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Bless you reading this and give best girl Tomoe all the love she deserves <3333

(Kasei~/obsessed Tomoe fan/possibly a cretin and also broke/P5 Ryuji, P3 Akihiko and Tomoe Stan for LIFE)

For everyone reading this, stay Tomoexcellent, always

( Bandori thank you for the word to the AG vocabulary, we need extreme education these days~)

Mocaisoverratedchangemymind >:)))

Not really an introduction but...

  • Ryuji Sakamoto best boy

  • call me Kasei or that Sayaa girl with Yusuke's mask.... That's it!

  • find me both on Endori with 5205034 and also on SMT DX2 with ESYJ5Y93! I don't play often, but I'm trying to play more.


  • Becoming a 1000 year old velvet room attendant so I don't have to worry about game PEGIs ( I won't reach it :'( .... )

  • Having an all powerful Afterglow band (0/5) and a pure Pasupare team! (2/5), and mabye complete some sets like the princess afterglow one (4/5), the harohapi "I need you!" costumes and the when the "flowers are in bloom" pasupare costumes (3/5)!!

  • Finshed goal but get all top 5 best girls ( completed, but Rimi is tiering with Tae for top 5... So... I shall get her 4* )

  • Big amount of stars for DFV2 Afterglow band and Maya and Tae DFV2!! Also for next Lim Christmas event ( don't know how much )

  • Getting my hands on the rest of initial Popipa 4* 1/5


My list of favorites

Band: Afterglow=Harohapi>Pasupare>Roselia=

Popipa=Monfonica=RAS ( yeah i basically like all the bands don't worry about that )

Characters ( no RAS or Monfornica until they are released ), frist 2 rows are all the characters I like the most, tho everyone's good!!





( I'm sorry for Moca and Hina fans, here's this --> © )

Aya is low because I think a lot of them are more likable but also Because I can't accept that she reflects me a lot...

Original Song: Happiness happy magical♪ is my favorite song! It really sounds amazing and also the story behind the song makes me love it even more!!

Istumodori brand new days: First event I tried, song is a bop, event Tomoe card 11/10

If you are still here ... take this

Also please give babi love, babi Ebe needs love now. She loves you, so love her back too. SHE IS BOBY AAAAAA


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