, commenting that they want to... r*pe them...

I am so fucking disgusted rn what the fuck. I feel fucking sick.

August 09, 2020 17:19:10 +0000 (UTC)

arguably my worst tier list yet. you can blame this one on Rouleau.

with explanations again cause...

arguably my worst tier list yet. you can blame this one on Rouleau.

with explanations again cause that's the most fun part here we go

on purpose

  • it's Shuu. he does this kinda stuff for fun.
  • Kanata orchestrated something to conveniently, uhm, deal with people who got too close to Haruka ... and he also may or may not have done it to Haruka himself so he'd be tied to the bed for a while and reliant on him ... hey did you know that epsiphi is a mess

got distracted

  • Ren saw Nayuta across the street, the rest is history. also once only narrowly escaped a crash at a difficult crossing, got chased down by the car he almost ran into, and was about to get yelled at but by that point he was already crying and the other guy felt so bad about it he offered to buy him a drink NO I'M NOT PROJECTING WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT--
  • Koharu was driving perfectly fine until someone cut him off at a crossing and he got so pissed off that he got careless and ended up cutting off someone else himself, who unfortunately did not hit the brakes
  • Misaki similarly goes into driver's rage, but what did him in wasn't actually that, it was that he saw a really cute dog walking by and looked at it for too long so he didn't realise the car in front of him had stopped for a traffic light. woops
  • Tomoru is a good driver normally, but by god he's so tired. he's the kind that falls asleep behind the wheel for a few seconds. let him rest
  • Yuuto is a similar case to Ren where he's usually perfectly fine, but every so often there'll be something that gets his attention so much he'll momentarily forget he's driving. also the type to speed when the music he's listening to is really good

was never paying attention

  • Yamato ... just make sure someone's always next to him. if he has a license, I don't know how he got it. I'd hope for him that he doesn't. some people are just not cut out for it
  • Felix's accident happened while in-character on the way to a live, he was just talking himself up for it but kinda forgot while in his little bubble that other people exist and could reasonably run him over if they so pleased ... also the kind who thinks everything's gonna be fine no matter what he does. may have been one of Shuu's victims at some point
  • who let Jun drive?? irl he can barely even see behind his hair and his stage persona is most definitely the type to ignore any and all traffic rules
  • similarly, who let Ryou drive? I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what traffic rules even are, let alone why he should follow them. Miyuki & Reon got worried about him doing a part-time job, being behind the wheel is so much worse

not their fault

  • Banri is self-explanatory. maybe we could chalk it up to him being distracted, but really, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Reon just seems like the type. yknow those people who seem to attract bad luck wherever they go? that's Reon. he did nothing wrong, he paid enough attention, but few things can stop a drunk driver with a very fast car and Reon isn't one of those things.
  • Wataru SEEMS like he'd be safe, considering how well he plans and pays attention to everything, but you just know the one time he's thinking he'll be fine in a quiet rural area or something some madman is gonna run into him

it was close

  • Miyuki was driving a truck he wasn't used to to get the band equipment from A to B and it threw him off a couple of times, but nothing ended up happening
  • Aoi did nothing wrong, he's just the Reon type except a bit luckier
  • Nayuta was absolutely distracted, probably deep in thought about something (songwriting / the next live / a cat he met two hours ago / Nanahoshi Ren). the only difference between him and the people up in tier 2 is that he got lucky
  • if anything happens to Fuuta you WILL have the rest of FuuRai come after your ass, but just because they don't let him drive and make sure to accompany him wherever he goes doesn't mean he won't find ways to almost get himself killed. at the same time, somehow has a guardian angel that protects him from the worst; the most severe traffic-related injury he's had in years was when he got his hand stuck in a train door. (Kouhei very nearly sued the company who built that train)


  • all of these can be summarised as being very attentive and good at considering the risks they can't control, as well as not as unlucky as Wataru, who would fit those criteria as well

let it happen

  • yknow those self-depracating memes about letting yourself get run over by a car? Nijou Haruka.
  • Tadaomi saw it coming but he also saw that whatever would happen would probably not kill him and he figured hey I've never been in a traffic accident I wonder what it's like

and there you have it. I sure hope Tokyo has enough free hospital spaces for all these idiots

August 08, 2020 08:58:20 +0000 (UTC)


Sorry, this is just me venting and it's a really, stupidly long post. It may as well be my life story. You could skip it if you want since it's so long. It may involve very personal stuff to me and a minor mention of depression and suicidal thoughts (not mine)

So, I've decided to vent some (a lot) of stuff here because I feel that, maybe someone will listen here and it's better than keeping all of the stuff I'm thinking about in my head. And, if you can read the big title, it's really complicated. So, I thought to divide up the stuff I'm talking about in to 3 main sections and a smaller bit because I don't want to ramble about multiple things.

