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January 16, 2022 02:29:39 +0000 (UTC)

  excuse the trash quality but. what if we all pretended today was the 13th, and i was on time for...

excuse the trash quality but. what if we all pretended today was the 13th, and i was on time for rei's birthday!?!?!?

happy BELATED birthday my second best! i love you and your voice with all my heart. youre so cute nd airheaded. hope you and raychell had the best day of your life <3

anyways heres my best shot at some. lovemail.

rei is seriously like this really sad but well put together character that i couldn't love more. most brush her off as "oh, shes another one of those mature/calm/boring/cool characters whatever" WHEN SHE'S ALMOST EVERYTHING BUT THAT. she's an airheaded, awkward, adorable, self-doubting but also prideful selfish little music-savage. she's also very distant. like, really, really distant. didn't even join ras to make friendships, she literally only wanted to play music, get the crowds reaction and be out dude. BUT i can't help feel that the only reason she's in the band today is masuki, stop it istg this isn't biased but it's literally cannon; rei saw music as a job/career until masuki challenged her with music and made her question her values in a sense that made rei go "holy crap why am i here" and like rerouted her thoughts about music. WHICH IS WHY. I THINK MASUREI IS SUCH A NEAT SHIP but anyways, yk she's lonely and distant because the only friend she had in her whole life was tae (who she ended up losing) alllll the way up until high school where she met masuki. i can't help but admire the fact that she was able to like hold on to the dream of wanting to play with tae again in her life, even though she didn't succeed, (they did make like a one-time band thingie in the "even if we're reincarnated 1000 times event", is it 1000 or 100 we'll never know ig) she still kept going and just like. i adore her story so much. shes such a strong girl #girlboss

buuut other than being a sad character, rei is such a fun little airheaded idiot i love her so much. please. in her initial 3 star card episode titled "adults" where she's talking to rokka, rokka compliments her and tells her she's such an adult when rei literally disagrees with her and says"you see those white bars on the crosswalk?? sometimes i'll only step on the white lines." like oh my god she called herself out for being immature… also also she has this habit of not caring for herself (shown really well in outside/inside and no limit!!)??? that's concerning yes but its somehow so cute. like she won't eat/sleep because shes overworking herself n that type of stuff… and masuki ends up taking care of rei more than she does for herself and also is the one taking rei out of these silly mind habit things that she shouldnt do (outside/inside! rei’s talking about how she has to be the “perfect ras layer” that everyone looks up to, and rei is ofc hurting herself in the process. masuki, basically in very not detailed summary, snaps at her and is like “whats so wrong with wakana rei?? why are you pushing yourself to be “ras’ perfect layer”?? the wakana rei that likes hot milk and honey and dislikes bitter things is just fine. sobs masuki loves her sm i am screaming ANYWAY) off topic but shipping masurei sucks because im literally fighting against one of the hardest ships in the almost all of bandori aka taerei bc rei is just mhm a little mess but i literally cannot help it her relationship with masuki is so so so so so so sos os os os os cos os cos oso so adorable. no romantic taerei besties pls im already suffering enough /j </3 BUT I WILL SAY that masuki i feel would be a more beneficial? person to rei as tae is rei’s childhood friend, yes, but theyre kinda just happy lil airheads together whereas though masuki is probably dumber than tae, she like actually looks after rei when rei wont do it herself because when i tell you she will not do it. thats probably me overanalyzing and rei wants tae and GRRRRRRR I WISH SHE DIDNT AHAHAHAH its just the jealousy ig. niko’s jealous of tae guys.

ive turned this into a giant mess about masurei but BACK TO ONLY REI IM SORRY I SUCK AT LOVEMAILS AHAHSFHASKJF- okay rei overall is just so special, i see her as a character who is perceived one way but underneath is completely different. tbh rei kinda does it to herself to again be the “perfect ras layer” that everyone looks up to, please stop hurting yourself to please others rei istg, for example rei doesnt like bitter stuff, she likes hot drinks like yk hot milk n honey bc she is the silly and it makes her happy but like she’s been given black coffee multiple times (without the people knowing she doesn’t like it) and she tries to pretends to like it. constantly trying to perfect songs, even if it means not getting sleep in the end, or not eating, or forgetting about stuff. mhm.

but also here we go im finally addressing my favorite part of rei - her frickity frackity voice. the goddess that is raychell. even just her speaking voice is just so calming to hear, no matter freaking what i just love hearing her. she is so splendoriffic i love her duality, in terms of personality and voice like dude come on. she is. so. talented. a couple of ras songs i like to listen to in terms of rei being a gosh darn queen at her job in terms of vocals would be !nvade show!, mind of prominence, just the way i am, soul soldier, embrace of light, domination to world, shakunetsu bonfire, also the 2 minutes i have of coruscate, and for covers probably core pride THOUGH I CANT FIND A CLEAN COPY OF THE FULL VER I AM SCREAMS, buriki no dance, hitori no yoru, rettou joutto, and gekidou so basically almost all ras covers hahah but those are my favorites when im craving some complete raw rei talent! they found the most magnificent voice actor for her and im so happy they didnt get anyone else. i wouldnt love rock music the way i do, and i dont even think i wouldve looked into ras music that much!! i wouldve looked into the band bc masuki is what brought me to them in the first place buuut i feel i wouldve been uninterested if they had any other vocalist. i cannot comprehend how much i enjoy hearing this voice in my earbuds im????

also shes just gorgeous. as in appearance. they freaking did this on purpose she is so good looking i dont freaking get how one could be beautiful, EVEN RAYCHELL theyre just so knee slappin pretty and i wish i could yk get in on some of that beauty but it seems niko’ll have to be left in the dust for a lil while which is fine. yk. i love seeing rei/raychell instead <33

and to give myself a break because i know i could go on longer, here’s to the end of my rei lovemail!! i filled out a whole page on a google document and it. doesnt feel like enough. what.