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February 10, 2019 18:17:52 +0000 (UTC)


Hrm... Random thought... Is there a combination of members that doesn't interact with each other?

Kinda curious what will happen if I use that combo. ;w;


February 11, 2019 20:58:00 +0000 (UTC)


the 30 girls of bandori Sorted in a Rainbow. Of eye colors!

Starting with Tsugu.

  • Tsugumi
  • Kaoru
  • Rimi
  • Ako
  • Pareo
  • Hagumi
  • Ran
  • Chisato
  • Aya
  • Arisa
  • Masking
  • Kokoro
  • Yukina
  • Sayo
  • Hina
  • Tae
  • Lock
  • Himari
  • Maya
  • Lisa
  • Layer
  • Saaya
  • Moca
  • Eve
  • Misaki
  • Kanon
  • kasumi
  • Rinko

If you know the girl's Eye colors, you can see it forms some sort of a Rainbow.

Next up. An likely horrible ettempt of sorting the girls by hair color.
February 11, 2019 21:41:17 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori 30 Day Challenge

Day 10/30

Credits to okusawamiikun for this fun challenge


We all know what's up. My favourite Hello Happy World member and my overall favourite character is Kanon. Okay, I have no poetic and grand reason for liking Kanon, so why is she at the top of my list. Well, simply put, Kanon makes me smile. Really, a character can be really complex and have many layers (shrek jokes) and I appreciate that, but if they don't make me happy, then I can't say they can be a favourite of mine. And Kanon, despite not being the most complex, makes me smile. Kanon was tied first with Aya at first, but she climbed to the top for a rather silly reason: she looked like kotori but with miku's colour scheme (guys think about this). But Kanon, i just,,, love her? First off, I find her really relateable with her shyness (although i'm not as extreme as her as im not a friggin anime girl) but how she is able to overcome it??? and how much she puts up with everyone, still with a smile on her face??? she is just so kind to every in her band, even though she was dragged into it and has every right to protest like Misaki. she puts up with it and gives it her all, even though she was about to give up on drums. her patience for the band is admirable and i'm so glad she tagged along because she made so many great friends and ooo my baby (as you can see, this character ramble is more informal but eh) She is such a great person and her kindness warms my heart (alongside that smile my CHILD,,,, inhaler please). I mean, she even melts Chisato's heart,, you know,,,, And not to her interactions with everyone are cute cute cute cute. I STRONGLY AGREE WITH GETTING LOST EASILY CAUSE IM THE WORST WHEN IT COMES TO DIRECTIONS,, LIKE,, ONCE I TOLD MY PARENTS I WAS GOING TO TEXT THEM WHEN I PAST A SPOT WHICH WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF WHERE I WAS TRAVELLING,,, WHAT??? so seeing her getting lost and getting found is just,,,, basically she's babey. Also her love for sweet stuff and cute stuff and high femme is just,, i appreciate girly characters a lot??? i mean, strong independent girls are good but?? it's still refreshing to me seeing girls embracing,, well, traditionally girly stuff??? it's a shame cause most of these girly girls are portrayed as dumb and ditsy or even two-faced in other medias,, and like,, cute anime girl games seem to actually develop girly girls into, well, girls who are just girly. idk guys,,, i just love kanon. and i don't know how long this will go on for. also she likes sea animals,,,,,, i'm down with that. okay, as for my experiences with her in the game, i saved up for her first 4 star on EN (Bunny Hunt Kanon) and got her on my second pull despite all the stars i saved up,, and i was so thankful and happy that my sweetheart came home. honestly, kanon has some of the loveliest cards in the game and i love all of them so much. i tried to tier for her event focus, Little Smiley Steps!, and although, unfortunately, i just missed out on top 1000 (i was like 1080 ;;;), i appreciate that the love for kanon is so strong....that i...moved down 500 the span of 2 hours.....cause it was 3AM where i was and i thought i was safe to sleep lol......jk i still love you kanon. and man,, can we talk about her solo in Wacha-Mocha Pettan March????? shE HAS A VOICE OF AN ANGEL YOOOO. IT'S SO SOFT AND DREAMY AND TASTES OF CLOUDS!!!! YES IT TASTE OF CLOUDS!!!! i mean,,, i love it so much that i wish she was the singer for Hello Happy World, no disrespect to kokoro though but guys,,, au where kanon is the leader for Hello Happy World???? okay maybe i've gone too far now. i dont even know how much i've written but im 100% sure that this has ruined that image of me that i write justified essays on why i love a character,,, but you know,,,,,, i don't care??? i love kanon - change my mind.

