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December 09, 2018 20:55:14 +0000 (UTC)


yo! I actually haven't made an introduction yet so have one. i like to call myself cookie and i work as a programmer (??) for the Bandori Dating Sim. other than that, i like hiding in the shadows................liking stuff. i wanna start doing those cute meme thingys so yeah. i'm not going to be active a whole bunch though cause i need to study...a get rid of the dumbness (woosh) yep, that's it.

December 08, 2018 19:15:05 +0000 (UTC)


GUYS (and girls)


SHE CAME HOME!!!!!!!! tomoe is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!s!!!

after making this activity (and im p sure after another 10 pull which was a fail) she FINALLY came home. and i can finally say that the set? complete (link bc i don't want this to be too long fjfkffk)

December 06, 2018 19:53:05 +0000 (UTC)


lemme jump in the bandwagon reaaalll quick huhehe-

christmas wishlist. this is all i ever need in my life. god p l e a s E-

okay, okay, other than rinko cards (which was pretty obvious if you know me), if i got these cards i'd most likely... well... cry!:

  • tomoplease

tomoe. i beg of you. come home. you're literally the ONLY card i need from this set gkjlk;df.....

  • rimirririririrri

i love this rimi and if she'd come home i'd go WILD (and if saaya did instead i'd still go wild,)

  • arisajii

this arisa is a goddess and i need her in my life. actually, i need every arisa in my life too.

self-explanatory. they're all so gorgeous. i need them in my life

  • every other girl that wishes to come home

in all honesty, i'd like any girl. any rarity. they're all so wholesome and they'd all make me cry. no, lemme correct that: they all make me cry*

December 09, 2018 22:41:20 +0000 (UTC)


ogay i closed my survey!!!! 30 people responded (wao) many more than expected

here are some highlights:

  • everyone loves. moca. someone chose all the girls as well but 12 people chose moca. u'd think it'd be a singer but nope, its moca. the next highest ranking ones were Himari, Tsugumi, and Rinko ast 10 each. i didnt expect rinko but she is cute so i don't blame y'all
  • someone chose Babanbo-sama as their best girl. im so sorry i forgot to include them in the list.
  • someone also appreciates my names for the PoPiPa girls, and to the person who put arisaplscomehomeimsobrokern, Good Luck, I Will Let You Take My Arisa Luck
  • not one, but Two people only put "yes" for "What other games do you play" and one person was just screaming. thanks. also people put Persona 5 on there and i love y'all. p5 was so heckin good.
  • to the ppl who put pokemon: NICE whats ur fav
  • i have learned that Afterglow is everyone's favourite band. also "pasupare, i love their aesthetic and AYAYAY AYAAAAYA" made me cry-laugh thanks

from here on out you guys are funnier than me and im working hard to choose The Best Responses

  • only ONE person chose Sasa. you all are wrong. Sasa is the Bestest Boy. but there's also the guy who sent me to that really freaking funny image and i lvoed it.
  • bushidodad won the Who Would Win In A Fight with 10 votes, however some highlight answers were "bandori rate up," "Chisato, obviously," "My strong wife, Tomoe Udagawa," and "a pickle"
  • almost every single answer for the "What is the above image from" question killed me. only 3 people knew where it was from, it is a Dimensional Nimmo from Neopets. however to the person who put "craftegg's secret closet" actually sent me to the floor laughing. i cant even explain the others i have to show all of them.
  • to the people up at 2-5am, same
  • "the koi wa chaos something song. on expert. its pure booty. like really they just hired someone to smash their giant funk booty headazz against the notechart designing program and this is what we ended up with"
  • some people have never played smash or do not know what it is. on the flip side some people put stuff like Hulk and All Might in so.
  • whoever said brawl sucks is a coward and i will 1v1 u on final destination in brawl
  • i relate to the guy who put "what's a language"
  • "pls take care of my family and my cat, feed her(the cat) evriday even thought she just ignore and continue meowing. don't forget to format my drive D before anyone found it." this response perplexed me beyond anything i've ever read.
  • someone just put the lyrics to never gonna give you up. who is going around doing this. i need answers.
  • someone feared the last question so much and their fear is justified. lucky for u i can't place who is what response
  • i will NEVER stop using xoxo
December 09, 2018 07:23:38 +0000 (UTC)

they got me wilding out here fam i cant believe tomoe really just said lowkey this is fantastic....

