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**2018 “Rimi’s Gift of Song” Event-**

**2018 “Searching for Stars” Event-**

**2018 “As Evening Clears” Event-**

**2018 “Run Away Rabbits” Event-**

**2018 “Past Aspirations & Pastel Futures” Event-**

**2018 “The Impromptu Wedding Dress” Event-**

**2018 “Don’t Leave Me, Lisa!!!!” Event-**

**2018 “Wish Upon a Tanzaku” Event-**

**2018 “Tomoe SOS! Ako’s Grand Nursing Operation” Event-**

**2018 “When the Flower Blooms” Event-**

**2018 “Happy Summer Vacation!” Event-**

2018 “A Rhythmic Beat: Fireworks Festival” Event-

2018 “The 6th Afterglow” Event-

2018 “A Rose's Name in a Transient World” Event-

2018 “Hello, My Happy World” Event-

2018 “Pasupare Expedition: Idol Conquerors of a Deserted Island” Event-

2018 “Kokoro's Eternal Halloween!” Event-

2018 “Umbrella in the Autumn Rain” Event-

2018 “The Teary Smile Anchor” Event-



**2018 “Hanasakigawa’s Sakura” Gacha (First Scouting Edition)-**

**2018 “Presents For You” Gacha-**

**2018 “Memories of Scarlet Skies” Gacha-**

**2018 “Teatime in Wonderland” Gacha (My Team Sucks Edition)-**

**2018 “Twinkling Milky Way” Gacha (I’ve Been Waiting For This! Edition)-**



**2017 “The Shining Milky Way” Gacha-**

**2017 “Rockin’ Nurse” Gacha-**

**2017 “Summer Sky and Ocean Blue” Gacha-**

**2017 “Haunted High Schooooool!!!!!” Gacha-**

**2017 “Sonata of Blue & Crimson” Gacha-**

**2017 “Frosty Twinkle Blue” Gacha-**

**2018 “New Years Dream Festival” Gacha-**

**2018 “Beauty of a White Noble” Gacha(Happy Birthday Kaoru! Edition)-**

**2018 “Melodious Gears” Gacha (#BESTBANDROSELIA Edition)-**

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