February 13, 2019 00:20:04 +0000 (UTC)


aaaaa fam my drums rly bout to get yeeted into my house in almost two weeks 😤 ive been practicing super hard y'all!! im out here trying to make my sparkly pastel daughters proud u know what i mean. i still dont have enough glitter when i practice pastel songs tho. idk how maya does it but i will bring honor to them as any ... uh?? father who brings honor i guess?? should do for his daughters yah lets go with thaT IM SO EXCITED KDLHDFG D R U M S!!!

December 29, 2018 17:02:30 +0000 (UTC)


hah. you all be usin' that wormful bandori best girl sorter but i ain't needing any sorter to be sure that my ranking is:

  1. rinko

  2. everyone else

February 11, 2019 17:05:45 +0000 (UTC)


how many followers each of the bandori girls would have on instagram

kasumi- 20 (shes trying to get more tho

rimi- 10 because she keeps losing followers cause she posts one single image of a choco coronet

tae- 200 or so because people like rabbits a lot

saaya- she runs a good business so probably 5000? i dunno shed be fairly popular

arisa- probably doesnt have instagram because she doesnt care about social media

ran- she doesnt post much, but has around 500 followers

moca- she has 600 because she only posts memes

himari- has 4 followers and thats the other afterglow members

tomoe- 60 followers

tsugumi- probably posts cute aesthetic pictures of her cafe which gives her 200 followers. she's trying her best.

kokoro- the suits make people follow her so shes got 1 million followers

kaoru- she has 4000 followers, and theyre all female somehow

hagumi- she doesnt use instagram and uses twitter instead

kanon- has a loyal 40 followers, but she doesnt really care how many she has

misaki- she doesnt really care about social media so she has an instagram but only to see the posts from her band members

aya- she tries her best to promote her account but still only has 100 followers

hina- has 500000 followers somehow

chisato- has 20000 followers due to being a famous child star

maya- posts cool drum covers and has 400 followers

eve- has 200 followers. 100% them are devoted to bushido

yuknia- has no time for social media

sayo- only has instagram to compete with hina. she has 200 followers. she rarely posts

lisa- her instagram is devoted to nail art and she has 3000 followers

ako- certified meme lord with 10k followers

rinko- fully supports ako's memes. she doesnt post anything because shes too shy but still has 100 followers somehow

December 09, 2018 17:53:52 +0000 (UTC)

So I tried to draw digitally which I haven’t really done before. I’m too impatient and it became...

So I tried to draw digitally which I haven’t really done before. I’m too impatient and it became messy QwQ sorry moca I love you (Made on my iPad with my fat fingers, I don’t have a drawing tablet or pen so yeah)

December 20, 2018 15:50:34 +0000 (UTC)

Back at it again with the terrible hair. Why do i look like an actual porcupine and why is my hair...

Back at it again with the terrible hair. (Why do i look like an actual porcupine) and why is my hair color so impossible to replicate?

Anyway this was going around and seemed fun so I tried my hand at it.

-Also that scarf is permenantly attached to me so obviously I had to draw it

December 28, 2018 18:25:30 +0000 (UTC)

Honestly my art is getting lazier and lazier XD. Sorry sayo Maybe it has something to do with...

Honestly my art is getting lazier and lazier XD. (Sorry sayo) Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i decided to torture myself even more, by drawing it on my phone.

Plz sayo I love you <3

Also ignore hand it’s not even a hand like wtf I didn’t even try

February 03, 2019 17:43:21 +0000 (UTC)

Drawing Himari. I love this card and this untrained version so much. She is so precious It’s not...

Drawing Himari. I love this card and this untrained version so much. She is so precious

It’s not done yet, but here she is for now.
I hope this will bring her home

Updated : with clothes and uh hands?

(Once Again drawing with my fingers cuz I don’t have a pen I should get a pen ._.;)