they got me wilding out here fam i cant believe tomoe really just said lowkey

this is fantastic. absolutely marvelous. i cant recall the last time ive ever heard any character, from any video game ever, say "lowkey". im gonna need an event where tomoe starts hanging out w/ some black folk and hears a little too much black slang, then makes life miserable for her bandmates

instance 1

ran: "ugh i just feel so angsty and edgy rn"

tomoe: "damn ran u trippin b on some real tho. u always ready to pull up on somebody w/ the heat cause they existed in ur direction. i be like frozone up in here lmao u not finna get no beef from ya girl nahmean nAHMEAN HEHEH WE 100% VEGAN UP IN HERE BABY GIRL OOOOO U GETTIN 💯💯 NO 💯 BEEF"

ran: "tomoe what the hell"

--instance 2

tsugumi: "hmm... i cant really figure out where to come in with the melody at this part. maybe this is too tough for me :("

tomoe: "girl stop playin. ol cinnamon toast crunch dora the explora mozart headazz. acting like u not droppin heat every time we posted up in the studio. u bouta yeet all over this beat baby dont even trip we gon have the whole stadium looking litty ayyyyy"

tsugmi: "i, uh... thank you?"

--instance 3:

himari: "tomoeeee!!!! which of these outfits looks better on me??"

tomoe: "shiiiiiiiz damn lil mama u could wear a cactus for all i care with yo fine headazz. got boys instantly snappin they necks and experiencing eternal death just to watch when u walk by. and a girl out here tryna shoot her shot too damn im saying tho!!! like hello sir u lookin like wet n' wild and im ready to slide thru those dms!!! it really be like that out here u know a girl just tryna holla u feel me so what it do booboo"


--instance 4:

moca: "moca-chaaaaann is huuuunngrryyyyyYyy,,,, tomoeeeeee uuuuuu should get meeeeee some breaaaaaaaddddsd ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3"

tomoe: "ummm look sonic sayz u need to speak faster!!! im tired of this, its like u exist at 1/2 speed. u gary the snail bastard looking headazz. all u ever eat is bread, are u a duck b??"

moca: "....... tomoeeeee :( :( :( :( thaaaaatt was kind of meaaaannn,, buuut im so heckiiinnn high imma laugh anywa y,,,, hehhhh .... heeehhh.... heeeehhhhhh,,, "

December 08, 2018 23:33:39 +0000 (UTC)


Out of sheer boredom: here are the 3*+ cards that will be effective for tonight's Azure, Shine Bright Event~

Happy Type & A-Glow!

Image Image

There's uhhhhh.... only 2

Including gacha hours:

Image Image

Should I do more of these? I'm sure everyone's done their research, but this seems fun as well~

December 09, 2018 08:47:23 +0000 (UTC)

wow i can't believe afterglow single handedly ended Drake's career 😩😩😩😩

wow i can't believe afterglow single-handedly ended Drake's career 😩😩😩😩

December 08, 2018 23:07:43 +0000 (UTC)

hi i havent posted in a while but since the recent aglow event in en server is happening soon, i...

hi i havent posted in a while but since the recent aglow event in en server is happening soon, i have this small edit of my Big Mood™ ran pwease come home For The Love Of God

October 25, 2018 12:13:10 +0000 (UTC)


i want to take part too! outfits that i'd like to wear Image (Himari's) Image Image (both Chisato's and Kanon's) Image(Kokoro's) Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image + Image