My lack of trust for others and friend struggles (Suicide mention)

I don't think I've always lacked trust for people in real life but it maybe started when I began secondary school, when I was around 11 years old. I've offhandedly mentioned once in the comments of this post that I'm actually Chinese but born in England. Well, when I was still younger, that didn't trouble me. I didn't care that I may have been...different from everyone else. And then, when I moved into secondary school, it wasn't that much different at first. Some people would ask me where I'm from but, y'know. That's fine. It was fine until something happened once when I was walking from school down to where my little sister's school was with my other sister. We were walking, normally. And then some people, same year group as me, started saying stuff to us. Calling us things like "Chinese bastards" and throwing paper at us. I started crying as soon as we reached my mom's car and she had to talk to my school about it. That did nothing though as people still called me things like a dogeater and stuff. Because of that incident that happened when I was walking away from school, I didn't want to walk after school anymore. I had this completely irrational idea that I could be walking and someone could say stuff again or push me into the road. Instead, I decided to always stay after school in the school's library and get picked up by my mom. When I got into year 11 and I was 15 years old, I started walking more and felt more comfortable but that never stopped me from thinking, "oh, someone could easily push you into the road." So I always stayed as far as I could from the road. Even now, I'm scared of people saying stuff about me. Sometimes, I can hear someone make a small mention of anything relating to Asia, or China or me and I would try to listen to what they were saying. I had thoughts of, "Are they talking about me? Are they saying stuff about me?" Because I was so paranoid of being judged. Even when I moved up in years, I still got stuff about me being Chinese. Year 9, some kids said, "Give me your money you Chinese bitch," not that I had any money. Year 11, before school ended because of the covid-19 pandemic, I was walking up school stairs and there was a group of younger girls on the stairs, even when they shouldn't have been standing around there. I walked past them and they said stuff like, "Oh look, I've got the coronavirus," and start coughing. I literally started worrying for no reason, "Oh, what if you do have it? What if you should still be at home?" It's some of the worst stuff, I've had to go through in the last 5 or 6 years.

Still concerning my lack of trust, I genuinely believed that some of the friends I had hated me. In secondary school, I had one really good friend who I knew was really my friend. But, when it came to others, I didn't know whether they were being honestly my friend or just pitying me. In year 8, I would sit with a group of girls for lunch. Yeah, I'd consider them my friends but sometimes, I felt they were only being nice to me out of necessity. They wouldn't really talk to me but, they were still good friends and generally nice. But, their group of friends was...big. they all wanted to sit near each other, on the same table because each long table had 12 seats. I knew I wasn't their top, most important friend so I just, let them have someone else sit there. But, I couldn't sit with anyone else on a different table as I was too nervous and thought, "Maybe they're waiting for their friends as well." In the end, I stopped going downstairs to eat, thinking that they weren't really needing me down there anyway. This wasn't helped by the fact that everyone would always ask me for answers. So I ended up thinking, "They only like me because I can give them answers."

Last bit of this section. From year 9 to year 11, I had another..."friend." She also wasn't natively English so people didn't talk to her. My friend I was talking about earlier who I was close to, I'll call her G. And the..."friend" I mentioned just now, I'll call her R. R started hanging around G after being paired with her in a lesson for work. So, that obviously meant that at some point, R would hang around me as well since me and G were good friends. We gave R SO MANY chances, even though she was generally shitty. Once she started having a rant saying "G hates me becausr she's avoiding me." At that point, someone from my school hung herself., someone G was close to. I decided to lash out at R for being ignorant and, I knew I shouldn'y hang around her. But, she kept on coming back. She had no other friends, so she always hung out with us, brushing off anything we tell her about or anything I told her about being ignorant. Again, both me and G felt we were being used by her. R eventually left to go back to her old country. I should have been happy but I felt a bit...indifferent. Things were different after she left. I don't know how to describe it, they just were.

