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fictional people that I SIMP for:

Himeru (enstars) Gaku, Iori, Sogo (I7) xiao, zhongli, diluc, childe, dainsleif(genshin) yea I'm a big simp

Anime that I love with all my heart:

Bungou stray dogs, jujutsu kaisen, sk8

I'm a fan of: bandori, idolish7, ensemble stars, vocaloid, love live, idolm@ster, revue starlight, twisted wonderland (Riddle is so cute!), Genshin Impact

Likes to draw too

If I misspelled something in my posts then I'm sorry bc I'm from Poland and I'm only learning English

At the end I want to say thanks for the nice comments and thank you for visiting my acc :)



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