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June 30, 2018 02:56:11 +0000 (UTC)


Hey everyone. The JP version of Bandori keeps crashing on me and it all started with the new update. I've restarted the app and my phone several times, I've even bought extra storage and it hasn't helped at all. Does anyone know what the issue could be? I'm really hesitant to get rid of it because I got some decent cards on there, especially some of the event cards, and I never saved a transfer code for it. Does anyone know if this has been happening to others and if so, is there a way to fix it without deleting the app? Thank you so much.

May 15, 2018 21:54:33 +0000 (UTC)


bitch what else are they going to put you in. orange?

June 28, 2018 19:27:14 +0000 (UTC)


my first time getting all the event points rewards!

June 28, 2018 07:45:14 +0000 (UTC)


If you're ever having a bad day, or hurting inside, just remember, a full version of Romeo now exists.

May 22, 2018 13:12:46 +0000 (UTC)


you literally cannot tell me otherwise

June 29, 2018 03:23:32 +0000 (UTC)


Translates to: On Sunday, We Got Seperated At The Park!

What I translate it to: On Sunday, We Got Seperated At The Park. (STORYTIME) (EMOTIONAL) (GONE WRONG) (not clickbait)

June 30, 2018 00:16:02 +0000 (UTC)


thanks to the whole bandori chapter 2 shit, i now want angst fanfics of my other fandoms

June 26, 2018 23:09:02 +0000 (UTC)


This is a bit late, but may Rinko bless~

June 27, 2018 15:30:17 +0000 (UTC)



June 27, 2018 20:20:20 +0000 (UTC)


hewwo! I came with an edit

I'm not sure where I should post it but since it's Kasumi I'll do this here

so summarizing this; Love Live to Bandori edits seem kinda fun to me! but they might not come as good as they should ;A; but I present to you; wonderland Rin to Kasumi xD

May 15, 2018 11:09:39 +0000 (UTC)


Hi! I'm interested I the roselia hoodie from the gekirock colab. I am unsure what I size I should order and wondered if any of you had placed an order. If you could let me know I would appreciate it. I'm in love with it. Also, I am a size 3x in America (not afraid to admit that).

May 22, 2018 18:59:09 +0000 (UTC)


My SPb card of Eve. Signed with the color of the band pastel palettes