How I feel I have to act around others

Even before I entered secondary school, my class in year 6 primary knew I was the smart kid. I did well on tests, I was the only one in my class put on harder maths work. Once I got into secondary school, basically the whole year group of approx. 300 students knew I was one of the smart students. So, some would obviously ask for my answers. It got so annoying that by the point of year 9, I said to the people on my table, "Why are you always asking me? You could come up with some of the answers." They didn't listen, they wanted my answers. One of them called me selfish for not sharing my answers. Even if I said, "maybe they're not right." They didn't care. Being called selfish just for that made me think a lot. In the end, I just gave people my answers if they asked for them. If what I was doing was selfish, then wasn't being so very selfless and helpful if I gave them everything?

I also have this idea that my classmates saw me as more rich or sophisticated, I'm not. Some of them were more richer than me. I'd always present myself as being mature or proper about things. I made myself seem quiet and studious. I had to act as the smart kid. If I said anything or did anything that wasn't generally seen as typical behaviour from me, everyone would freak out. "Oh, Jay got told off?" everyone would freak out about it. "Jay got an answer wrong?" everyone would start going crazy. I couldn't just be myself. At home, I'm not studious. I have no filter, I swear, I act deliberately stupid and I'm blunt about things. I can't act like that outside of the house because it wouldn't be normal. I had expectations and had to be approved by them.

I can't have any interests without being judged. Year 9, I had media class and our teacher let us use the headphones to listen to music. I would listen to stuff like dubstep or glitchhop but the others didn't. Some would ask me, "Oh what are you listening to?" and I could tell that they were being judgemental about what I listened to. For two years of media lessons, I didn't use the headphones to listen to music while working after that. It's literally only now that I've started indulging in listening to dubstep again because I put it down for so long. I obviously can't share how much I play video games, both mobile or console. It would seem irregular for me, irresponsible. Hell, if they knew I played anything like BanG Dream, they'd call me a weirdo.

Things I think about myself (suicide mention and depression mention, not my thoughts of them)

In year 7, I didn't smile a lot. I can't smile if someone asked me to, only if there's something genuinely funny or makes me smile. I didn't know how to say that to anyone if they asked me, "Why don't you smile?" This is probably one of the worst ways I could have approached it, but I just told them, "I don't smile." I felt that, because of all of the stuff that happened to me, the racism, I couldn't just find a reason to smile for no reason. I purposefully distanced myslef from others and in the end, thar's the thing that stabbed me in the back. I realised, "Wait, I don't want to be lonely," but wasn't it a bit too late once you see that everyone has their friend groups? They wouldn't need me if they had better friends.

One of the other worst moments in my last 5 or 6 years was when I was in I think year 9. I remember, waiting in the car for my mom to pick up my little sister from school. It took...way too long than usual. They soon came back into the car, acting all fine. Once we got home, I was told why it took so long. My mom was told by the teacher that my sister had wrote...questionable things. Saying that she was useless, shy, quiet, depressed. I...never thought I would have to associate words like "depressed" to ny younger sister. My sister who seems happier than I ever did, actually has friends she can talk to both online and offline. Depressed? Potential thoughts of suicide? I thought about how I treat her. I tease her because I think that's normal sibling behaviour. I tease both her and my older sister. That then became me thinking, "It's my fault she said that and is feeling this way. You treat her like absolute...shit." I told my mom, I was crying, "It's my fault. I treat her badly, I'm the cause of it." But my mom said it wasn't me. My mom had depression once because of medication she was taking but it subsided. She said it may have been because of her. I couldn't get it out of my head that I was the terrible person that made her say such a thing in school. Because of that, my sister had to go to group sessions and, to be honest, she's better now and they think it's something else and not depression. But, I just remember the next day of school crying my eyes out to G and thinking of how absolutely horrible I am, saying it's my fault.

Because of that, I really didn't want anyone to call me "perfect" because I obviously wasn't. A perfect person wouldn't potentially drive their sister to saying they were...depressed and useless. They would be way too kind, nice, honest. Everything I wasn't. I'll never really forget when I was called "perfect" by my "friend" R. She saw me and kind and honest. She basically saw me as some deity. I didn't know how to respond other than blankly look at her and say "I'm not perfect. If you knew what I've done, you wouldn't say that." Perfect's just become some kind of thing I don't want to be associated with. I'm not perfect, I am capable of being a terrible person.

