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Hiiii everyone! I'm Erica, and I'm here to say: ~Everyone whos best girl is Tomoe Udagawa will get a 4* on their next pull, i DO make the rules ~I need more than 1 4* on my second account I've literally been playing for 4 months on it ~Used to be able to play any song on Expert (Rokuchou with 4 MISSES) but became unable to play on my desk due to late-night star grinding, so now I'm only able to complete up to mid-tier 28's ~I love this game SO MUCH it's my Idol Hell ~Stan Maki Nishikino too

~ Tomoe > Lisa > Aya > Saaya > Misaki > Kaoru > Kanon > Chisato > Moca > Kasumi > Kokoro > Hagumi > Maya > Tsugumi > Ako > Yukina > Eve > Rinko > Arisa > Hina > Sayo > Himari > Rimi > Tae > RAN (although i really only dislike those last 2 and HATE 1 but ohhhohohoh what a hatred it is, everyones entitled to their own opinion tho so i wont shove mine down ur throat, also those middle 10 swap around pretty much every day, lmao)

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