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February 05, 2019 15:40:28 +0000 (UTC)

i thought lisa or arisa would never come home after 27.5k stars and nothing... no 4 star and only 2...

i thought lisa or arisa would never come home after 27.5k stars and nothing... no 4 star and only 2 new 3 stars. I bought 1500 stars to play in the paid gacha anyway because it's my birthday and ;w; ,,, thank you so much lisa!!!!

February 05, 2019 12:27:23 +0000 (UTC)

Day 7/30 of okusawamiikun's challenge Favorite Pasupare Song MAIRE A TO Z A TO Z TENKA WO A...

Day 7/30 of okusawamiikun's challenge

Favorite Pasupare Song


This song is gonna be stuck in my head for days once the album gets released
February 02, 2019 23:46:28 +0000 (UTC)



[ day six of okusawamiikun's 30 day challenge || best pasupare girl ]

hi sorry this is a tie but gosh i love both these girls so much. i could write a paragraph and an entire essay and why they are both the lights of my life but i'm a bit drained. just know they are my sunshines and i would give them my arms.

May 09, 2018 16:42:49 +0000 (UTC)


decided to do some (edited) looped gifs because I really love this moment



February 05, 2019 15:55:33 +0000 (UTC)


hi fam

i'm in good mood now, and, i don't know why, but i feel strong need to share with you my story about my fight with anxiety. Maybe i should place trigger warner here, don't know who may read this. I don't mean social anxiety, i mean... i don't know... it's more looks like obssesion, or post-traumatic, or just an anxiety. Like everyone, I always had some fears, and one of my most specifical fears was a fear of gas explosion in my house (i live in a flat), and at 31th december 2018 it took place in the one russian city (not my) . It was very strong- it destroyed the whole entrance, more than 30 people died. I didn't react at once-but at the next day something got me to look at all this shit and here.... what i got. I had awful and strong sensory accociations and thoughts for a long time. Thanks to my mom, she started to help me. I got better at the middle of january, but i still have some thoughts and associations. I can't belive i have this shit more than month, but yep. I still imagine explosions, and like roof fall on me, or like i'm falling from my 7th floor and die. But i feel really better now. And you know, like one of my relatives said to me, i'm trying to set my mind to something good, and to thanks my fears for this challenge, because it would do myself stronger if i'll pass it, and i think i really CAN thank it, because if i didn't had it, i wouldn't be the one who i am now, And one more point, that i find out today-i may F*CKING LOVE my anxiety. I don't know how, but i can! i'll further fight against it, but i feel myself a looooot better and more confident. And it helps me with selflove too! Now I understand that I can love myself! And i'm so happy now that yes, i decide to share it with you. I hope i haven't triggered someone here, because i want everyone to feel themselves good too!

your EndlessSkyPride

February 04, 2019 08:11:32 +0000 (UTC)


Happy! Lucky! Smile! Yay!

Almost a year away I’ve played Bandori and half a year I’ve join our lovely community. I just remember that Kokoro-chan transmit her energy to me to login Banpa, change avatar, then like your activities and then create my first activity and so on …

Now, I’ve passed 400 following and nearly reached 200 follower. It’s a miracle. I couldn’t believe it can happen. I’d like to make another collage for us, but we’re really numerous. uwu

I’ve thought a lot about Kokoro’s philosophy of happiness. That’s so cute.

For me, Gladness is sunshine (like Kokoro) and Sadness is rain (like Kanon/Misaki). Happiness is harmony and melody of both. Our life like Trees’ life, cannot exist with too much sunshine, too little rain and vice versa.

That’s why you should not be melancholic when you get bad gacha! If I was able to get 4* easily, I would not be happy and scream when I get it. Yay!

Now, it’s the last day of the Year of the Dog. This’s one of the most special time of my year.

Time passed so quickly. Let time sweep your melancholy away.

Thanks Kokoron, and Kano-chan-senpai, and Kaa-kun, and Mii-kun and many many other girls; you all are wonderful. Thanks people who made bandori game and banpa community. Especially, thank you all, my fam. You all are one big part of my year.

Happy Lunar New Year – the Year of the Pig, everyone! I wish you all the best Happiness!

Let’s be happy and we are the world!

February 05, 2019 14:26:36 +0000 (UTC)

hello and welcome to Random Card Appreciation Time, where we randomly appreciate a card! I...

hello and welcome to Random Card Appreciation Time, where we randomly appreciate a card! I suppose!

this episode's feature: Stardust Horoscope Hina!



I, A Known Hikawa Appreciator, still cannot believe they keep doing this to me - STOP MAKING THEM STAR-THEMED DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE SPACE I'M SO MAD

the Sayo is just as gorgeous but I just adore the colours in the card, all the blue contrasting with the light gold in the background, it's like Hina is the day and Sayo is the night (which. makes sense considering their names), and their hands ..... their pinkies are locked as if they were making a promise ... and they're holding onto their guitar picks which was previously something that caused a rift between them, at least on Sayo's side ...

this is such a high-energy yet simultanously calm card in a way?? idk how to describe it but. they're like space magical girls, confident and bright, and they show that confidence in their own ways ... Hina with her bright smile, not a care in the world, and Sayo with her wink ...

I can't help but compare this to their Tanabata cards and they've come so far?? from wistfully looking into the distance to standing side by side, both smiling ...

this post is a mess I just. love the Hikawas. their entire relationship and growth, and both of them individually, and this card showcases them so well, bless, thank you CraftEgg,

February 05, 2019 15:09:18 +0000 (UTC)


By the way, to everyone who celebrates it, happy Chinese New Year! I hope you have a great 2019!


February 05, 2019 18:12:40 +0000 (UTC)


event idea!

meme set

starring hello happy world

the 4 stars are misaki and kokoro (the most memeable one and the furry)

misaki is dressed up as "dat boi" and instead of a michelle costume in the idolized its a dat boi costume because dat boi is a dead meme and misaki is dead inside

kokoro is shaggy because why not. kokoro is very powerful

the gacha 3 star is hagumi dressed up as spongebob because spongebob is a big meme and hagumi would be obsessed with memes

the event would have a 3 star kanon dressed up as nyan cat because nyan cat is cute just like kanon so its perfect

and finally we have the 2 star kaoru who would be the arthurs fist meme. the card would just have kaoru very zoomed in and you would only be able to see her fist and then her costume would literally just be arthurs outfit

this is a perfect idea please do not steal

February 04, 2019 13:31:54 +0000 (UTC)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no matter how much I looked at this card, she's still so cute.


no matter how much I looked at this card, she's still so cute.

February 05, 2019 12:43:22 +0000 (UTC)


I can't believe I actually got my friend to watch Haikyuu!!, and he likes it, which is good.

Friendly PSA, watch Haikyuu!!