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Hi! My name is Messa, and I've been playing Bandori since 2018. My main account is ENdori, and my side account is JPdori. Although, I may play TWdori, CNdori, and KNdori in the future to experience the different events and cards the many versions have to offer.

When I'm not playing Bandori, I'm creating fanart for the different communities I enjoy - BanG Dream and Jacksepticeye being my absolute favorites. I used to be a traditional artist but moved over to digital. I may be different from some digital artists because I enjoy putting a horrific spin on the pieces I create (y'know, mainly with blood and creepy glitchy stuff).

Some of my art may not be consistent, since I create in spurts - it may take me a whole night to finish an artwork (if my energy lets me), or a couple days at most.

I also enjoy reading tarot cards and journaling, but I haven't picked those things up in a while. Listening to music and dancing is also something I enjoy a lot (but my dancing isn't really "the best").

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