Me on Banpa and Twitter

I didn't expect to interact with the community when I started Banpa. I intended for it to be how I tracked things. My first post I distinctly remember was when my phone broke. Afterwards, I made more posts, memes, my accomplishments or screeching about Kaoru or any of the other characters I liked. This became my space where I didn't have to think of myself as a terrible person. I could just be... JaY, your local Kaoru fan. Two years. It's been two years. I decided to expand myself onto Twitter this year and it's fairly enjoyable. Yeah, I have very few followers but it's another fairly safe space for me to ramble about anything I want. Sometimes it's about mobage. Sometimes I jokingly amble about how I keep struggling. I don't need to show myself at my worst and can instead act fairly funny. Something I'm incapable of acting like in reality. I can hide behind my screen and my 10+ different profile icons I change on a regular basis. It frustrates me how I can act like this online but when I'm not, I suppress myself and my own interests.

Even when I went to sleep last night, I had a dream. It was my previous post and there were comments from people on Banpa being supportive. But there was a comment saying that this is all fake garble and that people shouldn't be pitying me. The commenter It wasn't using my current user name, Momoyukiis. It was me, using Cookie-Mist with an icon I used on Twitter a few weeks ago. I remember that in my dream, I was terrfied and just blocked the comment out. Even in my sleep, I'm telling myself that I shouldn't be posting this but I want to. I've had these thoughts in my head for so long, I needed someone else to let them out to that wasn't my family or my friend G.


So, that's about it. A literal, life story of my last 5 or 6 years. What I've gone through and kept in my head for so long. I want to forget it sometimes and I can online but. I can't change myself in reality. I want to be more outspoken with myself and my interests but the judgement I'm feeling is full of pressure. I'm really very quiet, not talkative and way too blunt and sarcastic for my own good. But, I just want others, even if it's only online, to see me as something else. I don't know what else to say other than, if you read all of this. This long, unnecessary garble. Thank you for reading, or listening or whatever. I needed to get this out of my head.

July 30, 2020 19:14:04 +0000 (UTC)


I am this close to throwing up 👌

Fucking freaks saying that Ran would enjoy being rped and that rpe victims love them literally fuck off with that bs

Why. I don't care if they use the excuse of "fictional characters" no one would enjoy that?? Even if they were fictional?????

July 29, 2020 04:36:12 +0000 (UTC)


I love Rettou Joutou to death, but I can't be the only one a little surprised it found its way into Bandori with its lyrics,? Like I know Yukina says the shit word in Red Fraction, but Rettou is like an extra step up from that, with the f's and the b's and the s's, y'know? maybe I'm just overthinking this but anyways keep Rettou Joutou on REPEAT

July 28, 2020 16:10:44 +0000 (UTC)

  filler image  
Uh i really want a p1 collab ao
4  Naoya Rei
4  Maki Mashiro
3  Kei Rui
3 ...

( filler image ) Uh i really want a p1 collab ao 4* Naoya Rei 4* Maki Mashiro 3* Kei Rui 3* Eriko Kaoru 3* Yukino Misaki WHICH ISNT REALLY POSSIBLE BUT PLEASE THEYRE MY FUCKING BEST GIRLS Covers would be

  • morfonica x rei and yukina - dream of a butterfly RAS lone prayer and unbreakable tie
July 24, 2020 21:19:22 +0000 (UTC)


I'm writing a Nayuren oneshot solely for myself right now (I've been in a GIANT painful writer's block turned existential crisis for almost a year now, to the point where I felt like my writing completely lost everything that made me ever like it, so I figured the best way to combat that is by writing something with no intention of publishing it) ... it's been going very well actually and has been the most fun I've had with a fic in ages.

I'm not planning to publish it anywhere once it's done, it really is just for myself ... but I do like it so far, so I figured I might as well share my two favourite segments I've got at this point!




I've mentioned this before, but my writing is monologue central, although in my defense stuff actually happens in this fic. nothing crazy it's basically just your everyday fluff tropes with a pinch of team bonding, but at least it's not just "character thinks about their situation for 4k words"

... the overall writing is also a lot funnier than this I promise. not that it makes any difference pff

July 25, 2020 09:13:53 +0000 (UTC)

    What in the actual f ck is this
This qualifies as borderline 26 what is this jskjdkskskksss

What in the actual f*ck is this

This qualifies as borderline 26 what is this jskjdkskskksss