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October 26, 2018 00:09:34 +0000 (UTC)

Yo, Tsugumi Protection Squad, WAKE UP! The price for our precious girl's head is 11 000 000...

Yo, Tsugumi Protection Squad, WAKE UP! The price for our precious girl's head is

11 000 000 bandori stars!

We must protec her at any cost from all potential bounty hunters in bandoriverse!

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All of them getting ready for holloween but.. ITS HER BIRTHDAY FIRST! Happy Birthday! 😄😆

All of them getting ready for holloween but..


Happy Birthday! 😄😆

October 27, 2018 04:17:43 +0000 (UTC)

Arisa~ We~~~ll... You aren't among my best girls. But Your kindhearted Tsundereness Took ovwr by...

Arisa~ We~~~ll... You aren't among my best girls. But Your kindhearted Tsundereness Took ovwr by storm many others! I wish you a great happy birthday! And for f*ck sake! Learn to accept some compliments. AND YES, WE DO NEED TO MAKE A FUSS ABOUT IT!//sHOT

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今まで本当にありがとうござい!! これからも永遠に応援んしてます!! いつもRoseliaは11人... 新しいRoseliaは楽しみしています! この時間、永遠に忘れないわ


ゆっきーさんがんばれwww これからもよろしく~

October 27, 2018 11:46:56 +0000 (UTC)



also on twitter!, and on IG @vividlyrpg


ivloge her so umuch i will die

if i try hard enough even im capable of making something uncursed

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Have a Rinko chuni to brighten your day♪ 堕天使、白金凛子!。。。なんで、えへへ〜

Have a Rinko chuni to brighten your day♪ 堕天使、白金凛子!。。。なんで、えへへ〜

October 24, 2018 14:58:09 +0000 (UTC)


Hello, I'm Saku! I'm a Cosplayer living in Germany and love band girls. A lot.

Actually it's kinda hard to even shut up talking about band girls recently. I've been costesting a few of them with wigs I already had at home. It all started with me noticing "Oh hey Saku, your dress looks very Pasupare" and apparently my face does too.


After that I took a black wig and cut it to look like my best girl RinRin, since I planned to cosplay her either way. It was not so easy to make a fitting expression... but I could use our piano as a prop!


Then I got really curious: would Eve suit me. I have been doing Kendo for several years already and she's one of my best girls. So I ordered a greyish white wig and put on my Kendo clothing. BUSHIDO


After that I realised if I alter some clothing I own and make the accessoires, I can use the Eve wig and basically have a Yukina Cosplay. (I love cats, welp)


Then I was on a roll~ who could I try next? After looking through my wigs I found something suitable for Aya! The colour is a bit off and no idea what clothing to put on, but I had too much with this.


Similar problem with Himari: I actually have clothing that works for her, but the wig was a bit off. NEVERMIND SHE'S A GOOD GIRL I'M GONNA GRAB THAT BASS I HAVEN'T TOUCHED IN 10 YEARS FOR SELFIES.



Hey Day Cappuccino time


Okay so after that I actually decided to go for r e a l bandori Cosplay, lol. I made a vector of the T-Shirt from the game and printed out T-Shirts. I went with my Chisato wig, since I like her best on me! You might have seen my friend as Rimi if you checked the other CosParty pictures~


I already have 2 more Chisato Cosplays on my list (help) and really want the Oneness outfit of Rinko. Who did you like on me best? Should I try out more different band girls? If you like, you can follow me on Twitter! @nuigurumiSaku

October 23, 2018 16:35:43 +0000 (UTC)


So i asked my eight-year old sister what she tought of all the bandori girls in their 1 star outfit . BEWARE DUMB ANWSERS!
Sorry if you got a mental breakdown because she's being a brutal monster! Sorry for probably bad english i had to type really fast and had to translate it to english .

Well good luck

Kasumi: I don't like her clothes. I like her hair tho i she looks like she's really hyper

Tae: She seems really calm. i think she's that kind of girl that lies a lot (excuse you?!) she's cute tho. her nose is wierd (wtf)

Rimi: I like her dress. she also seems calm she looks kinda innocent

Saaya: laughs she looks angry and mean. i hate her pants whatever it is

Arisa: I like her. i really like her clothes. She looks a little mean

Ran: I don't like her. her clothes are too sexy (Wtf your 8) she seems like the 'cool' one. i don´t like the red part in her hair

Moca: i kinda like her she looks really cool

Himari: She also looks kinda hyper. her dress is pretty. she has big breasts (REALLY GURL YOUR 8) and her nose looks like a ',' where are her eyebrows? (gurl are you blind?)

Tomoe: eh.. i.. i don't like how she looks (how dare you) she also looks too sexy (....) Her hair looks sharp (?!) i like her hair color tho

Tsugumi: Her dress is pretty all her clothes are nice together. i like her hair style and she's cute. i thinks she's a nice person who is happy

Kokoro: i kinda like her. her face is a bit scary (kokoro fans calm down) her clothes are okay. her hair color is pretty

Kaoru: (prepare your self) She's scary and she's not very pretty (i'm going to the hospital with this girl she's a monster) her fingers are too long i guess (gurl you're just a smol bean with 3cm long fingers) i don't want to look at her anymore (I'M DONE SHE'S NOT MY SISTER ANYMORE)

Hagumi: without her body she looks like a boy. she belongs to the circus (NO YOU DO MONSTER) She looks like she's also really hyper

Kanon: She's pretty. only one thing her dress is blue and her hair too its to much blue. She looks kinda shy and she looks like a doll or something

Misaki: She's pretty i like her hat. She's a sweet person. her sweater is pretty too you cant't really see her shorts (is that a problem?) her hair color is nice

Aya: I love her hair style and color. i think she's a very normal person. her dress is pretty too her bag matches her dress i like it

Hina: She looks like a witch (Whut? excuse you) i like her hair color. I thinks she's very friendly. her white dress looks like a dress that smurfs wear

Chisato: she's really pretty I like her clothes. she's the shy one. i think she's really smart she's my favorite for now

Maya: i don't like how she looks i don't like her (i'm sorry peeps) she's a little childish (?) i don't like her hat it doesn't suit her

Eve: She reminds me of winter. she's the winter princess. i think she's also hyper

Yukina: she's scary look at her eyes. her hair is pretty tho. i like that butterfly in her hair. i also like her bracelet. on the inside she's actually a sweet person

Sayo: She's also a bit scary. she acts cold and mean to people. i don't like her dress. her hair is really pretty

Lisa: she's beautyful her clothes are pretty. she's a kind person. her bag is nice i like her hair style she's my new favorite

Ako: She's a halloween girl (?) i think she's arrogant

Rinko: I like her. I love her dress. she looks sad i don't like that. i want to see her happy she's also the shy one. her hair is pretty. She's the big breasted one (You got that right)