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July 25, 2018 09:48:27 +0000 (UTC)


Hi~ I've been lurking here for a while now. Or a long time... I can't remember when I joined, honestly.

Well... I'm a little shy, but if anybody wants to talk to me please call me either Ryu or Chiharu... thanks~ I find it easier to talk to people online, so that's a something.

Random facts about me:

  • My birthday is on 12 May so I'm a Taurus.
  • I turned 13 this year
  • I'm actually Bi and Aro
  • I'm non-binary so please use they/them pronouns.
  • I'm from Singapore and I really wish I could go to the Popipa delayed viewing on 4th August but I'm not allowed to.
  • My favorite band is Afterglow and my best girls are Moca, Ran, Rinko, Maya, Kanon and Misaki with Lisa, Saaya, Tomoe, Tsugumi, Kokoro and Ako close behind.
  • I actually love all the girls they're all valid.
  • I started playing when EN was released.
  • I just left the Danganronpa fandom recently but I still love it a lot.
  • I like to think that I'm a lot like Rinko. I love playing online games but it's really hard to talk to people in real life.
  • According to one of those tests, I'm an INFP.

True story, I actually first found Bandori on the app store when randomly browsing for more games to play. I never thought I'd end up this attached to all these girls but I'm glad I did. <3 Moca and Afterglow as a whole were immediate clicks with me. I love the childhood friends concept~ I was immediately able to play hard and took about 3 days to start playing expert. My EN player ID is 188430. I need friends :')

Currently, I play on 10.9 speed but I plan to switch to 11 soon! I have 3 four stars (Sound Of The Beginning Kasumi, Time for Chocolate Cornets Rimi and The One I Admire Aya aka Wedding Aya.) so far and 25 three stars.

I love Maya's laugh. Huhehe

My ranking for the bands is Popipa = Afterglow = Pasupare = Roselia = Harohapi Yes all of them deserve love and appreciation. Please protect Tsugu and Hagumi they're precious.

That's all I'm going to type cause as it is this is probably gonna be a random post that someone's gonna have to scroll through. Sorry.

July 20, 2018 01:08:03 +0000 (UTC)

Does anyone else get this and just want to throw something :'D Source of happiness?? source of...

Does anyone else get this and just want to throw something :'D

Source of happiness?? source of anger

July 24, 2018 04:18:41 +0000 (UTC)


Listen up ducky fam, im gonna give you my tips on how to save up stars :')


  1. Think of this

  2. Log in bonuses, special campaigns, bdays

  3. Try full comboing hard if you can do it. (Dont hurt your fingers tho pls!)

  4. No solo yolos!! Not even one. One will become two, and two will become many

  5. Events!! Try to read every event story to get those sweet stars

  6. Avoid the gacha box. Ik bandori has that cool intro now but dont fall into temptation. Dont let them win

  7. Scouting videos! Watching others scout can be satisfying (or painful depending on luck), but helps

  8. Scout on a spare account instead of your main

  9. Save for a particular set or dreamfest :D (maybe make your dream card your screen wallpaper)

  10. Just dont let them win

July 25, 2018 03:23:30 +0000 (UTC)


I can't be the only person to have a Roselia shuffle playlist on Spotify right


right guys

also if you never knew that bang dream music was on spotify, now you know!!!! I have a shuffle playlist with all the music I could find (except glitter green, im working on that)

July 25, 2018 05:43:11 +0000 (UTC)


i just saw someone in-game with a desc that said "175k stars no sayo" and i'm... O_O

press f to pay respects

July 25, 2018 04:22:06 +0000 (UTC)

Roselia stans because R just came out. Aka me because MOTHER MARY THIS SONG IS SO FREAKING...

Roselia stans because R just came out.


I stayed up till 1 for this to come out, and it does NOT dissappoint.

July 08, 2018 21:00:27 +0000 (UTC)


How to stop solo yoloing: just think of your best girl's instrument breaking every time you solo and if their instrument is their voice they have laryngitis the day before a gig and then picture the disappointment on their face

July 19, 2018 22:38:53 +0000 (UTC)

this is so sad, alexa play shuwarin dreaming basically the election in a nutshell i guess

this is so sad, alexa play shuwarin dreaming

(basically the election in a nutshell i guess)

July 20, 2018 13:20:24 +0000 (UTC)


Hey everyone! I was curious, so I did something.

Over the last month (6/20-7/20) I have been counting every song that I played in Multi Live (in the Master Room), picking random every time, and put the results in a list.

This is the EN server and I only counted the song if I actually got to play it, not if someone disconnected after the song was picked. I thought I would share the results considering I spent time on this for a month!

Here they are:

  1. Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan: 31
  2. only my railgun: 31
  3. Sunkissed Rhodonite: 30
  4. Orchestra of Smiles!: 28
  5. Hacking to the Gate: 24
  6. Guren no Yumiya: 21
  7. Sobakasu: 18
  9. I-I Never Said Love!: 14
  10. BLACK SHOUT: 12
  11. great escape: 12
  12. Hikaru Nara: 12
  13. If In August: 12
  14. LOUDER: 11
  15. MOON PRIDE: 11
  16. Re:birth Day: 11
  17. Tentai Kansoku: 11
  18. A Distant Heartbeat: 10
  19. Chocolate Bass Recipe: 10
  20. Silhouette: 10
  21. Himawari no Yakusoku: 9
  22. Keep on Moving!: 9
  23. Passionate Starmine: 9
  24. Pasupa Revolutions☆: 9
  25. Scarlet Sky: 9
  26. Sunflower Dreams: 9
  27. Dream Parade: 8
  28. Sekai wa Hitotsu! Ja Nai!!: 8
  29. Time Lapse: 8
  30. 1, 2 Fanclub: 7
  31. Butter-Fly: 7
  32. Doki-Doki Sing Out!: 7
  34. Happiness! Happy Magical♪: 7
  35. Secret Base: 7
  36. Shuwarin☆Dreaming: 7
  37. Sugar Song & Bitter Step: 7
  38. Tear Drops: 7
  39. Your Gift To Me: 7
  40. Don't Say "lazy": 6
  41. Hanamaru◎Andante: 6
  42. Sparkling Dreaming Sing Girls: 6
  43. Star Beat!: 6
  44. Don't Be Afraid!: 5
  45. Goka! Gokai!? Phantom Thief!: 5
  46. Hanazono Electric Guitar!!: 5
  47. Happy Happy Party!: 5
  48. Poppin' Shuffle: 5
  49. 1000 Crying Skies: 4
  50. Alchemy: 4
  51. Little Busters!: 4
  52. On Your New Journey: 4
  53. Sorairo Days: 4
  54. Summer Skies & Sun! Sun! Seven!: 4
  55. Karma: 3
  56. That Is How I Roll!: 3
  57. True Color: 3
  58. Soul's Refrain: 2
  59. Tokimeki Experience: 2
  60. Yes! BanG Dream! 2

Hope this didn't take up too much space...

Edit: Effin Christ this is showing as if I for example put AnY as number 1 and omr as 2, even though I wrote them both as "1". I'm going after the alphabet and not trying to show different results!