December 04, 2018 07:18:25 +0000 (UTC)


okay fam so i let the surveys sit for a little while and now im looking over them and wow. im gonna start w/ the small one bc i set up one of the questions in particular as a ranting box for the things smol ppl wish they could tell tall ppl

and all i can say is y'all got some issues damn,, im just gonna go through and respond to some of y'all anonymous statements bc these had me dying oml

so the question was "what is something you'd like to let tall people know, bc normally we are too high up to hear you guys" and these are some of my favorite answers

"Nothing much, I may be smol but tall people are cool too"

  • people like u give me hope in smol humanity


  • fix ur tiny face before i fix it for u

"can you tell the tallest girl to date me please, thank you"

  • nah fam u gotta get a ladder and say it to her face. tell her how she is as graceful as a deer and, thanks to her long legs, able to sprint fast like one too. what girl could resist that level of charm

"All y'all may be taller than me, but you're still below me"

  • i'm certainly below you in terms of how much trash talk i'll tolerate from a heckin raisin


  • lmao u sound like a dramatic english dub for dragon ball z or some type joint like that. imagine goku getting shrunk by a villain and then the whole planet gotta wave their arms to send goku some extra inches

"I'd like to punch you in the face, which would normally be an impossibility, but by creating this quiz, you've finally sunk low enough for me to reach"


"my neck hurts pls undo ur height thanks"

  • it took a little while but, having just eaten both of my legs, i am now 5'3"

"I hope you hit your head on a doorframe"

  • not before i use ur head as an armrest

"t pose"

  • wait i get it, the joke is that u can only do a lowercase t pose bc ur not tall enough to do uppercase

"lmao you're as big as your own ego"

  • (beyonce voice) its too big, its too wide, its too strong, it wont fit, its too much, its too tough, i talk like this cause i can back it up, i gOT A BIG EGOOOOO

"i can hear satan down here"

  • lmao u wild wyd tho

"i like u even when u cant hear me <3"

  • this is really cute and im sorry for roasting u


  • my favorite joke for 2018

im gonna go through the tall survey next and pick some of my favorite answers bc i'm sure y'all sassed me on that one too smh

EDIT: i just checked this one again and theres a looot more answers hold up y'all not about to slide w/ all this

"nig am tall"

  • WHO IS THIS. WHO. THEY ANSWERED "NIG AM TALL" ON ALMSOT EVERY QUESTION I CANT. does nig mean what i think nig means??

"i will swallow your kneecaps whole"

  • shorties be rushing everything i swear. y'all dont know how it used to be in the good old days. back then, u didnt just walk up to a tall person and say crap like this. u had to wine and dine first, get to know them. short ppl used to know how to talk to a tall person. smol chivalry is dead

"i'm still planning to eat all of your legs, tall people"

  • smolpeopletexting.tumblr. com

"Just because you're tall doesn't mean you're better than everyone else."

  • u right homie it just means theres more of me to go around

"smol will win the wor"

  • no tol will delete them oll?? actually step off

"Being short isn’t bad, see I’m 12 and 5”1 and a lot of adults think that’s tall for my age. I don’t mind my height, I just be myself (:"

  • yes bless u be short and be happy. ive said it before but i think smol people are hella cute, i just like giving you guys a hard time bc i am a dude and thats how we show affection (this is due to the severe cooties disease which we bois are born with)


  • this made me laugh really hard idk why. all i know eS HORA DE PONERTE EN EL HORNO JAJAJAJA SERAS DELICIOSooO

"hand me over ur bandori accs, tol ppl"

  • and they say y'all shorties cant dream big

"Hey whatup, it's me, pba_kompaku, the medium dude who is gonna do both tests because medium privileges."

  • oh snap what up my boy!!! medium is premium

"i can crawl better than u :>"

  • lmao hell no. remember that crawler titan from season 1 attack on titan? i know u seen his demonic tarantula headazz breezing down the field. this fool could be in the big leagues w/ that kind of speed. and loOK AT HIS LIMBS!!! THOSE ARE NOT THE LIMBS OF AN ANKLE BITER TITAN!! SORRY BUT I CANT THIS ONE SLIDE
December 07, 2018 15:56:07 +0000 (UTC)

  A Good Day of Progress!

Some more game progress was made today! It took me so long to finally get...

A Good Day of Progress!

Some more game progress was made today! It took me so long to finally get the Guren FC... Probably more than it should have. But there! It's done! Also got a GO! GO! Maniac! first time FC!

And finally, I got my first Expert All Perfect clear today! It was on Sobakasu.

