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Oh hi I'm Woomy (You can call me Woomer or Leone too)

  • Pronouns: He/Him (They/Them is fine too)
  • GrayAro Bi, Asexual
  • Artist/Writer/Music Producer
  • Most sane Leone Abbacchio and Pannacotta Fugo simp

Things I like

  • Idk I like Bandori (I think that's why I'm on this site idk)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 5 I'm obsessed with)
  • Vocaloid (Been into it since 2012)

Matching With (Stole this idea from Spadeful /hj go check them out <3)

  • Height: Closest, Layer (173 cm, 5'8")
  • Hair Color: Hagumi
  • Eye Color: LOCK (I really wish I didn't have red hair and green eyes but I just gotta deal with it </3)
  • Birthday: No one </33
  • Personality: I have no idea but ig Maya???

Kins (Not just bandori btw)

  • LOCK
  • Tenma Tsukasa (Project Sekai, only personality-wise)
  • Guido Mista (JJBA, only personality-wise)
  • Leone Abbacchio (JJBA yeah that's a lil concerning...)

Goals Reached (Bandori)

  • Full combo'd my first 27 (Song: Mind of Prominence, Expert)
  • Full combo'd my first 28 (Song: SAVIOR OF SONG, Expert)
  • Cleared Hell or Hell on Special (Current Best: 21 misses, Max Combo: 276)
  • Cleared SENSENFUKOKU on Special (Current Best: 13 misses, Max Combo: 182)
  • Get a full 4 star Afterglow band

Anyways bye <3

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