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August 12, 2018 19:21:06 +0000 (UTC)

This has probably already been done before but... When Misaki isn't at band...

This has probably already been done before but...

When Misaki isn't at band practice

Before you ask why the quality is so bad it's because I used MS Paint (as I often do)

Bonus points if you can spot the fleet ;)

October 01, 2018 14:27:15 +0000 (UTC)

Hey, what day is it ? IT'S HER BEARTHDAY ! Yaaay ! ... Wait, Misaki and Michelle are the same person...

Hey, what day is it ? IT'S HER BEARTHDAY ! Yaaay ! ... Wait, Misaki and Michelle are the same person ?

I didn't make any appreciation post about Misaki, but today I must do it .

I remember the first time I got into Bandori, I was wondering "who's that bear ?" Everything was in japanese in the game and I tried to search on the wiki. After struggling against english words (because it's not my native language), I've found that it's Misaki ! ... Who's Misaki ?

I didn't know much about her, but she looked nice and cool, And I like nice and cool girls. And cute ones. And elegant ones ... Okay I admit, I love many girls. But she wasn't wearing anything cute or really feminine, just like me. I like wearing pants and neutral tops. This is how I started appreciating her. I liked her voice too, kinda realistic and calm. The fact she was hiding behind a bear suit was fascinating, for me ! Even if I know now it's a bit against her will, haha... She's really strong, BEARing it.

After that, I read that she's sarcastic, not really social and can be mean. Oh wait, is she human ? An human anime girl (ironically wearing a bear suit) ? That's so cool ! I love the sarcastic part. I love sarcasm, actually. I'm not really social either, even if I try being so. She's flawed, yes. But deep inside, she treasures her friends and family. She's not mean because she wants to hurt people. She's a member of HHW and now remains attached to these 3 idiots and Kanon. Also a little detail that I adore.... she makes felt dolls for her little sister. And I think... IT'S TOO ADORABLE OMG ! I love plushes I have a several ones so yeah, this detail is priceless ~

Even if she doesn't know a thing about music, she learnt and she performs wearing this hot bear suit. Not all heroes wear mantles, kiddos (but heavy costume, yes). She protects members of HHW from harsh words, she makes their songs, she's a good translator (from hmhmhmmm to correct japanese)... She's so impressive. In moderation, you said ? Not anymore, haha ~

All these reasons explain why she's my best girl and why I did this drawing. Because she's amazing and deserves so much love.

Happy birthday, dear Misaki !

October 02, 2018 19:27:59 +0000 (UTC)

Happy belated birthday to Misaki, my 2nd best girl! I love her so much <3 also posted to my...

Happy belated birthday to Misaki, my 2nd best girl! I love her so much <3

(also posted to my tumblr, reblogs and likes are appreciated c:)

October 03, 2018 01:49:22 +0000 (UTC)



I drew Himari in her Halloween costume for inktober!

I love my spooky girl

October 08, 2018 11:21:19 +0000 (UTC)


a very important psa!!!!


look at hagu and her little braid she's the ultimate cutie we stan <33

October 05, 2018 05:06:39 +0000 (UTC)


edit 2: hey fam, its come to my attention (as well as others here) thanks to allicat that there is a user in need of some support. shes struggling w/ feeling lonely and, as a result of that, self-harm is also a concern in this case. i used to deal w/ this myself when i was younger and it never helped anything, so im very sensitive to this issue and dont feel comfortable leaving this post up as is. the original post contained a joke about self-harm and i feel its highly inappropriate given the current situation.

please please support this user with an encouraging message or two if u can, everything makes a difference <3

June 19, 2018 03:26:02 +0000 (UTC)


-A bit long, heads up.

The past angst events have had the lead and bass players of the band being the 4stars, and the drummer being in the gacha. Meaning that the gacha cards we can expect are:

4star Aya, 4star Chisato, 3star Maya

and then the ranking rewards should be

3star Eve and 3star Hina.

and then the following angst events should be

4star Ran, 4star Himari, and 3 star Tomoe for the Afterglow event gacha, with 3stars of Tsugumi and Moca for ranking rewards.

and for harohapi, it should be

4star Kokoro, and 4star Hagumi, with a 3star Kanon in the gacha, with 3stars Kaoru and Misaki as ranking rewards.

but i might just be looking too much into this just trying to figure what cards might be what and ill be surprised if im right, which im probably not.

FINAL EDIT: A final edit to finish off the secondary stories and their cards! HHW and Afterglow did not follow the pattern after all! (mainly because it would be unfair to give Ran and Himari another pair of 4*s together for the Afterglow story~)

i would like to believe that they found out that i was onto them and they had to make me be wrong cause i would just be too powerful

anyways everyone that was just a theory and you shouldnt take guarantees from me on cards

October 07, 2018 21:05:32 +0000 (UTC)


free to use vector i made of Moca's Summer Casual shirt heeho! For download link of the large image & instructions, click HERE Vector Mock Up White Mock Up Black Model Moca

perfect for casual cosplay or distinguished references!

October 06, 2018 02:47:01 +0000 (UTC)


ooo fam im feeling so happy and im about to go wild

my drumsticks just came in the mail 😤 i dont think ive said anything yet but shout out to whoever the heck actually plays the drums for afterglow's music, bc they hella inspired me to start playing myself!! i dont even have a real drum set yet but im gonna use my textbooks to make a mock set up thanks to youtube! u wouldnt believe how many tutorials there are to bless a bushido dad out here

i mostly wanna do punk music bc it was stuff like tentai kansoku and scarlet sky that got me interested in drumming, but fam i'll play anything and everything to keep improving. i have a friend whos been playing for 4 years, hes gonna start teaching me w/ the drum set at his church tomorrow and hoOOOOoooO00o0 lmao im just rly hype right now y'all ok!!!

im gonna learn jamboree! journey! as my first bandori song since it has pretty simple drums patterns, and its my favorite original afterglow song along w/ yolo! once i have an actual drumset id love to start uploading bandori drum covers to youtube oml but for now im gonna practice my face off

October 09, 2018 01:34:36 +0000 (UTC)

Back with another fan art. I wanted to draw Aya for Inktober today.

Back with another fan art. I wanted to draw Aya for Inktober today.