It was unxpected too. I was just testing out scorer comps for the next event in KR and I was so focused on the score that it took me a moment to realize... It was an AP!!! Whoo!

What a crazy day.

December 06, 2018 22:48:57 +0000 (UTC)


hello it's me pern and i like to jump on bandwagons. here's my wishlist ft. kanon

ImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage


December 07, 2018 09:08:33 +0000 (UTC)

Taking a break from three hours of playing smash to make good on my results for the survey 27 people...

Taking a break from three hours of playing smash to make good on my results for the survey 27 people answered so let's see how this goes.

Q1. UwU or OwO? Now 22.2% of you voted for UwU while 18.5% of you said OwO and another 14.8% of people said why now some rebels answered with OwU and some people said both some also said they find them both equally disturbing and then some people made angry faces at me which made me forget everything else and move on to the next question.

Q2.How would you best describe yourself? Ok so we got some like minded people some of ya'll said tired with a combination of being broke some other people said that they were either aliens, lizard moms or even a potato in a Victorian suit truly we have some special specimens among us oh yeah and to the one person who said for me to describe you I'm going to say you're a dog stacked upon other dogs in a trench coat so you're a good boy and or girl (lightly pats head) moving on.

Q3. Look we all know it was just me throwing some random bs into it for the purpose of just doing it but if you actually tried to answer it give yourself a pat on the back and if you didn't give yourself a pat on the back anyways but not as good as the people who tried though.

Q4. Favorite snack? Look people some of ya'll gave some normal responses such as cheeze-its, cashews, pockey, fries etc. Now some of you wise guys went and did exactly what I thought you would do someone said "myself" another person said "tomoe" someone else said "My boyfriend" and then someone wrote down "You nom" and proceeded to vore me for future references please do not eat me during my surveys or any time at all really although I appreciate the thought of being somewhat delicious.

Q5.Your now in the bandori world which of these five girls would you prefer to be transformed into? So our top spot goes to Moca at 29.6% followed by Arisa and Aya both at 22.2% next up is Kaoru at 14.8% and lastly is Yukina at 11.1% I kind of figured Moca would be number but didn't expect yukina to be last.

Q6.Casual or Hardcore event player? 66.7% of you guys go the nice and easy casual route while 33.3 of you guys enjoy that grind to be up in the high ranks on the leaderboards anyways you play though just have fun.

Q7.How's your day going? Now a a majority of you said pretty good, good or so so but to the couple of people who said butts or really but so hope your day got better or the next day treats you better tha the last.

Q8.Morning Person or Night Owl? So tied for number 1 is Night Owl and Stayed up all night doing something so technically both got 33.3% while Morning Person only got 14.8% now someone said can they be an afternoon person and I'll say yeah sure and for the one person who said how did I know what actually happened to them and that I hit to close to home with the third option well I have a microscopic camera that watches but for only one time and it just so happens to be during that time I was writing that answer so your all good now.

Q9.Pancakes or Waffles? And this truly was the most important question of them all. Coming in at number 1 is Pancakes at 59.3% and Waffles at 40.7% which means Pancakes takes its rightful spot among the two it has now been decided which of these two will always be superior.

Q10.I ran out of stuff to ask so pick whatever? I'm happy to say 40.7% of you fleeted at me while 33.3% of you fueed at me and 25.9% of you picked option because you're a natural born rebel or just a silly goober.

Anyways that concludes the results of my first survey that was honestly pretty fun and a lot of you guys really made me laugh today I'll put out another one whenever I feel like I have some other random things I wanna ask oh yeah and I promise no more math questions so thank you for taking time to actually do my survey I greatly appreciate it now please accept my love and affection

November 14, 2018 10:10:17 +0000 (UTC)

The inking is finally done. No proper lighting in the room it was taken, sorry. The right part looks...

The inking is finally done. No proper lighting in the room it was taken, sorry. The right part looks a bit shiny / glossy because I put the paper inside a bundle of bond paper with plastic cover.

December 07, 2018 19:33:14 +0000 (UTC)


so everyone is doing this christmas wishlist bandwagon, and i decided to hop in!

(other then all the eve four stars i want here are some other 4 stars i really really want!)

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

(and adding up all the dreamfes cards!)

Image Image Image Image Image Image

December 07, 2018 11:53:43 +0000 (UTC)

Finally, the event is over! This was my first time attempting top 10 and I’m glad I was able to get...

Finally, the event is over! This was my first time attempting top 10 and I’m glad I was able to get it! Now I can rest lol