Name Hina Hikawa
氷川 日菜
Band Band Pastel*Palettes
School Haneoka Girls' High School
2 - A
School year Second
Color #95e5e5
CV Ozawa Ari
CV (Japanese) 小澤亜李
Birthday March 20
Height 156 cm
Liked food Gum, candy, junk food
Disliked food Tofu skins and other flavorless foods
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Pisces
Instrument Guitar
Hobbies Making aroma oils
A bright and quick-witted genius of a girl, she's capable of doing something after she's seen it once. She has a happy and refreshing personality, but she can also be insensitive and isn't good at sensing the mood. She has a habit of describing things with unusual ideophones. She has a hobby of making perfumes. She's the younger twin sister of Hikawa Sayo.
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